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This category deals with apartment design, being a comprehensive end-to end guide on creating amazing apartments regardless of their size and thickness of your wallet. Along with hundreds of ideas for flats in many different styles – modern and retro, country and hi-tech, art and classic, vintage and eclectic, Provence and Scandinavian – we are glad to share a good piece of advice with you. Like how to zone space in a studio apartment; what colors, materials, lighting and furniture to utilize while decorating a luxury apartment; what designer tricks can be used to make a garden apartment appear larger and more functional; what kind of décor details would be appropriate for this or that style, and many other useful tips and ideas for a perfect home.

  • 8-old carpet

    Apartment in Moscow in classic style

    The apartment belongs to a small family who bought it when they had very little money, but after updating to the house, they are in search of a new place, and they decided to update the old time. In this they were helped by a…

  • 3-shaggy carpet

    Bright apartment in Moscow

    Beautiful and spacious apartment owned by the landlady, who lives near the embankment of Moscow – the river. The idea was that the apartment so that you can enjoy from every corner of the beautiful and interesting river.

  • 4-bags

    Student apartment in Paris

    This apartment was made perfect designer Marianne Evan Create and customize your apartment for a student who is studying in Paris, the total area of the apartment as a whole is 25 square meters. Marianne loves very small apartments because you have to include a…

  • 2-House to house

    Cozy loft in Brooklyn

    This superb loft located in the heart of Brooklyn. The apartment has large windows and spacious, earlier this apartment was great and spacious factory for the production of textiles, so the owners have got such a large window.

  • 8-parking

    Bright apartment in New – York

    This beautiful and luxurious duplex located in the beautiful New York City, it is situated in a modern building in Chelsea. In this house lived a portion of today’s pop stars such as Nicole Kidman. These flats are so comfortable, you cannot imagine, instead of…

  • 2-white chairs

    Beautiful apartment in Long Island

    Owners of the apartments do not like empty and boring walls, so when they bought the house, they invited popular designers who are well tried and coped with its project and did an amazing house, warm and pleasant.

  • 5-bright bedroom

    Bright and spacious home

    This beautiful and gorgeous house belongs to a large and positive family. Owners Monica, Pulo, Iago, Yar. This home is located in Portugal. The style of this house is bright and colorful. When the family of Monica got this apartment, it was empty, and simple,…

  • 8-terrible figures

    Bohemian house on the shores of Lake Leman

    Burnished and beautiful house with real works of art, this place is well suited for this designer or a person who takes art seriously and is interested in what’s a new permanent or antique bagatelle. The structure of the house was built in 1940, and…

  • 7-sofa in a cage

    Magnificent house in Scandinavian style

    Garden house is not one on 30 acres. The holiday house frame designer has created for his family, who often like to get together.

  • 13-Gays and their family

    Beautiful home in Beverly Hills

    This beautiful home is surrounded by a diversity of beautiful trees, which are a different color. This house is owned by an adorable and interesting pair of positive gay men. In this house they began to equip from scratch, it was hard, but it was…

  • 8-beautiful lines

    Stylish apartment in Washington

    This comfortable and roomy flat is located in Washington, it uses a modern look and style, size of the apartment is only 80 square meters. The most beautiful and interesting place in the house is an interesting and beautiful bedroom.

  • 3-white ceiling

    A small and comfortable apartment

    A small apartment is set up and adapted for accommodation and comfortable stay, comfort and relaxation can be comfortable in any space, if properly adapted.

  • 1-bright-apartment-with-a-view-of-the-baltic-sea

    Bright apartment with a view of the Baltic Sea

    This spacious and comfortable, bright apartment is charging his energy and positive. This cozy apartment is situated in a small town Saltsjöbaden, in the municipality of Nacka, in the county of Stockholm, Sweden, west design is more true of the Scandinavian style.

  • 8-kitchen light

    Spacious apartment in the loft

    This loft is done in a standard and simple apartment was built by designers from New York ixdesign Vastu Village. The apartment is filled with comfort and coziness, and the apartment is very usable.

  • 7-bed closet

    Fairy house in the Netherlands

    Snow-covered weekdays soon are on everyone’s doorstep, and the fact that eating outside the home cannot be in it. White wooden bench, beautiful antiqued pale turquoise shutters. Devereaux resembles a cold snowy winter.

  • 3-beautiful fireplace

    Beautiful and delicate apartments

    In the interior there are a large number of mirrors, silver, pleasant shades of the color of coffee with milk, the color of the American, this apartment Ukrainian designer have created.

  • 8-beautiful bedroom

    Bright and green interior from Ukrainian designer

    Spacious one-bedroom apartment has 64 square meters of area, located in a residential complex Comfort Town. These designers have created a workspace and comfort zone.

  • 2-beautiful hammock

    Wonderful apartment in Moscow

    The apartment is amazing and wonderful is in a Moscow apartment, which is a surprise. The expanse of this amazing apartment of 33 square meters, the apartment has a living room, shelves and storage lockers, two bedrooms, and a place to stay.

  • 1-apartment-with-a-variety-of-ideas

    Apartment with a variety of ideas

    A small apartment can be practical, comfortable and functional thanks to the good and creative designers have created this magnificent apartment designers Alan Chu, the small size of the property of the designer turned out a beautiful space to survive.

  • 11-old crockery

    The old house with a beautiful interior

    This house is very old and beautiful house was built in 1850. Many things in this household as if time stopped, because they have persisted ever since, and in the interior a little something new. Before this house was already reconstructed, but the owners have…

  • 4-beautiful mirror

    Bright interior design apartment

    The small apartment is built into a romantic and intimate style. This apartment has a total of 33 square meters, this apartment is the most simple, but is hit with a bright and cheerful mood. Its interior is a vivid color scheme, showing vivid nature…

  • 3-blue vase

    Comfortable flat in London

    Beautiful and spacious apartment owned by Nicky BARTROP, before she lived in England and then to the south of France. Her son had to finish my education in London, so she decided to go with him. To remind them old apartment house, she bought a big…

  • 10-beautiful carpet

    Bright and colorful apartment with bright objects

    The interior is in a range of colors will help you regain strength, it helps to enhance the mood and get the house nice and snug. Such color shades will suit those who love spring weather, and loves, bright sunny paint will bring the ambiance…

  • 4-dining table

    Gentle Home Decor in Washington

    The old house that has been refurbished, it has new paint, it has become more modern and stylish than it was before. In the interior there are accessories that will lift your spirits. The cabin is very large and it permits you to fill it…