Wooden 18-Storey Housing Estate to Be Built in Toronto

August 10, 2017
Posted in Architecture


Penda Architects Studio specializing on eco-friendly interiors and architectural projects unite their efforts with the global forest-logging leader Timber to develop a stunning modular wooden tower for the city of Toronto. The anticipated fruit of their future cooperation is an 18-storey residential complex made in solid wood. Its height will be 62 meters. 18 floors will include 4,500 square meters of residential area and about 500 square meters of commercial and public estate, including a café, a kindergarten and other facilities.2-wooden-timber-log-house-tower-residential-multi-storey-building-in-Toronto-Canada-by-Penda-Architects-vertical-garden-green-eco-friendly-architecture

The chief architects of Penda are Chris Precht from Austria and Dayong Sun from China. Together this young, prospective and creative union has already worked out many architectural projects for different countries of the globe. Being located in different parts of the world and one-of-a-kind, their projects are still united by the same idea – eco-friendliness. The guys believe that architecture should form a bridge between nature, people and culture for the sake of improved living conditions. What is a conventional city? A bunch of steel, concrete and glass, according to Chris Precht. Finding a wooden tower covered with trees in the heart (or even outskirts) of an average big city is a great challenge. At the same time solid wood has unique warm natural look and it’s hard to find a material that would be more eco-friendly than it. And green plants grown right on the balconies bring a note of freshness, dynamics and coziness, not to mention their role in purifying the polluted urban air.

6-wooden-timber-log-house-tower-residential-multi-storey-building-in-Toronto-Canada-by-Penda-Architects-vertical-garden-green-eco-friendly-architecture 5-wooden-timber-log-house-tower-residential-multi-storey-building-in-Toronto-Canada-by-Penda-Architects-vertical-garden-green-eco-friendly-architecture

One of the key elements of the new Penda/Timber project is innovative utilization of wood. The framework of the future building will be made in massive wood panels. And the front of the building will be equipped with special zones for growing trees and vegetables: now every inhabitant of the house will have a small private balcony garden on his level. Besides their decorative and “green” role for the city architecture, these mini-gardens will ensure more privacy in the context of a densely populated neighborhood.

9-wooden-timber-log-house-tower-residential-multi-storey-building-in-Toronto-Canada-by-Penda-Architects-vertical-garden-green-eco-friendly-architecture 1-wooden-timber-log-house-tower-residential-multi-storey-building-in-Toronto-Canada-by-Penda-Architects-vertical-garden-green-eco-friendly-architecture

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