How Passionate Travelers Live: Light and Quiet Interior for Rest

July 14, 2017
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Interior for a keen traveler – what should it look like? Today we decided to show you an apartment belonging to two adventurous sweethearts, who can’t imagine their lives without voyages, art and love…


Their hobby is travelling. They’re always on the road, and even their first meeting happened during one of the trips. She is 30, she is an interpreter. He is a scientist, a few years older than she. They met in an art gallery in London, since they are both passionate about art. They haven’t parted since then and keep opening new lands and new pieces of art every month. They are not frequent guests in their home town, but when they do come there, they prefer to stay in their cozy apartment designed by a professional architect. Let’s have a look at the details?

What images conjure up in your mind when you hear the phrase “the traveler’s apartment”? Perhaps, versatile open racks and chests packed with souvenirs and walls covered with numerous photos from trips from the floor to the ceiling? Here you won’t find such stuff: just the atmosphere of complete relaxation and serenity after a long road. Our couple has no time to print photos and they never bring souvenirs. All they have is a common notebook where they record their memories. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be able to read their book?

However, their passion for travels is expressed in their interior. From the very beginning, as soon as you step in the flat a gorgeous couple of an ethnic chest of drawers and mirror from Thailand welcome you.


In the living room your eye gets immediately caught by a big picture depicting Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a passionate explorer and adventurer as well, and his plane. His books are one more common passion of our masters.


The kitchen also couldn’t escape the travelling theme – here the walls are covered with wallpaper featuring a nautical chart.


Japanese style is what the master bathroom is dominated by…


…and the bedroom is penetrated with the mood of Paris…


The hosts feel bad about small spaces, which accounts for a significant total area of their new home and its semi-open-concept plan. A spacious living room includes a full-fledged lounge zone and a dining area. Judging by an elongated oval table and quantity of chairs, we may suppose that they love to invite guests. They come on those occasional evening, when the masters come home. A big comfy sofa that is too big for two also proves this fact.

6-light-traditional-style-interior-design-living-room-dining-area-herringbone-oak-parquet-beige-corner-cofa-chandeliers-oval-table-chairs-curtains-glass-coffee-table-wall-art 7-light-traditional-style-interior-design-living-room-dining-area-herringbone-oak-parquet-beige-corner-cofa-chandeliers-oval-table-chairs-curtains-floor-lamps-elegant

Given that the life of this family couple is filled with bright impressions per se, they wanted their home to be dominated by light, quiet and naturalistic shades. Light gray walls form a nice background, accentuating the colors of furniture and décor, while oak floor and wooden furnishing remind of natural sceneries in the heart of a big city. And to escape any hints on dullness, the author of the project generously complemented the interior with green, sandy and light blue hues. The selected palette is spectacularly highlighted by versatile sources of lights – sconces, chandeliers, floor lamps and spot lights. All these elements add the sense of peace and hominess.

Despite the fact that every room in this home has its own peculiar theme and mood, in general the apartment appeared to be very reserved and integral. Perhaps, it lacks the “wow”-effect and reminds of a luxurious hotel room, but this very environment is especially near and dear to the hearts of our hosts. Here they feel comfortable and cozy, with no annoying details: just high-quality furniture, soft colors and pleasant textures…


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