How to Make Bedroom Interior Psychologically Harmonious? (P. 1)

July 21, 2017
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You undoubtedly know that we spend about 30% of our life sleeping. The bedroom is the most intimate place of our home. Here we re-charge our batteries and don’t fear to be ourselves. That is why this room should be decorated with special attention and delicacy. How can interior details bring harmony to our bedrooms? Why is it not recommendable to put a bed by the door? What should you replace a rack above your headboard with? And what wall color is most welcome in bedrooms? Find out the answers to these and many other questions in this post.


Magic of color

Color has enormous influence on emotional well-being of people, and hence choosing the right bedroom color scheme is crucial. Pleasant, relaxing atmosphere can be created through quiet, reserved tones. And here warm pastel hues are win-win tools for ensuring the sense of safety: light green, beige, pale peach. Besides, light tints make spaces appear visually bigger. And without the company of warm shades sterile and pure white interiors may, vice versa, create a cold and repulsive setting.


A strong stimulus to our mind is provided by intensive, saturated colors: they trigger excitement and increase of activity. And you would agree that it’s not what we always need in a bedroom. Very often such tones won’t let us relax and fall asleep peacefully, so orange and red should be applied in bedroom interiors with caution.


Also, you should retain from mixing too many colors. Set your choice upon different shades of one color or just a couple of dominating tones. Small injections of some other contrasting hue can be added by means of small décor: throw pillows, candles, pictures, or small pieces of furniture – an ottoman, a coffee table or a low chest of drawers.


Harmony in details

With the help of accessories, aroma sticks and living flowers you can change the atmosphere of your bedroom every night, making it either soothing and relaxing, or romantic and festive – it all depends on your plans for the evening. But remember the sense of moderation too.


One more important detail: try to do without any big portraits in the bedroom, even if they depict your dearest relatives – otherwise you would constantly feel like they are watching you all the time. And this doesn’t facilitate relaxation.


To feel safer you’d better not put the bed beside the door. Just like the ancient man would sooner choose a place deep in the cave instead of sleeping by the entrance, contemporary people also feel protected on a bed located far from the door. For the same reason there’s no use in hanging large items above the bed: big chandeliers, ventilators and so on. When something looms over a vulnerable person, one feels endangered. Likewise, you’d better replace a shelf above your headboard with a compact nightstand or a dressing table.


Before designing your bedroom, you should have a clear idea of where you’re going to keep your bedding, including a bedspread and throw pillows that create a beautiful setting, but also occupy much space at the same time. You should find a place for them in a wardrobe or an ottoman, for instance.

2-4-1-bedding-linen-storage-ideas-white-ottoman-bedroom-capitone 2-4-2-bedding-linen-storage-ideas-white-chest-bedside-cabinet

And area permitting, put an arm-chair in the bedroom – it’s a very chic, cozy and stylish detail.


What else creates harmony in bedroom interiors? Find this out in Part 2.

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