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This category deals with apartment design, being a comprehensive end-to end guide on creating amazing apartments regardless of their size and thickness of your wallet. Along with hundreds of ideas for flats in many different styles – modern and retro, country and hi-tech, art and classic, vintage and eclectic, Provence and Scandinavian – we are glad to share a good piece of advice with you. Like how to zone space in a studio apartment; what colors, materials, lighting and furniture to utilize while decorating a luxury apartment; what designer tricks can be used to make a garden apartment appear larger and more functional; what kind of décor details would be appropriate for this or that style, and many other useful tips and ideas for a perfect home.

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    Award-Winning Project of Apartment Interior in Modern Classical Style

    Can you imagine a functional interior penetrated with the spirit of modern Parisian apartments? If no, this post is for you! You’ll see what comes out in the end when classics is coupled with ultra-modern design and pieces of art – artworks and sculptures.

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    Dynamic One-Room Apartment Interior for Young People & Fans of Red

    The apartment interior design project we’d like to show you in this post is meant for a young family couple. The only load-bearing column in the middle of the space allowed for bold layout experiments and ergonomical furniture arrangement. To make the interior more dynamic…

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    How to Mix Styles: Middle Century Modern, American & Contemporary?

    This interior design project of a three-room apartment was worked out for a family of three: the spouses and their teenage son. The hosts didn’t demonstrate penchant for any specific interior style, and the author of the project offered them a mixture of three: middle…

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    Monochrome Taupe-Color Interior with a Hint of Art-Deco

    This newly-built two-room apartment was initially quite challenging: it was extremely deep and badly lacked daylight. So, planning the layout on the total area of 95 square meters was a pretty complicated task. The samples of interior that the hostess showed to the designer were…

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    Eclectic Apartment in the Spirit of Modernism of the 1950s

    This three-room apartment with the total area of 78 square meters found a new owner just a year ago. The lady hired a team of qualified architects and set them a task of creating a cozy light apartment with an atmosphere encouraging for good rest…

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    Stylish Image-Maker’s Apartment Furnished with Eichholtz Pieces

    Creating an interior for a person who lives in the world of fashion and is well-versed in it is a complicated and challenging, yet very interesting task. Have you ever seen how fashion experts live? Let’s take a sneak peek!

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    Airy and Minimalistic One-Room Apartment with Eco-Style Motifs

    In this tiny flat the designer team had to envisage all possible and impossible details. The clients are young spouses, who wanted their apartment to be minimalistic, light and airy. Besides, the list of their wishes included an isolated sleeping place (not a folding sofa),…

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    Fitting Lounge, Kitchen, Bedroom, Dining Room & Study in 44 Sq. M.

    44 square meters is not so much, especially if you’re young and married, and wish to have a full-fledged bedroom, a living room, a dining zone and a comfortable work area. However, a qualified designer was able to meet the challenge and put all the…

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    “Tuscan Giorno”: Gorgeous Neo-Classical Apartment in Beige & Blue

    Have you ever heard anything about “Tuscan interiors”? Even if not, it’s not hard to guess that this term primarily refers to the color palette of the rooms. What is Tuscany? It is a beautiful landscape based on multiple shades of yellow – from bright…

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    Sunny Studio Apartment with Panoramic Windows in the Heart of Sochi

    Have you ever seen an apartment for rent that was designed with soul and so tastefully that you wished this were your home forever? This studio apartment is a good example of the fact that such places do exist!

  • 3-1-traditional-style-interior-open-concept-white-kitchen-set-IKEA-glass-cabinets-dining-room-beige-gray-walls-arch-transparent-chairs-Christmas-decor-brick-tile

    Light & Functional Self-Designed Apartment with Vintage Accents

    Helen, her husband Stan and their little daughter Eva purchased an apartment with the total area of 74 square meters about 2 years ago. Being a decorator by profession, Helen was determined to take a chance as a first-time interior designer, and hence the entire…

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    Home Amore Project: French & Scandinavian Style Mix

    What images does the phrase “Scandinavian style” conjure up in your mind? We can’t say for sure, but whatever interior you imagined, we can tell you at the 99% level that it had a perfectly neutral, apparently white background. And for sure this interior was…

  • 5-1-contemporary-style-interior-design-open-concept-living-dining-room-work-area-study-kitchen-beige-light-wood-strip-partition-black-chairs-white-walls

    Relaxing Contemporary-Style Family Apartment in Beige, Gray & White

    This apartment with the total area of 120 square meters was designed by a team of qualified designers. They managed to turn it into a contemporary space that features all the must-haves for comfortable living: spacious and functional rooms with well-thought-out storage zones and areas…

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    Brutal Bachelor’s Pad Designed in Style of a Whiskey Bar

    The owner of this three-room apartment with the total area of 91 sq. m. is a top manager of a big company. And a bachelor, by the way. On purchasing a new apartment he remembered that his old friend Natalie is a qualified architect and…

  • 3-1-American-style-interior-wooden-panelling-glass-wall-between-kitchen-and-living-room-black-metal-frame-big-home-library-blue-velvet-sofa-bio-fireplace-coffee-table

    Family Apartment in American Style: Brutality & Classics

    When the architects and designers of this apartment first met their clients, they were relieved to hear their wishes. Both parties were staring off in the same direction. A young, yet already big family, wished to turn their downtown Moscow apartment into a classical American…

  • 00-contemporary-style-studio-apartment-interior-design-open-concept-kitchen-entry-living-room-island-bicycle-wall-mounted-racks-light-wood-strips-bar-stools-white-cabinets-yellow

    Small Re-Planned Apartment for a Typical IT Specialist

    This apartment interior design was created by a team of qualified designers for a young IT specialist and his wife. The process started from total re-planning of the layout. The point is that this full-fledged two-room apartment was actually one-room initially, but with a big…

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    Bright Multicolor Apartment in Mid-Century Modern Style

    Have you ever heard anything about mid-century modern style in interior design? Even if you don’t, that’s OK. As its names suggests, this style was the height of fashion in 1950s-1960s. And in terms of contents it represented a peculiar mixture of practical American style…

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    Authentic Photographer’s Flat & Workshop in the Old Loft

    The owner of this house, Serge, spent 8 years working and living in Japan to finally come back to Moscow and open a private gallery, which promotes oriental culture. At the same point he was keen on having a workshop and a photo studio of…

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    “Minuet”: Neutral Functional Small Apartment with Cheerful Notes

    This apartment interior is a fruit of work of a Taiwanese design company A Lentil Design. It was created for young spouses and traditionally for this company this project was given a name. The name is “Minuet”, and not just any minuet is implied here,…

  • 2-1-neo-classical-style-kitchen-dining-room-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-dark-blue-cabinets-red-chairs-yellow-brass-accents-wooden-cooker-hood-marble-countertop-backsplash

    Ethnic Apartment Inspired by Portuguese & Central Asian Motifs

    This four-room apartment with a total area of 93.5 sq. m. is fulfilled with details that become apparent after a while: at first glance you just see a beautiful classically-furnished flat designed in deep, saturated colors. And just then your eye catches the sight of…

  • 0-tiny-small-single-woman's-studio-apartment-Taiwan-gray-walls-floor-black-interior-design-accents-light-wood-kitchen-cabinets-living-room-lounge-zone-work-area-island-sofa-TV-table-chairs-high-ceiling

    Tiny Studio Apartment with Loft Bed for a Single Woman in Taiwan

    Calendar turned to spring and this time disposes to romantic thoughts and meditation on what a woman wants. And we found a charming studio apartment interior design, where any member of the female gender would be pleased to live in!

  • 3-contemporary-minimalist-naturalistic-style-interior-design-white-walls-glossy-floor-gray-black-accents-wooden-panels-wood-grain-sliding-door-study-living-room

    “Woodscape”: Super-Naturalistic Apartment Interior Design in Taiwan

    Perhaps, the best word for describing this interior is “naturalistic”. The thing is that this project features so much wood grain, that on looking at it one can’t shake the feeling that he or she got to a genuine wood. Complemented with purely natural colors…

  • 0-gray-blue-contemporary-style-interior-design-art-deco-elements-brown-living-room-column-arm-chairs-chandelier-wall-mural-piano-marble-fireplace

    Light & Sunny Moderate-Art-Déco Apartment in Blue Shades

    This interior design project was created for a family of three. He is a businessman and runs his own company. She is a musician and loves to play the piano in the evening. And they have a sweet 7-year-old daughter. They dreamed about a comfortable…

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    Low-Cost Interior Design of a Small Apartment

    We guess we won’t be too far from the truth if we say that all the designers dream about working on big apartments – in spaces with plenty of room for imagination and creativity. But what are the owners of tight areas supposed to do…