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Each of us has some decoration ideas in mind. Some have already embodied them, the others need a piece of advice, a breath of inspiration or a ready design project. This category has absorbed 1001 home décor ideas for making your dream house, dozens of outdoor decoration ideas for those lucky to be garden owners, and loads of useful tips on office decoration – from floor and wall décor to furnishing and lighting. Should you be caught up in decorating a particular room, be ready to find out more about hallway décor, bedroom décor, kitchen décor and ways to create a very special atmosphere and style in this or that zone of your apartment. As a bonus come hundreds of homemade decoration ideas for creative personalities – anything from a flowerpot to hand-made furniture. And if you got lost in a variety of interior styles, we’ll be happy to help you choose and apply the right one, a most suitable for you. Say you are open for experiments? Then we’ll guide you through the ways to mix the opposites – like in a modern vintage style – a contemporary mixture of modern décor and vintage decoration. Check out what it’s like!

  • 7-bedroom with a deer

    Cowboy style in the interior

    The interior, specially designed ranch-style, is associated with the American cowboy. This interesting style emerged in America. There are several species, such as California and the American ranch. This style was most popular in the twentieth century. Ranch-style home built in different countries. This lovely…

  • 10-bright red carpet

    Beautiful and interesting interiors with the use of carpets

    Carpet – this is a very important part in any interior. The history of carpets is very interesting. Initially, the carpets have appeared in the West, and this was the big ticket items, and they were only for rich people. The carpet is part of…

  • 8-green channel

    Interior decoration in the hall

    The interior is also in the hallway to make out nicely, because the meet on clothes. The main problem of modern corridor design is its parameters and dimensions. Typically, the passage is small. If you live in the apartment one person, interior corridor can be…

  • 8-big trees

    The interior in the Russian style

    Russian style in the interior recalls the traditions. It is best to start with the interior, most often in the Russian interior feature massive logs, timber, painted tiles. This interior is more important for townhouses, apartment in this interior is very difficult to create.

  • 1-Japanese bathroom

    The interior in the Japanese style

    The interior in the Japanese style room cleanliness, harmony, and serenity. Every room in Japanese style to preserve the balance and hold the peace. In the Japanese style of all objects interact with each other.

  • 9-simple accessories

    The interior in the style of Provence

    Provence style – it’s part of country style with a Mediterranean touch, this style combines the solar atmosphere, it refers to the warmer and southern styles. Provence style is usually to stay, and is best suited for a large family. The interior in the style…

  • 7-white Room

    Interesting interiors in white style

    White color in the interior – a very simple and successful way to alter or to beautify your interior. White color has a positive effect on mood and appeal to many, most often it is used in the Scandinavian style. The white color allows you…

  • 4-baskets in the interior

    The green color in the interior

    The green color in the interior, if it is dominant, it is necessary to take into account what will be different shades and colors of the furniture and accessories. Green with big beautiful green and rich texture, there are a wide variety of shades. Color…

  • 8-beautiful balloons

    Fancy light fixtures and lamps

    Modern fixtures and lamps, they can be purchased for the interior and style homes . The lamp can serve as the perfect accessory for the modern interior. In the market provided a multitude of interesting and innovative ideas . The easiest way to buy a…

  • 2-imitation wood

    How to use the tiles in the interior

    Ceramic tiles in the interior holds a special place in the interior, and plays a huge role, most often used in the decoration of tiles in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the hallway, but more often it is used even in the living room,…

  • 4-Striped wallpaper

    The apartment interior with stripes

    The strip in the interior looks very original, practical and fanciful. In the interior, where there are bars, can be decorated with additional supplements, the easiest way to make a beautiful linens in a large or small strip, color scheme is to pick out a…

  • 5-beautiful window

    The cozy Scandinavian style

    The interior in the Scandinavian style is very popular with many, as this style is very likable, it is easy and simple, includes a simple and natural. So as a resident of the northern countries the luxury of not very peculiar, they prefer to equip…

  • 11

    Beautiful accessories from stumps

    Natural untreated wood in the interior looks very nice and interesting, this style is increasingly being introduced into the interiors of both modern and classic interiors, such a pure form is used for the interior environment. Beautiful furniture is made of wood from old or…

  • 4-beautiful bed

    Red and white color in the interior

    Red combined with white reminds us of the winter weather, Christmas holidays, and it will look good if the room will penetrate beautiful sun glare.

  • 6-blue curtains

    Glamour style in the interior

    Glamour in the interior – a combination of glitz, glamour, gloss, it is a splendid experience. In the dash of glamor everything should be in the house to attract bright and beautiful, it can be not only accessories, but also the furniture and the color…

  • 7-chairs

    Style of Feng Shui in interior of the apartment

    The apartment is in the style of of Feng Shui should be kept clean and tidy, the house should be only the necessary things that are used often, and for other purposes. It is necessary to follow the procedures in the room every day and…

  • 2-gray carpet

    Beautiful Swedish apartment

    Comfortable one bedroom apartment is often found in the Swedish apartments in this interior is and the functionality, usability and minimalism, there’s no huge cabinets and shelves. Designers have made every corner of the functional, but very comfortable and not bulky.

  • 4-kitchen in classical style

    Fashion classics in a modern interior

    In this room a feeling of harmony and tranquility, the color of the room is decorated in sand run-off, which blends well with a beautiful fireplace, and simple furniture offers a comfortable balance.

  • 5-shades of cream

    Classic in a modern interior

    The bathroom is a good option for a classic style, a combination of soft colors and light blue combination, a large mirror in the room expands the room and makes the room bright and stylish.

  • 8-beautiful bed

    Rustic style in the modern world

    Beautiful country style translated means rural style, this style was made in England. Earlier, British homes have been furnished in a style that is because in England it rains constantly, and the theater is a place where you can relax. The British appreciate the simplicity,…

  • 6-circular pattern

    Decorating the apartment with beautiful paintings

    Art is changing every year, and with the direction of the interior is not a minor difference. Earlier in the paintings valued beauty and realism, and now in vogue abstraction. In this beautiful collection has an assortment of interesting and harmonious paintings that look good…

  • 6-Classic dining rooms

    Apartment in black and white classic color

    Black and white color blend well with each other, and treat it to a more modern style. Many producers use a color palette to beautifully highlight the items. Black and white good looks great, in fact it seems very elegant.

  • 7-textiles into the cell

    Dressing in a cage in the interior

    This year, all designers have become interested Scottish cells, as this element is called – tartan. This figure is well warmed by heat it’s interior. Tartan is used not only for fashionable clothes, but also for the interior, it can be and textiles and wallpaper…

  • 10-Table of burlap

    Ideas Making your home a sacking

    This material will blend well with other fabrics, it is advisable to choose the colors and bright prints. Is more suitable for rural life, and it looks like the village attribute which usually store products, but this is not the case. To create a masterpiece…