Cacti Towers + “Urban” IKEA Will Adorn Copenhagen in 2019

August 15, 2017
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A Dutch architect Bjarke Ingels famous for his creative multi-storey buildings keeps searching high-rise architecture for the absolute limit. And now his plan is to erect a fancifully-shaped multifunctional complex in the very heart of Copenhagen. His bureau – Bjarke Ingels Group – will work in cooperation with Dorte Mandrup Architects. And the world famous transnational furniture manufacturer IKEA will be the partner of the project that is already revealed in 3D renders.


The joint project of the Dutch architects and the giant retailer implies the construction of an IKEA trade mall of the new Urban format, a budget hotel and two residential towers. And all these buildings will be linked by a single green zone. The building land is located in a very prospective place – in the near proximity to the Kalvebod Brygge – a new embankment in the Vesterbro district in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark.

BIG has projected two residential towers – one 80-meter-high and the other 60-meter-high – dubbed “Cacti Towers” due to their distinctive shape. Extraordinary geometry of the buildings is set by chequered hexagonal balconies. The total housing stock of both towers will amount to 500 apartments of different layouts, with balconies and terraces envisaged on each floor.


Besides, there will be a budget hotel by Dorte Mandrup Architects housing as many as 1250 rooms. It is destined to become the biggest hotel in the whole Scandinavia.

As for the IKEA trade mall, it will also be non-standard – you won’t find any car parking lot next to it – visitors of the new “urban” IKEA are supposed to buy solely modestly-sized products and bring them home on bicycles.


The thing is that IKEA is one of the companies, which have a tremendous impact on the city. And their actions frequently have more importance than decisions of local authorities. Thousands tones of cargo, tens of thousands employees, millions of customers and vasty “fields” of multi-thousand car parking areas… The effect on city traffic and infrastructure is enormous.


The company having 325 shops in 41 countries of the world has always focused on large trade mall format – huge complexes with versatile pavilions located in the suburbs. But the world changes and more and more people are moving to big towns and mega-cities. By the year 2050 about 70% of people are expected to be urban dwellers. That is why the top management of IKEA has recently decided to shift the focus away from shops in the fields to the presence of the company right in the city. And by refusing from parking areas and encouraging cycling the company makes a step to improving life in the city.

According to the developer, local authorities have already approved the plan of the Cacti Towers complex and by the end of 2019 Danish people will be able to visit the new IKEA mall.

6-Cacti-Towers-project-3D-renders-in-Copenhagen-new-urban-IKEA-mall-hotel-Denmark-modern-architecture-unusual-buildings-hexagonal-balconies 7-Cacti-Towers-project-3D-renders-in-Copenhagen-new-urban-IKEA-mall-hotel-Denmark-modern-architecture-unusual-buildings-hexagonal-balconies

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