Big Round Mirrors in Interior Design: 5 Golden Rules

December 19, 2017
Posted in Decor

A round mirror is a simple, long known and trendy piece of home décor. Super super trendy. But what we’re supposed to do about it is not quite clear. The thing is a mirror is a showy designer trick per se. And when a rare and expressive round shape is coupled with an extra big size to crown it all, it becomes a too powerful interior tool. And a powerful weapon requires accurate and delicate handling. That is why we decided to collect tips on using big round mirrors from professional and experienced decorators and designers. And here is what we found out.


Tip № 1

Be easy on accenting and give preference to mirrors in neutral and slim frames that match any interior style.


Tip № 2

One big round mirror is quite enough for one space. If you opt for a few randomly hung middle-sized pieces, the aesthetic effect would be lower, falling short of genuine pop art.


Tip № 3

On the other hand, two and more identical circles arranged in a row would create associations with nautical theme, whether you want it or not.


Tip № 4

If your desire to have a big round mirror is conscious and informed, make sure that this piece of décor is hung against a monochrome background: any pattern in the background influences the common perception of the mirror and blurs its clear lines. So, you should be very careful with too active wall coverings, if you don’t want to “lose” your mirror.


Tip № 5

A floor standing round mirror is the right choice for very spacious and open rooms. You need take into account not just the aesthetic aspects, but also its direct functions: so that a floor round mirror could be a mirror actually it should have a very considerable diameter. In an average room such a piece of décor would feel “cramped”. Besides, it can’t be just leaned against a wall: you must either fix it with a staple on the top or put it on a photo-frame principle – on a back foot – which is also very space-consuming.


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