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    A Real Houseboat: How Is It Equipped Inside and Outside?

    Many people dream about living on the shore of a beautiful sea or a picturesque lake. But laws of many countries do not permit to construct houses and saunas directly on the waterfront. Still, there is a good alternative – why not build a house…

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    Cacti Towers + “Urban” IKEA Will Adorn Copenhagen in 2019

    A Dutch architect Bjarke Ingels famous for his creative multi-storey buildings keeps searching high-rise architecture for the absolute limit. And now his plan is to erect a fancifully-shaped multifunctional complex in the very heart of Copenhagen. His bureau – Bjarke Ingels Group – will work…

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    Glass Cylinder House in France: Awesome Modular Architecture

    A pretty unusual house is to be built on the outskirts of Lyon, France – it will be composed of numerous cylinder-shaped glass modules. According to the author’s idea, this is an all-terrain type of housing, since cylinders can be arranged in any sequence depending…

  • 6-high-rise-pedestrian-walkway-pathway-way-in-China-Fuzhou-city-by-LOOK-architects

    Walking in the Crones of Trees: Unique High-Rise Walkway in China

    A stunning and absolutely non-standard 19-kilometer-long pedestrian pathway has opened in the Chinese city of Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province. Fuzhou is one of the greenest residential areas in China, filled with lush subtropical greenery and located among the hills. It would be a…

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    Wooden 18-Storey Housing Estate to Be Built in Toronto

    Penda Architects Studio specializing on eco-friendly interiors and architectural projects unite their efforts with the global forest-logging leader Timber to develop a stunning modular wooden tower for the city of Toronto. The anticipated fruit of their future cooperation is an 18-storey residential complex made in…

  • 2-The-World’s-Longest-Pedestrian-Only-Suspension-Bridge-Opened-in-Switzerland-Europabruecke-in-the-Alps-abyss

    The World’s Longest Pedestrian-Only Suspension Bridge Opened!

    Last Saturday the world was officially complemented with one more record-breaking bridge, and this time it’s not in China: the celebration took place in a small village of Randa in the south of Switzerland. The bridge dubbed Europabrücke (which stands for “The European Bridge”) stretches…

  • 3-inactivite-by-benoit-malta-chair-on-two-legs-light-wood-inconvenient-design-of-office-chair

    Why Would Designers Make Things Inconvenient?

    Some things, even when created by some prominent designers and iconic brands, may look or feel inconvenient. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the author did a bad job. Sometimes stuff is made inconvenient on purpose. Why? HomeKlondike will try to explain!

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    Vertical Houses in Japan Are Selling Like Hotcakes

    What should a contemporary affordable residential place be like? Simple, compact, eco-friendly and energy efficient, we guess. A modern city dweller doesn’t need much stuff: gradually overconsumption is being replaced with fashion for moderation, thrift and responsible approach to resource consumption. That is why micro-spaces…

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    Ex-Harbor Crane = Luxurious Flat/ Ex-Grain Elevator = 5-Star Hotel

    Talented architects of the globe keep surprising the audience with their creative approach to versatile exotic objects that were written off due to their significant ages. Thus, instead of converting an old harbor crane in Copenhagen into scrap metal, it was re-constructed into a multi-level…

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    The World’s Biggest Airport-To-Be Takes Impressive Shape

    The Xinhua News Agency of China has shared a bunch of impressive photographs of the skeletal structure of the new Beijing International Airport, which is being built at the moment to become the biggest aviation hub on the globe. The giant structure comprises 5 segments…

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    If You Miss Summer: There’re Year-Round Indoor Tropics in Germany

    This summer doesn’t seem hot enough for many Europeans. Some of us don’t have holidays in summer at all. But in Germany, it’s a different story. The inhabitants of this land don’t have to leave the country to get into genuine tropics. How? There are…

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    Hotel Room Interior with the Most Amazing View You’ve Ever Seen

    We on HomeKlondike and our beloved readers have seen absolutely versatile interiors: luxurious and austere, minimalistic and pompous, overlooking a wood, a river, an ocean, a backyard, a port and a construction site… But we have never seen an interior with such a view. Its…

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    The Great Wall of China Remake: $ 1,450 per Meter of Brick Masonry

    Today the Great Wall of China, which has protected the country from invasions and aggression of anxious neighbors for centuries, seems to need protection as well. This point of view is shared by special teams of huntsmen that emerged in China within the last few…

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    How Scandinavian Countries Outshine the Gray by Architecture

    It’s not a secret that city architecture has a crucial impact on our well-being. Researchers of the world keep saying that it’s scientifically proven that buildings must be painted in cheerful, positive colors to make us feel better. Urbanization influences our health in an extremely…

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    Port Watch: Gorgeous New England House on the Bank of the River

    The story of this house started like a dream. The future masters, Heather and Greg Burke, spent sweet summer on their boat in the Kennebunkport and admired the view of a secluded cottage on the bank of the river. Its location was perfect from all…

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    Three Contemporary Architecture Projects: Denmark, England, France

    Can a museum look like a building from the future? Can chimneys of a power station be elegant and decorative? Why would a public library be X-shaped? Find the answers to these questions in our today’s post about modern architecture!

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    Cordwood Houses: Interesting Facts and Tips

    Have you ever stacked firewood in a woodpile? If your answer is “yes”, this means that you can build …a whole house out of woods. At least, that’s what the fans of the most affordable and eco-friendly construction method say. In America the method is…

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    Charred Wood Siding: Inexpensive and Spectacular

    You don’t always need expensive materials to get a non-standard house exterior. After particular treatment even a plain pine board can look absolutely different. For instance, getting more and more trendy in Europe is charred wood siding. This building material is somewhere between fashion and…

  • 5-1-Nota-Bene-Minsk-minimalist-modern-archietcture-one-floor-frame-house-narrow-elongated-flat-roof-laconic-Scandinavian-style-larch-wood-and-concrete-terrace-panoramic-windows-thujas

    “Copenhagen”: Scandinavian House Built Within Just 118 Days

    The architect who designed this house was tasked with creating a contemporary-style building that would harmonically communicate with a pretty narrow, elongated plot of land with tremendous altitudinal variation. Beyond that it was supposed to be functional, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. To crown it all…

  • 30-beautiful-balconet-balconette-Juliet-balcony-in-architecture-exterior-design-wrough-metal-railing-forgery-barrier-flower-bed

    Juliet Balconies: Terrifying History & Today’s Beauty (45 Ideas)

    A balconet, balconette and a Juliet balcony are three terms used to describe the same architectural form – a type of a false balcony, which doesn’t have a platform.  A metal barrier is arranged right in front of a high window-opening at the outer plane…

  • Tappe-Architects-small-town-LEED-platinum-Athol-Public-lbrary-Massachusetts-USA-interior-design-children's-room-hall-book-shelves-collection-panoramic-window-view

    Amazing Facts about Athol Library that Obtained Platinum LEED (3)

    At last we got to the final part of our story about the Athol Public Library. We hope you enjoyed it just like we did. In the conclusion we prepared many interesting facts about the way this library obtained a platinum LEED certificate. It’s an…

  • Tappe-Architects-small-town-LEED-platinum-Athol-Public-lbrary-Massachusetts-USA-interior-design-historic-Carnegie-part-vintage-yellow-hard-pine-floor-dark-woos-desks-arched-windows

    Amazing Facts about Athol Library that Obtained Platinum LEED (2)

    We are continuing our tour around the renovated Athol Public Library. What other interesting facts lie behind it? What does the historic century-old Carnegie part of the building look nowadays? What is the link between the public library and the local mills? And how did the…

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    Amazing Facts about Athol Library that Obtained Platinum LEED (1)

    Today we are going to take you on virtual trip to the town of Athol located in Massachusetts, the USA. This 255-year-old town has a population of just about 11,500 people and it has always been so small and quiet like this. Frankly speaking, Athol…

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    Stunning Starfish-Shaped Restaurant in South Korea

    Perhaps, each of us attended a seaside café at least once in our lives. But we feel sure that you’ve never seen something like this. The amazing thing, but this minimalist concrete building is imbued with romantic and soothing atmosphere.