DIY: Handmade Mini Christmas Tree within 20 Minutes

December 13, 2017
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The reign of festive mood at our Christmas tables is not just a question of the list of dishes; it is also essential to ensure the table is beautifully decorated. If you’re a lucky owner of a special Christmas dinner set, that’s great! And we suggest that you complement it with some original decorative elements touched by the warmth of your own hands and would like to show you how to make a mini Christmas tree from an old magazine within just 20 minutes.


You will need the following materials:

  • magazines with pages bound like a book;
  • spray paint;
  • liquid glitter;
  • foam stars.

So, let’s begin!

For a start remove the front and back covers of the magazine.

Fold the right lower corner of the page as shown on the photo (starting with the last page). Then fold the right upper corner along the central line of the magazine.


Fold the whole page again to form a neat triangle. If anything goes wrong, unfold the page again and correct the very first fold (of the right lower corner). You need to fold the corners correctly just once, and the rest of the pages will be folded boilerplate.


When you’re done with folding all the pages, your magazine will get a sustainable form, reminding the shape of a Christmas tree. Make your handmade masterpiece more festive with the help of spray paint and some liquid glitter. And a small foam star will bring a nice finishing touch to this piece of décor; you may fix it with a common toothpick.


You may paint your Christmas tree any color you like to match the dominating colors of your table setting and finish the composition with a few decorations and candles.


We wish you very happy holidays!

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