Stained Glass in Interior Design: 30 Inspiring Ideas

July 31, 2017
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Stained glass will live forever. There is no question about that. Modern technologies of this craft allow for creating small masterpieces with the hands of experienced craftsmen, who have practiced their skills for decades, and simpler hand-made pieces that you can create in your kitchen with kids from a set bought in a DIY store. Today we’d like to show you a collection of 30 modern stained-glass pieces, which are very likely to inspire you for great changes in your own home!


Stained-glass windows

One of the most amazing things about stained-glass windows is their universality: they may find a decent place in an interior of any style. Stained glass is a very bright, eye-catchy piece of décor per se, and it may easily form a centerpiece of any room.

You shouldn’t think that stained-glass windows are relevant only to country houses. A window composed of dozens of colored pieces of glass can be a great alternative to sheer curtains, if you’re among those unlucky ones, whose windows overlook blind concrete walls or something worse.

 1-1-1-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-window-living-room 1-1-2-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-window-living-room1-1-4-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-window-living-room 1-1-5-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-window-bathroom1-1-3-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-window-living-room-bathroom

Stained-glass doors

Stained-glass doors are produced using the same technology as windows – it’s also about patterns and whole pictures forming a composition of colored glass. Such décor may be applied both to your entrance door in a suburban or country house, or to interior doors of your city apartment. In a private house you may make the whole entrance group in stained glass and thus turn your hallway into the kingdom of light and rainbow…

As for the plots of stained-glass compositions in general, you’re more likely to find pretty neutral pictures in bedrooms and living rooms, while stained-glass décor located by the staircase is likely to deeply impress you with its beauty and flight of fantasy. Well, the logics is quite simple: complicated pictures with some strong emotional plot can exhaust the viewer, if continuously affecting him, while such plain and neutral patterns as fruits and flowers cause exclusively light and positive emotions.

2-1-1-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-door-entrance-hall-staircase 2-1-2-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-door-entrance-hall-mudroom

Stained glass

Nowadays stained-glass windows can be purchased off the shelf or custom-made in a specialized workshop. Alternatively, you may create them on a special master class or with the help of a set with detailed instructions.  It goes without saying that the option you choose would affect quality, uniqueness and price of a stained-glass piece. But this is a matter of your choice.

 3-1-1-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-window-living-room-bathroom 3-1-6-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-window-dining-room 3-1-2-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-window-dining-room-bathroom 3-1-4-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-window-livin-room 3-1-7-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-window 3-1-5-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-window-dining-room 3-1-3-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-window-bathroom

Tiffany stained glass

If the first thing that conjured up in your mind on reading this phrase is the iconic jewelry brand, we should say that you’re wrong. Louis Comfort Tiffany was a prominent stained-glass artist, who lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th century and created a unique technology of stained-glass manufacture that is still relevant in our time.

The essence of his author technology was in a special way of making multi-layer glass. Mr. Tiffany used an authentic roller to roll out the glass melt of different colors laying them one after another.  In the end he would get a laminated painting with multi-colored free designs that were less transparent, but far more spectacular than common stained glass.

 4-1-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-by-Tiffany-humming-bird 4-2-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-by-Tiffany-tiger 4-3-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-by-Tiffany-table-lamp

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