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Represented in this category are numerous bedroom ideas, from classic interiors with baldachin beds to vintage bedrooms with a shade of post-modernism. There is no doubt that bedroom designs totally reflect likings and interests of their hosts, but in contemporary bedrooms one can depict a whole epoch, with its culture and special features. Like in modern bedrooms with their feeling of volume, created by perfectly naked walls, combined parquet, multi-level ceilings and built-in lighting. If you have a liking for the rural spirit, you will definitely derive enjoyment from our collection of country bedrooms, chilled with a breath of fresh air and family warmth. Being a responsible parent, you will find out tips on decorating children’s bedrooms, including some useful facts about arranging a typical boys bedroom, which is, by the way, far from just putting a car-shaped bed and painting the walls blue. Anyway, we feel sure that with our bedroom interior design tips and ideas, you’ll be able to create the right and unique atmosphere for both your body and soul.

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    Podium Beds in Interior Design: 5 Real Projects in Detail

    Why might you need a podium bed? Firstly, it’s a perfect solution in case you have two interior problems: lack of storage areas and no desire to sleep on a sofa. Secondly, it’s a nice way to zone a small room or, vice versa, a…

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    5 Golden Rules of an Ideal Nightstand Composition

    We can guess what you have on your bedside: a book, glasses, a glass of water, a lamp and a photo frame. All this together looks not so good, does it? Nightstands that we see in interior design magazines feature absolutely the same things, but…

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    How to Make Bedroom Interior Psychologically Harmonious? (P. 2)

    Let’s continue finding out elements of bedroom interior that make it harmonious and relaxing.

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    How to Make Bedroom Interior Psychologically Harmonious? (P. 1)

    You undoubtedly know that we spend about 30% of our life sleeping. The bedroom is the most intimate place of our home. Here we re-charge our batteries and don’t fear to be ourselves. That is why this room should be decorated with special attention and…

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    How to Install an Air Conditioner in the Bedroom: 4 Golden Rules

    Many are asking themselves today where an air conditioner should be installed in the bedroom. It’s not such an easy question, since the room, in which people spend many hours sleeping, impose certain obligations on air-conditioners that wouldn’t be so relevant in other parts of…

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    By Trial & Error: 10 Versions of One Bedroom Interior Evolution

    Virginia is a charming young girl with her own blog on interior design, in which she shares her personal experience of designing a house of her own with the readers. It’s always quite entertaining to look at the “before-and-after” photos of interiors, but Virginia’s experience…

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    Hideaway, Foldable & Convertible Beds: 20 Ideas for Small Spaces

    A folding bed, a convertible bed, a built-in bed – all these pieces of furniture are not just  alternatives, but full-fledged sleeping places with mattresses, pillows and blankets. The only thing that distinguishes them from customary beds is their invisibility and ultimate compactness. More often…

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    9 Fresh Summer Collections for Your Bedroom

    Are you looking for a new beautiful and cozy set of bed linen to get your bedroom ready for the summer? We’ve got a bunch of nice ideas for you! In summer some of us strive for something pure white, others are keen on bright…

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    10 Fresh Bedroom Interior Ideas from Designers’ Instagrams

    If you’re about to start your bedroom redecoration, this article is worth reading, as it will surely give you a bunch of ideas and a stream of inspiration. If you’re a designer or a constructor, it’s worth reading for the sake of seeing what your…

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    Super-Relaxing & Elegant Bedroom Interior Design in Beige & Gray

    What is the most important thing about a bedroom interior design? We believe that it’s comfortable furniture, unostentatious color scheme and well-thought-out lighting system. In this project the author complemented this set with a fireplace and created a dream place for rest after a long…

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    ZEEQ Smart Pillow: Streams Music, Stops Snoring & Wakes Up Smartly

    In the previous post we discussed the two winners of European Product Design Award in the category of Bedroom Furniture & Accessories. But there is one more Silver Prize Winner that deserves a special mention: ZEEQ Smart Pillow designed by Warrick Bell, Miguel Marrero and…

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    Bedroom Novelties: Private Haystack & Best Eco-Bed Design

    EPDA, or European Product Design Award, was established to recognize the efforts of talented international designers in introducing new forms, functions and technologies into our daily lives. It helps creative people with strategic thinking and loads of imagination share their projects with the world and…

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    Amazing Contemporary Bedroom with Oriental Spirit & Ikat Patterns

    Would you like to take a peek at a magical bedroom interior fulfilled with oriental atmosphere that looks light, stylish and with just the right amount of bright splashes? You’re welcome!

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    7 Bed Linen Sets to Welcome Spring

    Many mistresses have got a tradition to refresh their interiors as seasons change. And an essential part of this process is bringing some floral and pastel home textile when the calendar turns to March. If spring bed linen is what you’re just looking for now,…

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    Compromise Family Bedroom Project: Contemporary + Classics

    This bedroom interior design project is special in the first place because it was worked out as a compromise variant for the spouses, who share different interior views. One of them tends to favor contemporary style, while the other had her heart set upon classics….

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    Bright and Cozy Windowless Bedroom: Before and After

    Bedroom is the place where our day starts and ends, hence it’s so important for this place to be as comfortable and beautiful as possible. This apartment is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and would make a perfectly nice place for living,…

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    Bedroom in Arles – a Chance to Sleep in van Gogh’s Bedroom

    Bedroom in Arles, or simply The Bedroom, is a series of three similar paintings created by Vincent van Gogh at the end of the 19th century. All three versions are “photos” of his own room interior, in which he lived when staying in a French…

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    20 Magical Bedrooms in Style of Provence

    What can be better than violet lavender fields of French Provence? Just a bedroom decorated following the traditions of the south-east of France. In today’s article we’ll have a closer look the most charming and beautiful bedrooms designed in style of Provence.

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    Most Inspiring Bedrooms with Ocean View

    Sleeping and seeing the ocean is normal and waking up in the morning to see the sea waves sounds more like a dream. Today we’d like to show you a collection of bedrooms with ocean view, in which the dreams do come true. Let’s dream,…

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    Cheerful Yellow-and-Blue Attic Bedroom with 3D Effect

    Have you ever fallen asleep on the dance floor? And the owners of our today’s interior do this every night. The thing is that their new bedroom on the attic floor of the summer house has recently been a dance room where they used to…

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    DIY Fabric Headboard with Tile Effect

    Sometimes after renovation we feel that our old, but still solid, bed doesn’t blend with the new interior style. Or it is already out-of-fashion. Or we just feel the need to change something in the bedroom. A nice way to do that is to create…

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    Bedroom Lighting: 14 Interior Design Projects

    Modern interior designers have plenty of ideas for bedroom lighting. And this is quite reasonable. Bedroom is the most intimate room of the house – not every guest may get an access to it. It must be cozy at any time of the day, as…

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    Mismatched Nightstands: How to Arrange Them Tastefully

    Is it possible to put two absolutely different nightstands in the bedroom without failures in style and aesthetics? Let’s check this out!

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    Where to Store Bedding: 7 Useful Ideas

    Every morning you wake up to start hiding your pillows, blankets and linen to turn your bedroom into a living room, and as the night comes you start to pull them all out again? Let’s find out a few life hacks: how to make your…