Hotel Room Interior with the Most Amazing View You’ve Ever Seen

June 30, 2017
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We on HomeKlondike and our beloved readers have seen absolutely versatile interiors: luxurious and austere, minimalistic and pompous, overlooking a wood, a river, an ocean, a backyard, a port and a construction site… But we have never seen an interior with such a view. Its windows are overlooking the under-the-sea world!


This unique underwater room in the heart of a coral reef belongs to the Manta Resort Hotel. It’s located next to the shores of the Pemba Island, which is an offshore isle belonging to the African Republic of Tanzania. The project of this marvelous room is the fruit of work of Genberg Underwater Hotels, which was created especially for watching incredible inhabitants of marine depths.


The hotel offers its guests a unique experience of literally living in the ocean. And this is not just talk. Although the shore is right around there, the visitors have a full sense of the complete unity with the nature, the ocean and its fanciful residents.

The floating room constructed by the Swedish team from metal and local deciduous wood includes three levels: underwater, above-the-water and a roof terrace.


The middle part of the room is designed as a lounge with a bathroom. The underwater part is a bedroom. And by the stairs the guests of the hotel may get on the roof for comfortable sunbathing.

When the sun sets the lucky visitors see only the boundless sky. No big-city lights, no smog – just gorgeous planets, constellations and the Milky Way. Sleeping under the stars to the sounds of the ocean seems like magic, doesn’t it?


In the bedroom you can lie on a soft double bed surrounded by the ocean and dozens of stocks of reef fish. And of course, you may feel free to dive and watch what’s going on in the ocean around you. You’ll surely meet the permanent guests: three skates and a flute fish named Nick. Spot lights that turn on every night under each window attract many shy fish and unusual squids. Sometimes even an octopus may come to say hello ;-)


The anchor of the house is already entirely covered with corals and they keep on expanding their palaces and building them around the underwater bedroom. The inhabitants of the reef are very curious and beautiful, which makes rest in this unusual hotel truly impressive and unforgettable. And even the price of $ 1,500 per night doesn’t seem so high :-)

7-Manta-Resort-hotel-Tanzania-Pemba-Island-with-underwater-under-the-sea-room-view-from-the-land 6-Manta-Resort-hotel-Tanzania-Pemba-Island-view-from-the-land 5-coral-reef-underwater-picture-fish-beautiful-blue-water-ocean

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