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  • 6-girls-room-interior-design-green-painted-wall-music-area-corner-curtainsed-piano-blue-plywood-tree-corner-wardrobe-transforming-desk-study-area

    Rooms for Twin Girls: So Similar & Different

    We all believe that we know what twins are. They’re similar. Identical hats, identical jackets, identical bags… Only a mother may say who is who. But if you ask this very mother, she is sure to say that actually her kids are absolutely different, both…

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    What Makes a Perfect Room for a Primary School Age Girl?

    When it comes to baby’s room design, it’s 100% predetermined by the taste of parents or a designer they hire. But a room for a primary school age girl is a completely different story. Firstly, such a kid’s room should please and inspire its little…

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    Super-Organized and Neat Teenager’s Room Interior

    This room with the total area of just 14 square meters belongs to a teenage girl. And the problem of this room was typical of almost any other room occupied by a very young person: it was just packed with stuff. Versatile pieces of free-standing…

  • 5-3-toddler-baby-bed-white-multifucntional-cot-with-storage-area-drawers-shelves-changing-table-on-wheels

    What Type of a Baby Bed to Choose?

    In the previous post we learned all the requirements set to beds for baby sleep and made a logical conclusion that the key issues are safety, eco-friendliness and convenience. These aspects come first-turn, and only when all three are found in the bed we choose,…

  • 2-dark-wood-baby-bed-cot-adjustable-base-height-pink-mattress-linen-emroidered-blanket-mobile-shelves-pictures-rug

    How to Choose the Right Baby Bed: Must-Haves & Vital Aspects

    New parents are keen on introducing high aesthetics to their precious babies from their first days in this world, desperately trying to choose the most beautiful things on the market for their little ones. But when it comes to choosing the right bed and bedding…

  • 3-4-white-blue-wall-covering-for-kid's-girl's-room-bedroom-inspired-by-Frozen-cartoon-movie-film-princess-Elsa's-ice-kingdom-winter-wall-mural-wallpaper-fresco

    Dreams Come True: Girl’s Bedroom Inspired by the “Frozen” Cartoon

    Before getting down to interior design of a kid’s room we should be aware that the best expert in this sphere is…the kid. Every child knows exactly how his or her dream bedroom should look like. Of course, we mean the choice of style and…

  • 4-kid's-playroom-toddler-room-interior-design-window-sill-bench-carved-wooden-decor-grass-shaped-wall-tree-fly-agaric-ottomans-fairy-tale-magical-woodland

    Magical Kid’s Playroom Designed in Style of a Forest Fairy-Tale

    Do you want your kid to feel like a fairy-tale hero in a forest glade? Create an exclusive playroom for him or her! It’s possible even in irregular-shaped areas with low and sloped ceilings. Thus, Mollie Openshaw, a designer from Washington, managed to make her…

  • 3-1-kids-toddler-room-bedroom-playroom-interior-design-idea-girl's-little-mermaid-sea-style-gray-canopy-bed-carved-orange-headboard-console-desk-curved-legs-shelving-unit-blue-bedspread-elegant

    10 Amazing Kids’ Room Interiors with Inspiring Play Zones

    What do kids want? To play, of course! At daytime they do it on playgrounds, during school breaks and in their Grandma’s country houses. But when the evening comes and a hut of branches (i.e. chairs and blankets) is already built, a pillow Everest is…

  • 0-kids-children-toddler-room-interior-design-contemporary-style-gray-and-white-wigwam-teepee-rocking-elephant-chair

    3 Ideas for Kid’s Room Interior Design

    How to arrange a private nook for a kid without any global interior changes? How can a toddler room “grow up” along with a kid? How should a mixed gender room be organized? Find the answers to these and other questions in our article!

  • 0-attic-floor-toddler-kids-room-playroom-game-room-interior-design-gray-walls-play-houses-paths-green-shaggy-carpet-forged-bench-toys-stereo-vario-wall-mural-sloped-ceiling-base-lantern-skylights

    Attic Game Room – Kids’ Dream Town

    How to design a game room so that it was equally interesting for a school boy and his small sister? Today we’d like to tell you a story of a stunning play zone arranged in the old attic. Imagine a little European town with a…

  • 1-circu-Portugal-dream-fantastic-kids-furniture-design-sea-shell-shaped-bed-Little-Mermaid

    Dream Kids’ Furniture: Little Mermaid, Rocket & Air Balloon

    Circu is the name of a small Portuguese furniture factory that produces hand-crafted and hand-tailored pieces of highest quality. It’s just about two years old, but the photos of its designs have already appeared in all the best of world magazines on interior design and…

  • 3-jurassic-park-dinosaur-inspired-toddler-kid's-boy's-bedroom-interior-design-12-piece-canvas-art--wardrobe-closet-with-sticker-baskets-with-chalkboard-decor

    Jurassic Park Inspired Toddler Room

    When a kid is asked about what his dream bedroom must look like, he or she would probably pick the theme of the most favorite movie or cartoon. Which is not surprising, because we all had some fantastic characters that influenced our personalities, hobbies and…

  • 5-bright-toddler-kid's-girl's-bedroom-playroom-room-interior-design-wall-painting-mezzanine-floor-magical-castle-invisible-door

    In Pursuit of Childhood Fantasies: Three Sweet Girl’s Playrooms

    The world around kids is an entire universe filled with fairytale creatures and incredible heroes. The authors of toddler room interiors described below decided to turn them into reflections of childhood fantasies.

  • 0-maria-montessori-with-kids-children

    10 Tips to Create Montessori Toddler Room (Part 2)

    Let’s see what else comprises an ideal toddler room by Montessori (see Part 1 here)

  • 0-maria-montessori-with-kids-children

    10 Tips to Create Montessori Toddler Room (Part 1)

    Many of us have heard about Maria Montessori and her tools of child development. But not everyone knows that her educational principles gave life to a separate same name trend of interior design.

  • 7-green dressing

    Beautiful children’s wardrobes

    Children’s room is one of those situations where there should be a convenient closet or cupboard where you can store items, toys and other items. Usually have a very large number of children’s clothing, lingerie, toys, and other items that need somewhere to hide, so…

  • Ubabub babyware lifestyle shoot

    Magical children’s rooms

    This beautiful and wonderful post in itself is an interesting collection of beautiful and wonderful bedrooms for children. All rooms are magical, delicate and full of love. In the ribbon of each room invested a lot of effort and heat. Baby room can be done…

  • 9-pink sheep

    Making a child’s room

    Children’s room – it’s a magical place, where it will grow, and develop a child, and the more interesting and brighter it is, the more the child will be able to enjoy a dream and grow a happy baby. In the room where the boy…

  • 10-room for a football player

    10 comfortable interior rooms for boys

    The desire to design a child’s room is usually the child does not ask, and many adults make the room boring and not right for a child’s development. It is necessary to choose the interior to the character of the boy, it is worth considering…