No Blind Walls: 20 Creative Room Dividers (P.1)

August 14, 2017
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If you need to zone residential space, especially when it comes to small apartments, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to build up extra walls. Mobile room dividers or light-transparent partitions can solve this problem very well. And what is more important, without breaking the openness, airiness and insolation of the space. They divide and unite rooms at the same time. And we have selected 20 versatile versions of such constructions.


Partition as a piece of décor

1. Pergola

In this project an airy 160-cm-wide partition visually separates the kitchen/dining zones from the living room. Made from horizontal wooden planks, coated with dark stain for wood and coupled with floral wallpaper, it creates a replica of a garden gazebo in the context of an urban space. You may find out more about the interior of this apartment from our previous post.


2. Display window

Here a ceiling-to-floor display window in duplex 10-cm-thick tempered glass divides a mudroom area and a living room. And the interior of the transparent parallelepiped is decorated with an art object – a fancifully shaped piece of wood.


3. Lawn

An unhackneyed floor-to-ceiling partition reminding of lush lawn not just zones this studio apartment, but also plays a role of a TV-set holder. The 160-cm-wide and 20-cm-thick framework of the construction is made in metal, covered with plasterboards and faced with a roll covering imitating turf. Besides, all the wires of a home cinema system that traditionally spoil and clutter interiors are concealed inside the “lawn”.


4. Fireplace

A bio fireplace in this studio is a decorative centerpiece of all functional zones and a makeshift border between adjacent “clusters”.


“Lacy” partitions

5. Glass + abstract pattern

In this case a studio flat is zoned by means of a transparent decorative partition. Its length is absolutely equal to the length of the sofa in the lounge. The glass is decorated with abstract patterns applied with sandblasting technique. They are inspired by images of the wind and sea waves, and each of the three segments has a different pattern. The bottom part of the divider is faced with wallpaper and protected with thick glass.


6. Tempered glass

When closed, this lacy “curtain” (that is actually a piece of tempered glass with sandblasted pattern) separates the master bedroom from the living room and lets in much daylight.


7. Mobile screen + curtains

The lounge and sleeping zones share one room, and the author of the project has solved this problem by means of a mobile screen and curtains. Besides, this visual division is enhanced by wall coverings with the same pattern, but in different color schemes.


8. Ornamental grid

A light-transparent lacy divider visually separates the sleeping area and ensures proper insolation of the lounge zone. You may find out more about the interior of this apartment from our previous post.


Matrioshka principle

9. Room in room

In this interior a canopy coupled with dense curtains created a room in a room – an isolated area for sleeping, reading and re-charging batteries.


10. Semi-transparent partition

A bathroom separated by semi-transparent bright lime partitions in tempered glass is a bold solution implying high degree of confidence between the inhabitants of this home. However, dense curtains are also envisaged with privacy in mind.


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