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This category deals with apartment design, being a comprehensive end-to end guide on creating amazing apartments regardless of their size and thickness of your wallet. Along with hundreds of ideas for flats in many different styles – modern and retro, country and hi-tech, art and classic, vintage and eclectic, Provence and Scandinavian – we are glad to share a good piece of advice with you. Like how to zone space in a studio apartment; what colors, materials, lighting and furniture to utilize while decorating a luxury apartment; what designer tricks can be used to make a garden apartment appear larger and more functional; what kind of décor details would be appropriate for this or that style, and many other useful tips and ideas for a perfect home.

  • 4-family-members

    Tiny house for two family members

    Lovely and bright eco-lodge situated in the town of Sevastopol, California. This house is built exclusively for the designer herself. Every corner of this homemade excellent and very carefully, has all the amenities for work and leisure. This home decorator Alec Lisefski this house was built…

  • 5-beautiful rack

    Apartments in Baroque style in Italy

    This beautiful home is situated in one of the cities of Tuscany, who is in Italy. The house looks great, the interior is beautiful and there is a large archway. The house accessories used with wood, and there are accessories Baroque. Beautiful entrance, says a…

  • 11-room table

    Beautiful country house in France

    A lovely country house in Eco’s Style is in one of the barns in Nice, France. The house looks great and most welcoming. Every year, the owners of this house Hans and Karen, their daughter Maya and Nina spend warm days here and suggest comfort…

  • 6-0table

    Bright studio apartment in Romania

    This bright apartment is situated in one of the Romanian city of Arad. The apartment is very modest, but functional, is a few areas, living room, bedroom, and kitchen with breakfast bar, and a working space.

  • 14

    Original apartment with contemporary objects in Brussel

    The beautiful original apartment is set in a modern style, but many of the items are from the mid-century. The apartment owners acquire furniture in old markets, and are looking for the same accessories. Along the walls there are beautiful paintings and photographs, for example…

  • 7-bright kitchen

    Beautiful apartment in Montreal

    Beautiful and interesting apartment located in the beautiful town of Montreal. This apartment has been done in a simple shed. The renovation was done superbly. The apartment has a spotless bathroom, kitchen, large space in the apartment, interesting and beautiful furniture.

  • 1

    Beautiful apartment hotel in the Maldives

    Beautiful apartment located in the Maldives. Lovely blue and azure water, which pleases its warmth, beauty, and blue water. This beautiful hotel called Cheval Blanc Randheli. Close to the hotel there are waves, water. The hotel also suggests interesting and modest houses.

  • 9

    Bright apartment in Manhattan

    This spacious flat is located in the Americas, in Manhattan. The living room has one large panel that includes a multitude of storage compartments. There are also open shelves for storing books, supplements and other things. The apartment has a large and open and beautiful…

  • 13

    Spacious home in the southeastern part of the province of Scania

    Roomy and comfortable bathroom, tiles on the ceiling and walls the same grayish color, but comfortable and spacious bath has a shower, which is separated by a low wall. Bathroom looks conservative.

  • 5-lounge

    Magnificent Apartments in Dublin

    A beautiful and amazing house built lovely designers Romanelli & Hughes, the mansion was built in Dublin. The theatre is suited for a large family and a comfortable stay.

  • 10-amazing tree

    Christmas home decoration

    This lovely house belongs to a cute and lovely couple Martha and Bob. Holiday – it is primarily a home decoration, and it presents under the tree, and beautiful toys. This family wants to be their New Year holiday and was in the house and…

  • 5-unusual tree

    New Year Interior apartments in Scandinavian style

    This December the interior looks very harmonious and interesting design for the New Year looks very nice, and not distracting. Some items are present, as well as in everyday life. Tree and accessories for the New Year is not quite standard forms and shades. Without…

  • 6-large bedroom

    Beautiful house for a large family in New York

    This beautiful home has equipped a large family, almost without the assistance of designers. The firm is located in New York. Residents of this house famous fashion designer Tessa Pimontel, her husband’s name is Hans Neleman, and he acts as a photographer. They thought through…

  • 6-beautiful lamps

    Bright minimalist Scandinavian style

    This apartment is combined with various styles, interiors can be very diverse and interesting. The main style – Scandinavian, rustic style, and the style of minimalism. The apartment includes a kitchen, sitting room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom.

  • 7-beautiful carpet

    Cozy apartment in Brooklyn

    This cozy apartment in Brooklyn, made in a loft style, used in interior beautiful brick walls, antique furniture. The mansion is filled with paintings and beautiful paintings, such an apartment owned by artists.

  • 3-bright walls

    Bright apartment large family

    Large and spacious house is designed for a large extended family and where large numbers of children. The class consists of six members of the family. Their name is Laura, Bob, and their children – Bram, Max, Merel and Liv. The house is really nice…

  • 8-spacious kitchen

    Beautiful bright family home

    This house belongs to a small young family, who lives in Germany, Nunberg. Total floor area is about 135 square meters. Owners name Merayke, Mattes and Emil. The family had already dreamed up the purchase of a comfortable house where you could comfortably spend time….

  • 5-bright carpet

    Loft-style apartment in Kiev

    Small loft located in the beautiful and interesting city with a beautiful name Kiev. The apartment has a small and modest area of 56 square meters. The interior is very cozy apartment in a beautiful loft style, the colors are very neutral and calm. All…

  • 5-round table

    Small and cozy house in the woods

    Nice and cozy cabin in the forest can be a modern quilt. These homes are situated in the forests of Sweden, these two families are very modest, but cozy and cute. These homes are designed to work, reading books. The houses are very competent decor…

  • 1-modern-design-with-a-beautiful-and-interesting-style

    Modern design with a beautiful and interesting style

    Beautiful apartments and monochrome look flawless in bright colors. This beautiful apartment is situated in the capital of Slovakia. This apartment would suit well for a calm nature that calm, very carefully decorated by and attracted to its simplicity.

  • 7-light floor

    Elegant Swedish Apartment

    The small apartment is built in the Swedish style, and looks really nice the inside. This beautiful loft has a small area of only 90 square meters. The whole apartment is very creative and interesting.

  • 3-beautiful chair

    Beautiful apartment in Brazil

    This bright apartment is located in Brazil, with blue and green hues, this interior was created by Guilherme Torre. These apartments include 145 square meters. Earlier this apartment looked different she did not like their owners, and they have helped in the designers.

  • 4-spacious bedroom

    Spacious Penthouse with high ceilings

    This beautiful penthouse is located in Kiev. The area of ​​this house of 160 square meters. This house consists of three floors and has high ceilings, and visually enhance the space. The rooms on the ground floor: master bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, guest room with…


    Luxury chalet style house

    Chalet – it’s an interesting style that is very popular. It is popular for the reasons that Europeans are very fond of skiing. The chalet is a small house, which are located on the ski slopes, where tourists are temporarily fare, though there are those…