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This category shares a collection of bathroom ideas to fit any taste and style. It guides you through a variety of bathroom designs and any issues arising therefrom. For example, the right choice of plumbing fixtures, from bathroom sinks to shower cabins, materials from which they are made and ways to combine and arrange them in a generally limited space. Also in this category you will find good advice on choosing the perfect bathroom decorative materials, their pros and cons, as well as numerous bathroom tile ideas, including indication of high quality, balance of colors, laying patterns and overall design concept. Should you be concerned about saving the space and organizing your items in a more rational way, then feel free to browse multiple images of bathroom shelves: anything from airy glass and lustrous metal constructions for hi-tech modern bathrooms to little wooden shelves in rustic-style interiors. We feel sure that here you will find loads of useful tips for creating a perfect contemporary bathroom.

  • 8-blue plaid

    The bedroom in chocolate color

    Chocolate color does not necessarily produce the ultimate in interior design – it will fit to be the perfect backdrop. It makes a nice combination with pink, blue, white, milky white, pistachio and turquoise colors. As you can see, the color palette is as soft…

  • 8-beige curtains

    The bathroom in the French style

    In today’s world of choices bathroom is one of the biggest challenges and solutions. In stores now, will find an extensive selection and a wide range of products, different size, color, shape. When choosing a cast iron bath in the French style is worth paying…

  • 1-wood-in-the-bathroom

    Wood in the bathroom

    Unity with nature is increasingly part of our lives and makes it more harmonious. Wooden furniture is increasingly popular. There is a perception that the interaction of water and wood, wooden objects leads to a short service life, but it is not so! It all…