Osvaldo Borsani’s Villa of 1940s: Timeless Design & Art-Deco

August 4, 2017
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Today we’d like to take you on an exclusive trip to the villa of a prominent Italian architect of the 20th century Osvaldo Borsani (1911-1985). You’d be amazed to find how contemporary and up-to-date an interior created back in 1940s may look. This private villa built in a small town to the north of Milan is a historic building, which now works as a closed museum of design. And it’s filled with things that can impress most experienced and cynical designers.


The house is located in the near proximity to the furniture mill Atelier ABV. This factory belonged to Osvaldo’s father – Gaetano Borsani – and was very famous and respectable. His two sons, the future legends of the great era of Italian design, Osvaldo and Fulgencio, had a chance to watch the process of creation of wooden chairs, tables and other furniture since their early childhood and hence were glad to continue the business of their father.

And now their Techno Company is as recognizable and prestigious. Among the most iconic pieces, which were designed by the Borsani brothers at the start of their carrier, were the P40 chaise lounge and the D70 folding couch. Today Techno is a big international company specializing on non-standard objects and known for cooperation with the boldest designers of our time.


Back in 1943, when young Osvaldo Borsani was on the top of his carrier, he designed a villa for his dad Gaetano, which was meant to become a rare preserved piece of architecture by Osvaldo Borsani. Given that the house has belonged to the Borsani family since it was erected, little has changed in it during the last 70 years.

The hallway impresses the visitors with its super-modern look. An airy staircase in glass and marble, a contrasting marble floor with geometrical motifs, and an ultra-modern metal sculpture – all these elements look up-to-date even now. Many contemporary interiors designed quite similarly can be found on the pages of the most respectable interior design magazines.


The same is true about rectangular leather sofas and a coffee table in wood and glass arranged in the living room.


Not just the architecture of the house, but even tiniest pieces of this interior were created by Osvaldo Borsani himself. Besides, he invited famous Italian artists to create some elements. For example, a gorgeous fireplace surround faced with ceramic glazed tiles for the lounge zone was made by a famous painter and sculptor Lucio Fontana. It plays the role of a centerpiece and a bridge between the lounge and dining zones. A flat marble mantelpiece with its natural dynamic pattern forms a great couple for fanciful fireplace lines.


A cozy study finished with wood, a laconic, yet luxurious bedroom with a stunning dressing table, a bathroom with a delicate mosaic composition, numerous cabinets and recesses – everything is amazingly well-thought-out, laconic, comfortable and functional.

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