Tiny Parisian Apartment in Caramel Shades for Ambitious Sweethearts

August 30, 2017
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People, who don’t have the same tastes, frequently find it difficult to work out a compromise, especially when it comes to interior design and those people are spouses. How can a couple in love design their tiny common space so that both liked it? This cozy family nest is located in an old building of 1930. The author of the project is Géraldine Bouix. Apparently, the soul of Paris – Love – lives here. But how could the designer find a happy medium?


The right tandem

The choice of a mixture of vintage and industrial styles is quite logical for a historical building. Eventually, the space appeared to be elegant, harmonious and soft enough. Cotton and linen are responsible for the sense of warmth and lightness, while shabby steel details of décor add to the industrial spirit and bring a note of masculinity to the interior. Curiously, the shape of the heart is present in many interior elements: self-sufficient sweethearts must be living here.

1-1-white-walls-beige-gray-caramel-brown-interior-design-in-French-style-Paris-kitchen-wooden-worktop-black-lamp-sink-oven-painted-backsplash-tray-candles 1-2-white-walls-beige-gray-caramel-brown-interior-design-in-French-style-Paris-studio-apartment-kitchen-living-room-boudoir-dressing-table-mirror-cabinets-sofa-TV-set-wicker-basket-sliding-door 1-3-home-decor-heart-textile-wrought-railings

The choice of colors

The play of sunny caramel and beige shades creates a stunning effect. Creamy tints are responsible for the sense of tenderness and volume. Sophisticated balance of light grayish hues and metals make the space appear airier, while the white color of walls brings purity. Bigger items are lighter, while smaller details have more saturated shades.

2-1-white-walls-beige-gray-caramel-brown-interior-design-in-French-style-Paris-light-blue-pastel-living-room-lounge-sofa-coffee-table-tray-lamp-decor-flower-vase-ladder 2-2-white-walls-beige-gray-caramel-brown-interior-design-in-French-style-Paris-studio-apartment-kitchen-living-room-boudoir-dressing-table-mirror-cabinets-sofa-sliding-door-cooker-hood-glass

Confidence in the success

This couple has ambitious plans. They believe in success and support each other. For instance, the room features a place, where one can leave a sweet love note – in the corner of a big mirror dressed up with a gorgeous frame. This mirror was intentionally just put against the wall to bring the note of ease and informality to the atmosphere. This effect is enhanced even more by sweet little things arranged here.


Well-thought-out zoning and a surprise in the bedroom

Competently arranged furniture and lighting allowed for zoning the space rightly and isolating the bedroom from the public area. For the sake of space-saving installed was a sliding door. To crown it all, even a walk-in closet found its place in the tight bedroom area. With insolation in mind, its partition was made from glass.


The color scheme, shapes of furniture and home décor give tribute to a noble classical style. Thanks to their perfect balance the interior appeared to be warm and sophisticated. The hearts on the bed just dilute the austerity of dominating accents and remind the observer that a creative couple in love lives here.

One melody for two

Wood, natural fabrics, and rattan coupled with beige shades set the mood of coziness. But the things that reflect personalities of the hosts are small details of décor. They refresh the space and add the sense of romance and creativity to it. People living here share the same goals and dreams. And it seems like we are about to hear the sounds of Parisian music and see a charming ballet dancer coming in…

5-2-white-walls-beige-gray-caramel-brown-interior-design-in-French-style-Paris-kitchen-glass-cabinets-cooker-hood-extractor-oven-metal-lamp-wooden-countertop-worktop-sink-tray-candles 5-1-white-walls-beige-gray-caramel-brown-interior-design-in-French-style-Paris-home-decor-metal-lamp-bar-stool-chair

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