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This category deals with apartment design, being a comprehensive end-to end guide on creating amazing apartments regardless of their size and thickness of your wallet. Along with hundreds of ideas for flats in many different styles – modern and retro, country and hi-tech, art and classic, vintage and eclectic, Provence and Scandinavian – we are glad to share a good piece of advice with you. Like how to zone space in a studio apartment; what colors, materials, lighting and furniture to utilize while decorating a luxury apartment; what designer tricks can be used to make a garden apartment appear larger and more functional; what kind of décor details would be appropriate for this or that style, and many other useful tips and ideas for a perfect home.

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    Contemporary-Style Family Apartment in Natural Colors

    Perhaps, contemporary is the most sought after interior design style of our days. And this four-room apartment in Minsk, Belarus, designed for a young family with 2 kids is not an exception. As a priority task the clients set the creation of a light contemporary…

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    Contemporary Interior Design Inspired by Summer Garden (Part 2)

    We’re continuing our journey around a seaside apartment inspired by the idea of a summer garden. How is it reflected in the lounge and bedroom interior design? What is the spice of the balcony and what does the bathroom interior look like? Let’s see!

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    Contemporary Interior Design Inspired by Summer Garden (Part 1)

    What can be sweeter than three generations of a big family brought together around a family table in the garden on a warm summer evening… That is exactly the concept that constitutes the basis of this apartment interior design created in the Crimea. The spouses…

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    Airy Three-Room Seaside Apartment Reminding of Marshmallow

    Seascape, a bathroom mirror framed with tree branches, a purple sofa and an airy kid’s bedroom in hues of marshmallow… This apartment is filled with light, air and room for dreaming and seems to be a perfect choice for living by the sea.

  • 1-3-brutal-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-recessed-shelves-bookstand-black-radiator-graphite-bed-linen-chair-white-bedside-table-wooden-TV-stand

    “Soft Brutality” Interior Design Project for a Young Family

    Can harsh “concrete” interior feel cozy? Is there a golden mean between brutality and softness? Can bricks give the sense of spaciousness? Let’s find the answers to these questions together!

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    Bright Basement-Floor Studio Apartment for Newlyweds

    What images does the phrase “basement floor” conjure up in your mind? Perhaps, it’s something dull, damp and lacking daylight. In fact, competent re-planning can do magic and make something good even out of such seemingly hopeless spaces. The same thing happened to an apartment…

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    Stylish Interior Design Project Inspired by Kelly Wearstler’s Works

    This interior design project succeeded for two reasons: the clients were very bold and ready for experiments, and the designer drew inspiration from Kelly Wearstler’s prokects. Golden ceiling in the bathroom, plenty of black and special recognizable style – even these details are enough to…

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    Extremely Non-Standard & Creative Attic Design with Bath in Bedroom

    This bright interior design project is replete with non-standard and creative elements. You can watch this attic for hours and will anyway find something more unexpected in the end. Let’s start our journey around it!

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    Malachite Box: Small One-Room Apartment with Green Accents

    The primary drawback of this one-room apartment was an interior load-bearing wall, which literally divided the total area of 43.7 sq. m. into two equal parts that couldn’t be significantly transformed. However, the author of the project found a way to make the most use…

  • 2-3-Provence-style-kitchen-interior-design-white-cabinets-geometrical-pattern-floor-tiles-dining-set-bentwood-chairs-bench-recessed-stripy-white-and-blue-wallpaper-glass-cabinets-track-lights-metal-pendant-lamp

    Three-Room Apartment in Provence Style for a Family with 2 Kids

    This interior design project was worked out for a young family couple with two small kids. Being devoted fans of cozy and homey Provence-style interiors, the owners wanted their apartment to be filled with light pastel colors, floral motifs, and painted furniture of classical shapes….

  • 7-bachelor's-interior-design-bathroom-light-blue-walls-red-square-tiles-wash-basin-English-bathtub-shelves

    Smartly Zoned Bachelor’s Pad with Red, Blue & Yellow Accents

    In this post we’ll focus on a small one-room bachelor’s apartment designed by a professional interior designer. It represents a peculiar combination of practical approach, deep red, blue and yellow color mixture and IKEA furniture coupled with designer pieces.

  • 8-eclectic-style-living-room-interior-design-white-walls-bright-accents-many-potted-indoor-plants-lounge-retro-blue-sofa-ethnical-arm-chair-panoramic-window-baclony-exit-Indian-coffee-table-carpet

    Eclectic White-Walled Apartment with Bright Accents & Greenery

    This sunny apartment with white walls and cheerful multicolor accents, a big balcony garden, numerous potted plants and a bright yellow staircase reminds of Spain or France, probably. But it is actually situated in the south-west of Moscow and the fact that it looks like…

  • 4-studio-apartment-with-mezzanine-floor-bedroom-dark-green-kale-ceiling-white-walls-eclectic-style-Hieronymus-Bosch-Paintings-Poland-black-stove-piglet-coffee-table-velvet-sofa-ethnical-rug-open-interior-design

    Apartment with Kale Mezzanine & Hieronymus Bosch Replicas

    With a total area of just 30 square meters, this apartment can be safely named a nice sample of trendy design, a piece of art and an interior puzzle. Let’s have a closer look at the details!

  • 3-2-bachelor's-loft-style-apartment-open-concept-living-room-kitchen-interior-design-gray-concrete-ceiling-self-leveling-polymeric-floor-blue-wallpaper-track-lights-white-minimalist-sofa-table-chairs

    Bachelor’s Apartment with Podiums, Panoramic Windows & Loft Motifs

    The owner of this apartment is a young bachelor, and almost every detail of his newly-built apartment, in which he moved just a few months ago, speaks about this fact. General loft-style concept softened by wooden finishes and traditional blue wallpaper, mannish gray, white and…

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    White Walls, Black Ceiling & Wood – Ascetic Loft Style in Barcelona

    Noble materials, naturalistic color scheme and huge floor-to-ceiling windows – in her new project Katty Schiebeck, a famous designer from Barcelona, organically intertwined ascetic minimalism and elegant modern style.

  • 1-contemporary-Scandinavian-style-interior-design-gray-beige-black-white-brown-living-room-lounge-sofa-wood-corkwood-floor-with-digital-printing-arm-chair-hinged-lamp-animalistic-deer-painting-curtains-carpet

    Naturalistic Scandinavian-Style Apartment Reminding of Forest

    This apartment seems to be breathing nature – naturalistic hues of wood and sand, finishing materials, a deer painting on the wall… But this is not all. The designer managed to create the atmosphere of ultimate peace of a deep forest without a hint of…

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    Two-Room American-Style Apartment in Mediterranean Colors

    This interior design project named “Tangerine Mood” was prepared for a middle-aged family couple, whose kids are already grown up and live apart, coming home just for weekend dinners. So, the goal was a comfortable two-room space for two, but with an option for receiving…

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    Minimalist Studio Apartment Decorated with Designer Furniture

    Catherine is a young designer. And for her friend this newly-built apartment in Moscow was the first own accommodation. Most of the budget was spent on buying the living space, and decorative component of the interior had to be arranged in an environment of austerity….

  • 4-loft-studio-apartment-with-mezzanine-brown-floor-to-ceiling-home-library-gray-furniture-upholstered-double-bed-TV-zone-sofa-arm-chairs-white-brick-wall-chandeliers-glass-lampshades-bicolor-curtains

    Loft Studio Apartment with Mezzanine & Gorgeous Library

    Times change and layouts change as well. Today it’s hard to find similar apartment plans – contemporary homes must be dynamic, one-of-a-kind and customized. Some people can do without a spacious kitchen, and others don’t need a preparation area at all, some are willing to…

  • 00-living-dining-room-interior-design-with-art-decor-style-elements-geometrical-3D-cabinets-shelving-unit-bright-lattuce-green-chandelier-purple-curtains-chairs-glass-coffee-table

    Stylish Contemporary Apartment with Gorgeous Art-Deco Accents

    Rooms of this apartment seem to be stringed onto a common a thread and form a single interior path, each millimeter of which is detailed and elaborate. At the same time coherence and harmony of different spaces is not achieved by trivial use of similar…

  • 1-minimalist-Scandinavian-style-interior-design-white-walls-gray-blue-funriture-open-concept-kitchen-living-room-marble-bar-table-stools-bicolor-curtains-pendant-lamps-Zuiver-Tripod-floor-lamp

    Functional Scandinavian-Style Apartment in White, Gray & Blue

    An ideal temperature of human body is 36.6 degrees Celsius. And today we’d like to show you an interior design project of a two-room apartment, the area of which is 36.6. square meters. Let’s see how such a relatively small space can be made beautiful,…

  • 5-white-green-gray-brown-French-style-bedroom-interior-design-floral-wallpaper-upholstered-capitone-bed-classical-bedside-lamps

    French-Style Apartment with Many Bespoke Elements (Part 2)

    Let’s continue the overview of a beautiful apartment in French style featuring loads of bespoke elements and well-thought-out details making it truly special.

  • 2-white-gray-brown-French-style-open-concept-living-dining-room-kitchen-interior-design-faux-brick-plaster-wall-island-set-chandelier-mismatched-chairs

    French-Style Apartment with Many Bespoke Elements (Part 1)

    Living, stylish and homey interiors are, as a general rule, a fruit of good collaboration between a designer and owners. And this apartment designed in French style and fulfilled with interesting designer tricks and bespoke elements is not an exception. The master was in charge…

  • 5-5-minimalist-style-white-walls-and-gray-apartment-interior-design-glass-interior-partition-from-dining-room-to-bedroom-table-sitting-place-on-window-sill

    Contemporary Four-Room Family Apartment in White and Gray

    This four-room apartment is located on the west side of Moscow and has a relatively big total area – about 120 sq. m. With a ceiling height of 2.9 meters, big panoramic windows, a nice view and a park nearby, it immediately attracted the attention…