Romantic Beige Apartment That Won’t Make Your Bored

August 16, 2017
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Beige walls make you yawn, don’t they? You just have to have a look at our today’s post to change your mind. This project proves the fact that even such a trivial color as beige can look fresh in skillful hands of a qualified designer, who had to literally reclaim some of her ideas from the clients. And in the end everyone is happy ;-)



At the very first meeting the architect realized that she can’t do without layout changes – all the rooms in the clients’ home were small and dark. The hostess was keen on having an isolated bedroom and an open-plan kitchen and living room. Besides, the author of the project found out that she had plenty of stuff, and the issue of storage areas was also a priority.


Color scheme

The architect was striving to make this apartment warm and cozy. That is why the role of dominating colors was given to the shades of cream, terracotta and vanilla. The wall color was picked out quite quickly and easily – it’s pastel creamy yellow, while the saturated caramel hue of the kitchen backsplash was approved just at the fourth try.


As for the lighting fixtures, the lounge zone is equipped with a chandelier and a matching sconce from the same collection, while the dining area is lit by a pretty laconic lamp, which won’t distract the focus of attention from the living room chandelier.


Custom-made things

A dining table, a mirror for the bedroom, all interior doors, built-in closets in the hall and bedroom, a console behind the sofa – all these elements were custom-made in a private workshop. All the closets and doors were made as tall and neutral-colored as possible to make them practically invisible against the walls.

3-1-beige-interior-traditional-style-open-plan-kitchen-living-dining-room-white-sofa-terracotta-orange-chairs-throw-couch-pillows-table-lamps-air-conditioner-painting-light-parquet-floor 3-2-beige-interior-traditional-style-open-plan-kitchen-living-dining-room-white-sofa-terracotta-orange-chairs-throw-couch-pillows-table-lamps-air-conditioner-painting-light-parquet-floor


In order to install beautiful double-leaf doors between the kitchen and balcony the author of the project had the windowsill block dismantled. By making the kitchen open to the living room, the architect has expanded and lightened the space and got a chance to fit a kitchen island by Scavolini in the resulting extra space.


Living Room

The Milano Bedding sofa in the lounge zone was selected with comfortable sleeping in mind: it had to be folding, convenient and stylish at the same time to serve as a guest sleeping place when needed.



The hostess was keen on having this bedroom suite by Gramercy Home, and the author of the project approved of this solution. A big upholstered headboard looks great in the company of a milk chocolate chest of drawers opposite.

6-1-beige-interior-traditional-style-bedroom-chocolate-brown-nightstands-bedside-lamps-uphosltered-bed-capitone-headboard-bed-cover-wallpaper-chandelier 6-2-beige-interior-traditional-style-bedroom-chocolate-brown-nightstands-bedside-lamps-uphosltered-bed-capitone-headboard-bed-cover-wallpaper-chandelier 7-1-beige-interior-traditional-style-bedroom-white-built-in-closet-chocolate-brown-chest-of-drawers-beautiful-mirror-candles-decor-photo-frame 7-2-beige-interior-traditional-style-bedroom-white-built-in-closet-chocolate-brown-chest-of-drawers-beautiful-mirror-candles-decor-photo-frame


The bathroom in bright cherry red contrasts to the rest of the apartment and hence looks especially interesting.


Wall coverings, paint, home textile

The sense of coziness is created not just by a serene color palette – a vital role in setting the homey mood is played by textile. The living room is dressed up with dynamic terracotta elements, while in the bedroom monochrome beige is refreshed by a more delicate coffee shade.


Floor coverings

The author always gives preference to natural materials, and that is why the floor was finished with parquet boards. Just the hallway and bathroom are faced with concrete tiles for the sake of practicality.

5-1-beige-interior-traditional-style-open-plan-kitchen-dining-room-light-neutral-doors-corridor-hallway-wall-panelling-parquet-floor-upholstered-terracotta-chairs 5-2-gray-and-white-interior-traditional-style-hallway-mudroom-corridor-entrance-hall-full-length-floor-standing-mirror-padded-stool-ottoman-white-built-in-closet-black-lamp 5-3-gray-and-white-interior-traditional-style-hallway-mudroom-corridor-entrance-hall-full-length-floor-standing-mirror-padded-stool-ottoman-white-built-in-closet-black-lamp

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