Contemporary Sea-Side Classics for Active and Friendly Businessmen

July 11, 2017
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Today we’d like to show you an interior design project created for a mature family couple. They have been together for many years. Their kids have already grown up and built their own nests. But our heroes decided not to be sad about it. They travel a lot – always together, always happy, always cheerful.


Their favorite destination is Sochi. Sunny and welcoming, it has become their third home after Moscow and Saint Petersburg, where they spend most of the year. That is why the spouses decided to buy an apartment here – for joyful getaways. To make it more comfortable and personalized they turned to a qualified designer. And here is what they’ve got.

The clients’ wishes

The hosts of this apartment with the total area of 145 square meters are modern, successful and ambitious businessmen. They’re not used to standing still and always searching for something new in this life. Thus, it wasn’t surprising that they wanted their interior to be dynamical and up-to-date. And also emphasizing the location of the apartment – on the 21st floor of a multistory building and with a gorgeous sea view. The project they approved of appeared to be pretty contemporary, but with notes of unostentatious classics, which reflect slightly conservative life philosophy of the masters.



The spouses are keen on loud and funny parties with friends. And this habit had a crucial influence on the layout plan. A huge open space including a lounge, a kitchen and a dining area was deemed essential for their lifestyle, and even the island was stylized as a bar. To crown it all, the hosts’ sweet relations with their friends resulted into the emergence of a full-fledged guest bedroom.



The color scheme was picked with the hosts’ passion for quiet hues in mind. Besides, the husband loves everything about the sea and boats, which accounts for much light blue and light brown. These shades form a nice contrast to the dominating noble beige background.



The lighting system in this home is mixed: built-in lights are complemented with decorative lighting fixtures. The latter are absolutely required for the lounge and dining zones: the public part of the home meant for funny parties should be highlighted additionally. The author had her heart upon pretty big glass chandeliers. Despite their significant dimensions, they look very airy and do not overload the space.


If you liked this interior, we have a bonus for you – a few tips from the author on making your home as balanced and stylish as this one:

  1. Play around with contrasts. A monochrome interior without any color contrasts is like food without spices.
  2. If pastel color schemes make you tick, feel free to dilute them with metal furniture legs and inserts: they reflect the light and refresh interiors, making them more lively and dynamical.
  3. Add some classical graphics to contemporary-style interiors: academic drawings bring a note of intelligence to homes.
  4. As a rule, a suite of upholstered furniture is a centerpiece of the lounge zone. To accentuate this fact even more hang an eye-catchy, original chandelier right above the coffee table. Such a combination – chandelier + coffee table – would create a strong vertical element in the interior and thus set the right rhythm in the room.

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