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Each of us has some decoration ideas in mind. Some have already embodied them, the others need a piece of advice, a breath of inspiration or a ready design project. This category has absorbed 1001 home décor ideas for making your dream house, dozens of outdoor decoration ideas for those lucky to be garden owners, and loads of useful tips on office decoration – from floor and wall décor to furnishing and lighting. Should you be caught up in decorating a particular room, be ready to find out more about hallway décor, bedroom décor, kitchen décor and ways to create a very special atmosphere and style in this or that zone of your apartment. As a bonus come hundreds of homemade decoration ideas for creative personalities – anything from a flowerpot to hand-made furniture. And if you got lost in a variety of interior styles, we’ll be happy to help you choose and apply the right one, a most suitable for you. Say you are open for experiments? Then we’ll guide you through the ways to mix the opposites – like in a modern vintage style – a contemporary mixture of modern décor and vintage decoration. Check out what it’s like!

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    10 Unhackneyed Ways to Add Bright Colors to Interiors

    Colorful curtains, couch pillows, rugs, posters, chairs… Practically anyone has heard about  these ways to add a splash of color to an interior without major repairs. Still, one always wants to try something new, especially when all the above mentioned options have already been put…

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    6 Pieces of Décor That Should Be Displayed in Duplicate

    If you have ever heard about the “rule of three” – the strong visual power of compositions with an odd number of elements – then the idea of twoness will probably surprise you. But this concept does exist: three elements are meant to catch the…

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    4 Golden Rules of Decorating a Coffee Table + Examples

    If you look closer at American interiors in magazines, you’re likely to notice that all living rooms depicted there have several features in common. As a rule, these are a soft comfy sofa of some neutral color, a couple of upholstered arm-chairs and a nice…

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    Living Moss in Interior Design: 25 Ideas and Care Tips

    One of the hottest trends of interior design for today is eco style. Virtually every decorator is committed to adding something related to this theme into a new project. Considering its numerous benefits, living moss has become one of the leading elements of eco-style. It’s…

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    Black Walls in Interior Design: Sense of Safety & Cinematography

    You like black color, don’t you? And you dream about having much black in your home interior, but still can’t dare on black walls, since you don’t know if you can live within them? Have a look at our collection of interiors and finally realize…

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    MDF Panels in Interior Design: Eco-Friendly & Beautiful

    MDF (medium-density fiberboard) panels are becoming more and more popular among interior designers and common consumers. And this is not surprising, bearing in mind numerous advantages this material has. Firstly, it’s absolutely eco-friendly. Secondly, MDF panels are strong and durable, and when treated with special…

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    Stained Glass in Interior Design: 30 Inspiring Ideas

    Stained glass will live forever. There is no question about that. Modern technologies of this craft allow for creating small masterpieces with the hands of experienced craftsmen, who have practiced their skills for decades, and simpler hand-made pieces that you can create in your kitchen…

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    How to Pick Out Wallpaper for a Small Room?

    Even in big homes one can surely find rooms and spaces that he or she’d like to expand at least visually. This can be a mudroom, a corridor, a walk-in closet or a pantry. When designed skillfully and competently, even such tiny and through passage…

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    Materials for Interior Staircases: Features, Pros & Cons

    Have you had to choose an interior staircase? The choice of shapes and models is so diverse that it’s like an embarrassment of riches. But when you already determined the spot and right configuration of the stairs, you’re faced with the most interesting and challenging…

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    Rugs in Your Home: All Pros and Cons

    Rugs, or carpets are floor coverings that have been popular for centuries and can still be found in many apartments and houses of different styles. And this is not in the least surprising – they bring many positive things into our homes. However, there are…

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    10 Pieces of American Interiors That Our Homes Lack

    Americans value comfort. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this nation strives for convenience and seeks way to ease their lives more than any other on the globe. Homes of many American people are characterized by the presence of small interior elements and…

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    How to Set Countryside Mood in an Urban Residence: 7 Tricks

    This summer appears to be abnormally cold for many European countries and many of us just hope to see some sunlight. But even if you a lucky resident of some southern land and your weather conditions are absolutely optimistic, this doesn’t mean that you have…

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    Wooden Ceiling Décor: 20 Unhackneyed Ideas (Part 2)

    We’re continuing our collection of wooden ceiling décor started in the previous post. Just have a look at how diverse, decorative and functional this interior solution might be!

  • 2-wooden-ceiling-decor-in-interior-design-oak-parquet-boards-on-floor-walls-ceiling-living-room-interior-design-green-sofa-IKEA-black-and-white-rug-geometric-motifs-eco-style-pendant-lamps

    Wooden Ceiling Décor: 20 Unhackneyed Ideas (Part 1)

    In today’s era of eco-style and passion for everything natural wood is becoming rapidly popular among interior designers as a major finishing material for ceilings and walls. It’s natural and ornamental look is able to refresh and sooth any interior, and since a picture is…

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    Hand-Crafted Wall Coverings from Japanese Paper & Banana Fibers

    The Omexco Company from Belgium is known around the globe as one of the leading producers of luxurious and high-end wall coverings, which are created from most unexpected materials, in the richest color range and using unique printing and embossing techniques that result in absolutely…

  • 00-wicker-home-decor-collections-2017-low-table-ames-ikea-jassa-decorative-vases-arm-chait-caribe-green-mint-habitat-bowls-sea-grass

    13 Wicker Pieces of Home Décor for Your Fresh Summer Mood

    Wicker stuff has a gorgeous feature – being closely associated with peaceful countryside lifestyle, it is able to add a touch of relaxed summer atmosphere even to a modern urban apartment. Nowadays wicker home décor can be found in any price categories and is available…

  • 0-IKEA-Sinnerlig-collection-dining-table-desk-and-stool-with-cork-top-eco-friendly-furniture-cork-wood-home-decor-accessories-bench

    Cork Home Décor and Accessories

    100% eco-friendly material made from cork oak bark is beloved by many interior designers, decorators and common people for its pleasant-to-touch texture, natural earthy color, lightness and easy care. Today cork home décor is enjoying wide popularity. But now professionals do not limit themselves to…

  • 0-Marks-&-Spencer-throw-pillows-striped-blanket-beautiful-home-textile-decor-accessories-summer-2017

    9 Summer Ideas for Refreshing Your Interior with Home Textile

    Summer is already on the porch and with the coming of this warm and pleasing season we steadily refresh our wardrobes. But let’s not forget about our homes! Its decorative “dresses” also deserve a nice change. And our selection of ideas will help you choose…

  • 5-golden-DIY-handmade-Sunburst-sun-shaped-mirror-from-bamboo-wooden-skewers-sticks-brass

    DIY: How to Make a Designer Sunburst Mirror with Your Own Hands

    Probably, there was some day in your life when you were looking through a fashion magazine, and your eyes were just fascinated with an image of some designer home accessory. However, as soon as your eye caught its price typed below in the fine print,…

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    Fresh Home Décor & Accessories in Top Color 2017 – Green

    Beautiful shades of fresh spring greenery are the hottest trend of this year. Saturated green hues are perfect in small amounts, in the role of bright interior accents. While more delicate, pastel tints can be applied safely on a big scale – in wall décor…

  • 2-Yves-Delorme-Paris-France-new-collection-home-textile-summer-2017-decorative-thrwo-couch-pillows-floral-pattern-blue-green

    New Summer Home Textile Collection by Yves Delorme

    We all are longing for summer – a wonderful and serene season that we would like to spend doing just one thing. Of course, it’s having a good rest! How can hours spent in the bright sun or in the shade of an old oak…

  • 2-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-in-interior-design-decor-accent-wall-finish-eco-style

    Wood Cross Sections in Interior Design: 20 Ideas + DIY

    Contemporary designers love eco-style. And what’s eco-style without wood? However, there’s no need to limit oneself to solid wood furniture and wooden wall décor. There is an original way of wood application in interior design – pretty unexpected, beautiful and very spectacular. And also easy-to-make…

  • 1-Togas-Greek-home-textile-new-collection-2017-Santorini-white-blue-pattern-paisley-sand-beige-bed-linen-set

    New Gorgeous Collection of Greek Home Textile in White & Blue

    This spring incredible sensation of sunny shores of the Aegean Sea translated into… the design of a new home textile collection for spring-summer 2017 presented by the Togas brand. Bed linen, bathrobes, throw pillows and blankets bear a single name – the Santorini.

  • 00-hand-blown-blue-glass-flower-vase-candle-holder-chrome-plated-steel-table-lamp-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017

    IKEA Launches a New Collection “Stockholm – 2017”: 25 Novelties

    Today’s rhythm of life is pretty fast: we got used to being in a hurry, getting fruits of our jobs on the spot and being engaged in a few activities at a time. But there are things that will not tolerate hustle. That is why…