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Represented in this category are numerous bedroom ideas, from classic interiors with baldachin beds to vintage bedrooms with a shade of post-modernism. There is no doubt that bedroom designs totally reflect likings and interests of their hosts, but in contemporary bedrooms one can depict a whole epoch, with its culture and special features. Like in modern bedrooms with their feeling of volume, created by perfectly naked walls, combined parquet, multi-level ceilings and built-in lighting. If you have a liking for the rural spirit, you will definitely derive enjoyment from our collection of country bedrooms, chilled with a breath of fresh air and family warmth. Being a responsible parent, you will find out tips on decorating children’s bedrooms, including some useful facts about arranging a typical boys bedroom, which is, by the way, far from just putting a car-shaped bed and painting the walls blue. Anyway, we feel sure that with our bedroom interior design tips and ideas, you’ll be able to create the right and unique atmosphere for both your body and soul.