Ultra-Functional Two-Room Apartment for People with Much Stuff

August 15, 2017
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The hosts of this newly-built two-room apartment are a young family couple with a 4-year-old kid. Despite a limited residential area of their new flat, they had plenty of wishes regarding their future home nest. Firstly, they wanted a living room and kitchen to be open-plan. Besides, there had to be an isolated bedroom for their daughter, so their own sleeping area had to be arranged within the open-plan living room. Thirdly, they wanted to preserve an originally envisaged pantry and have many storage zones for their stuff and sporting equipment besides. Also, they wanted their bathroom to be separated from a WC. Finally, both the husband and the hostess needed work areas: the host works on a laptop and the hostess likes sewing. As for the decorative aspects, they wanted the floors to be wooden and the walls – light. Also, both spouses like light blue and turquoise colors and wanted them to play the role of color injections. So, let’s see how the author of the project managed to consider all these challenging desires!



For a start, a space for the sleeping area was determined. For this purpose built up will be a 55-cm-high podium, most of which will be occupied by a bedroom area protected with stained glass partition for the sake of privacy. It will ensure proper insolation of the sleeping zone, and air ducts in the wardrobe nearby will be responsible for its proper aeration.



The other part of the podium will be occupied by a closet. It will be separated from the open space with the same-style partition, but with no glazing. A few asymmetrically arranged brass bars will play the role of guard rails. The interior of the podium will be designed as a big storage zone with two accesses – from the lounge area (through the sides of the podium) and from the mudroom (through opening doors).


Kitchen + Work area

The kitchen area will be located opposite the closet, closer to the window. To the left of it arranged will be a compact work area for the master. His desk will be put opposite the mirrored part of the partition, which will ensure visual expansion of the space and save the sleeping spouse from the light of the desk lamp, even when the curtains are open.



The centerpiece of the lounge zone is a table. It will serve as a dining area for the family and as a work zone for the hostess. Being quite small, the lounge zone reminds more of a dining suite, but plenty of artificial light sources are meant to accentuate the representative spirit of this space.


Entrance hall

With integrity and interior harmony in mind, this zone is finished with the same materials as the open space. The only difference is the floor covering – it is a more practical and easy-to-care ceramic granite. To the right from the entrance, inside a podium, shoes will be stored: just the first row will be able to house 16 pairs of shoes. And out-of-season shoes will be kept deeper inside the podium in boxes. Given that the pantry is located next to the entrance hall, the latter features just a wall-mounted coat rack and a chest of drawers.


Kid’s room

The little girl’s room is designed in circus style, which is pretty good for a 4-year-old kid. The room will be equipped with two work areas – one (for the first studies) in the middle of the room, and the other (for future school homework) by the window.



The bathroom will be designed in a light color palette with red and turquoise accents. A mini-laundry is concealed behind plantation shutters that are both decorative and functional (they ensure evaporation of extra moisture from the laundry zone).



The WC is located apart from the bathroom, so the walls can be safely finished with wooden panels and eco-friendly cellulose-based wallpaper. A compact sink will ensure hygiene without having to visit the adjacent bathroom.


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