How to Create a Vintage-Style Bathroom? (P.1)

December 12, 2017
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If old things are what makes you tick and you’re a frequent guest on flea markets, you should make sure that your bathroom atmosphere doesn’t run counter to retro mood as well. Actually, there is no problem in creating bathroom interiors in vintage style. And if you’re still questioning this fact, we’ve got 20 inspiring ideas in our collection.


Let’s start with one of the boldest options: floral wallpaper, floral textile, floral tiles… Romantic personalities would definitely appreciate these spring-time motifs.


Many people believe that a free-standing bathtub is a must-have of vintage interiors. But just have a look at this shower cabin: it is very stylish, space-saving and goes in line with vintage mood. Especially when coupled with a bright yellow chest of drawers, a vintage towel holder and a sweet comfy arm-chair.


We also have good news for no fans of romantic images, country-style elements and notes of shabby chic. Vintage is not all about flowers and laces. Aged metal cabinets would be good as well.


Here is a simple recipe for a vintage-style bathroom: a gorgeous claw foot bathtub, romantic textile, living flowers and a mixture of pastel background and bright accents.


Style is represented by small, yet very important details. And if you’re just beginning your vintage-style interior experiments, try to decorate your door this way for a start: flowers, wood and a mini chalkboard create a very romantic composition.


A bathroom countertop is one of the best spots for displaying vintage décor. Try a metal retro-style sink, a fancifully-shaped mirror, and a few floral tiles, and finish the composition with beautiful living flowers.


Sometimes a seemingly trivial and small detail can become the centerpiece of the entire interior. For instance, an amazing retro-style set of beauty products. We believe that such a treasure deserves to be beautifully displayed on an open shelf or in a sweet aged cabinet with glass doors.


The same is true for a set of vintage soaps packed in a romantically designed box…


Finally we have gotten to the shades of pink. To our mind, this delicate, tender and spring-time color is just perfect for a vintage bathroom interior: pastel pink walls, a mirror with copper elements, golden décor, an elegant top-mounted sink and a few pink towels look absolutely stunning together.


If atmosphere of the 1950s is what your heart longs for, try a feminine and cheerful combination of pastel pink and lemon. Such a “couple” can be finished with a few funny polka-dot towels, a claw foot bath and several pin-up posters with Hawaiian mood.


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