The Coolest School Laboratory Interior We’ve Ever Seen

July 11, 2017
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Well, someone is so lucky to study in such a creative, bright and non-standard place! Maybe, if our schools looked like this, we would have never missed our classes!


Just in 50 days the crowds of schoolchildren will be back to occupy their desks again. Remember those typical desks of our childhood: full of witty messages and multi-colored gums? We guess it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this was some kind of the first school design, an attempt to bring some joy to gray school weekdays.

Nowadays principals realize that kids need cozy, beautiful and interesting environment to study with pleasure and in full force. The only thing that makes us sad is that very few educational institutions may afford hiring a qualified designer. And it would be so great if each of them could take at least one school under his or her wing. Like the heroine of our today’s post, Ludmila Verba, who already knows how much joy and inspiration the job for the benefit of future generations may bring.


This laboratory is situated in Moscow suburbs. It once used to be a geography laboratory, and then was re-made for holding home economics classes. We on HomeKlondike know for sure that one of the major benefits of contemporary design is its multi-functionality. That is what the principal was dreaming about, when she asked Ludmila to turn the old laboratory into a universal place, where both home economics and geography studies may be successfully held. The interior had to include all the must-haves for both disciplines, but so that the students were not distracted by incidental items.


How can geography and culinary be compatible? They have absolutely nothing in common! Besides, kids should have convenient working environment, on the one hand, and the atmosphere should remain school-related, on the other hand. Ludmila managed to stick to all the normative distances between the desks and in front of the blackboard, and the cooking area was separated from the study zone by means of folding doors.


When closed, the partition plays the role of the world map for geography classes. The process of map creation was also approached with creativity: it was entirely handmade with acrylic paint by a professional artist.


Finding the right color balance was also pretty challenging. Kids like bright color splashes, and the hues had to be inspiring and invigorating. At the same time, students come to school to study, and a too bright interior could interfere with the general serious mood. Ludmila was able to catch the golden mean and diluted the austere school range with bright accents. During home economics classes this will be a kitchen backsplash, and geography lessons will be brightened up by the handmade world map.


Both the schoolchildren and their teachers are very excited about the new laboratory. It’s especially important that Ludmila sets a great example to other designers and decorators. She sincerely believes that beautiful design of school interiors is a great option to refresh and brighten up the lives of students, who spend most of their childhood within these walls. Every school day should be filled with colors and positive emotions, so that kids studied with joy and happiness!


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