Close-to-Nature Holiday Residence in Sunny Bulgaria

July 28, 2017
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An apartment including just a bedroom, a kitchen and a huge bathroom and complemented with an outdoor living room and dining area sounds original per se. And when coupled with the beauty of Bulgarian national motifs, such unhackneyed residence becomes a dream holiday destination.

0-Mojito-Club-Holiday-Residence-apartment-hotel-room-Bulgaria-eco-style-interior-design -with-ethnic-motifs-light-airy-bedroom-white-plastered-walls-window-beige-curtains-ceramic-tiling-accent-wall-bed-pendant-lamps-laconic

The project of this unusual southern interior for Mojito Club Holiday Residence was worked out by a team of qualified architects. The place is located in a stunning place – on the Black Sea shore of Bulgaria and in the heart of the national park. This fact had a crucial impact on the concept of the interior – contemporary eco-style with elements of Bulgarian national building traditions. The owner of the place wanted the authors to create a comfortable interior with bright injections of local colors and authentic atmosphere.

The most special feature of this interior was its layout. The raw data was a typical hotel room with a tiny bathroom, a small studio room with a dining table that hardly fit in the place, and a long useless corridor. To crown it all, this very apartment was facing the non-sea side. In a word, this could hardly be called a premium-level holiday residence. Still, there was a huge positive thing too – a pretty big courtyard. Traditionally Bulgarian people spend most of their summer time in the garden – here they have rest, cook, eat and receive guests. And the authors of the project decided to interpret this tradition into a new layout concept – with a living room, dining room and kitchen re-located outdoors! Thus the courtyard was equipped with an outdoor fireplace with a cooking option, a grand dining table and a daybed for afternoon relaxation. All these functional zones are located under an airy rope pergola entwined with wine grapes – one of the national symbols of Bulgaria.

1-Mojito-Club-Holiday-Residence-apartment-hotel-Bulgaria-exterior-design-backyard-garden-grape-wines-wooden-dining-table-benches-outdoor-cooker-fireplace-stove-oven-white-wall 2-Mojito-Club-Holiday-Residence-apartment-Bulgaria-pergola-daybed-bed-mattress-in-the-garden-outdoor-lounge-zone-grass-wine-grapes-rope-pergola

Such a solution allowed for re-using the ex-bedroom as a…spacious bathroom. A floor-to-ceiling window facing the garden and a gorgeous oval Italian bathtub by Boffi with a ceiling-mounted shower head create perfectly relaxing atmosphere with a stunning close-to-nature feeling.

3-Mojito-Club-Holiday-Residence-apartment-hotel-room-Bulgaria-eco-style-interior-design -with-ethnic-motifs-rug-big-bathroom-wall-mounted-gray-toilet-bidet-bathtub-by-Boffi-bath-wash-basin-ladder-shelves-white-walls 4-Mojito-Club-Holiday-Residence-apartment-hotel-room-Bulgaria-eco-style-interior-design -with-ethnic-motifs-bathroom-tiling-wall-ceramic-bathtub-bath-by-Boffi-oval-free-standing-glass-wall-ceiling-mounted-shower-head-white

The ex-bathroom space was turned into a compact cooking area with a small bar. Located next to the bedroom, it allows the guests of the hotel to have a light breakfast and morning coffee without leaving the room.

5-Mojito-Club-Holiday-Residence-apartment-hotel-room-Bulgaria-eco-style-interior-design -with-ethnic-motifs-bedroom-ceramic-tilling-wall-decor-antique-wooden-nightstand-bed-white-walls-open-plan-kitchen-orange-gray-brown 6-Mojito-Club-Holiday-Residence-apartment-hotel-room-Bulgaria-eco-style-interior-design -with-ethnic-motifs-open-plan-kitchen-entrance-hall-mudroom-white-cabinets-wooden-worktop-countertop-bar-stools-wardrobe-antique

The bedroom is beautiful with its ascetics: here you’ll find just a bed by Restoration Hardware (USA) and a couple of nightstands. The centerpiece of the room is a wall finished with ceramic tiling, which matches similar décor on the bathroom wall. Tiling is one of the most wide-spread construction materials in Bulgaria, which perfectly fit into the interior concept of the apartment.

7-Mojito-Club-Holiday-Residence-apartment-hotel-room-Bulgaria-eco-style-interior-design -with-ethnic-motifs-bedroom-ceramic-tiling-accent-wall-orange-brown-gray-accents-antique-wooden-nightstands-pendant-lamps

The corridor is also pretty minimalistic, furnished with just a wardrobe and a small ottoman, both handmade and purchased in an antique store (just like the nightstands and bar stools, by the way).

8-Mojito-Club-Holiday-Residence-apartment-hotel-room-Bulgaria-eco-style-interior-design -with-ethnic-motifs-corridor-antique-wooden-wardrobe-white-walls-self-leveling-floor-wooden-ceiling-ottoman

Interior finishes of the apartment are very laconic and give tribute to the centuries-old traditions of traditional Bulgarian housing: the walls are just plastered and painted pure white, the ceiling is decorated with wooden panels, and the floor is self-leveling by Weber-Vetonit (France).

This project is a great example of departure from stereotyped free-standing architecture, which allowed for creating an unusual residential space, close to the nature, filled with comfort and spiced with local colors.

9-Mojito-Club-Holiday-Residence-apartment-hotel-room-Bulgaria-eco-style-interior-design -with-ethnic-motifs-bathroom-tiling-wall-ceramic-bathtub-bath-by-Boffi-oval-free-standing

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