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This category is all about furniture design, which is, due to its multipurposeness, intended to be not only stylish, but also functional and ergonomic. Knowing this, we have prepared a bunch of professional designer advice to help you tackle any furniture-related issue. Interested in children furniture? Learn how to create a minimalist style for your boy or a quiet nook for your princess! Wonder what kind of outdoor furniture would better suit your backyard? Get inspired by our collection of patio furniture images from around the world! Looking for contemporary hallway furniture ideas? Find out how to create maximum comfort with a minimum hall furniture! Wanna help to save the planet? Enjoy the sets of solid and eco-friendly cardboard furniture! Concerned about bedroom furniture? Don’t hesitate to start choosing the best bedroom suite for your body and soul! Seeking something practical, durable and light? Consider choosing a set of weatherproof aluminum furniture! This and much more for arranging a house of your dreams!

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    Mirrored Furniture: Useful Tips and 30 Ideas

    Owners of small homes struggle for the expansion of space and steadily work on new solutions that might make their apartments appear bigger and more inviting at least visually. One of the powerful tools in this difficult task is mirrored furniture – one of the…

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    20 Fresh & Trendy Bookshelf Designs

    It’s been a long time since bookshelves were just planks nailed to the wall. Now it’s a whole sphere of furniture design, though you might think that there can be thousands of models of sofas, bed, chairs, while a shelf will be a shelf. But…

  • 0-metal-sculptural-Arm-chair-by-Ron-Arad-wooden-Chairs-by-Dodie-Rozenkrans-dark-style-gothic-conceptual-furniture-design

    10 Pieces of Conceptual Furniture Design for Aesthetes

    A Chanel dining table stylized as a guillotine, a biomorphic bench, a bed made from wood that died of natural causes and primitivistic chairs – this is the choice of people who value conceptual design. These pieces of furniture look like art objects per se…

  • 3-1-2-zero-waste-target-production-of-furniture-from-recycled-waste-Kulla-Israel

    Zero Waste Target: 6 Recycled Waste Furniture Brands

    The trend of reflective consumption has not left the sphere of furniture industry untouched – designers use waste to create things that become rapidly popular and cost big money. HomeKlondike has selected 6 furniture brands that draw inspiration from the idea of waste recycling to…

  • 1-3-mismatched-chairs-in-kitchen-dining-room-interior-design--one-model-in-different-colors-multicolo-painted-chairs

    How to Choose Mismatched Dining Chairs Tastefully: 7 Tips

    The modern furniture market is so rich and versatile that sometimes we find it difficult to choose a win-win option. Still, we have to make the final decision. Very often this challenge refers to dining chairs. There are so many beautiful and comfortable models available…

  • 5-3-toddler-baby-bed-white-multifucntional-cot-with-storage-area-drawers-shelves-changing-table-on-wheels

    What Type of a Baby Bed to Choose?

    In the previous post we learned all the requirements set to beds for baby sleep and made a logical conclusion that the key issues are safety, eco-friendliness and convenience. These aspects come first-turn, and only when all three are found in the bed we choose,…

  • 2-dark-wood-baby-bed-cot-adjustable-base-height-pink-mattress-linen-emroidered-blanket-mobile-shelves-pictures-rug

    How to Choose the Right Baby Bed: Must-Haves & Vital Aspects

    New parents are keen on introducing high aesthetics to their precious babies from their first days in this world, desperately trying to choose the most beautiful things on the market for their little ones. But when it comes to choosing the right bed and bedding…

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    IKEA and Apple Are Joining Forces in Creating Augmented Reality App

    Perhaps, each and every of us faced a problem of selecting furnishing by trial and error at least once.  It is very common that we find a piece of furniture that really makes us tick in an online shop or a catalogue, tighten our belts…

  • 5-3-hallway-entry-room-entrance-hall-mudroom-interior-design-shoe-storage-ideas-cabinet-total-gray-bench-racks-wellington-high-boots-coat-racks-stripy-wallpaper

    Shoe Storage Ideas: Most Simple & Ergonomic Hallway Solutions

    Shoe cabinet, shoe rack, shoe organizer, shoe bench – surprisingly, it appears to be not so simple to figure out what exactly you need for keeping your shoes tidily. For a start you should carefully look inside yourself and your habits and, of course, remember…

  • 0-flame-retardants-fire-burning-arm-chair-furniture

    Scientists Say 85% of Upholstered Furniture Has Health Hazards

    As a result of long-term studies the researchers made a shocking announcement. They confirmed that upholstered furniture may have health hazards and multiplies the risk of cancer incidence. During one of the latest researches American scientists focused on studying the harm caused to people by…

  • 00-creative-furniture-design-ideas-teepee-wigwam-bed-snowflake-geometrical-shelves-colosseum-sofa-monte-carlo-casino-writing-desk

    7 Extraordinary Pieces of Furniture You’d Surely Like

    A conventional wardrobe or arm-chair can hardly impress anyone today. That is why designers around the globe are working on incredible pieces of furniture that can literally take your breath away. Most unexpected and bold fantasies come true, and a shelving unit turns into a…

  • 0-white-beige-and-gray-living-room-interior-design-in-contemporary-style-table-lamps-sofa-coffee-table-artwork-wall-art

    7 Informative Facts about Sofas to Raise Your Erudition

    A contemporary living room interior can be hardly imagined without a sofa. In 99% of homes it’s a centerpiece of a living room, which is the most traditional space for receiving guests and family time-spending. You also surely have at least one sofa, but probably…

  • 1-2-3D-printed-furniture-made-on-3D-printer-spongy-multi-layered-arm-chair-super-ergonomical-eco-design-by-Lilian-van-Daal-Dutch-Netherlands-white

    5 Incredible Pieces of Furniture Made on a 3D Printer

    We guess that the time when we’d be able to create any piece of interior by ourselves, at home, by just pushing a button is just around the corner. How can it be possible? And how may the furniture of the future look like? Today…

  • 0-Cradle-Moroso-design-by-Benjamin-Hubert-minimalistic-minimalist-style-furniture-red-arm-chair-innovative-net-upholstery-fabric-stretchy

    Furniture Upholstery of the Future by Benjamin Hubert

    Ironically, production of “eco-friendly” furniture takes tones of natural resources. Those manufacturers who understand that are gradually starting to consume less natural materials and focus on the reduction of wastes instead. But is it possible to create something beautiful and aesthetically pleasing using this approach?…

  • 5-2-veneer-chair-light-pastel-pink-visu-lounge-chair

    New Scandinavian Style: What Is It Like?

    Scandinavian style, which emerged over 100 years ago, is still one of the most popular interior trends in European design. But over time designers learned to adapt its quite monochrome and minimalistic palette for non-Scandinavian interiors and mix it with elements of different styles. However,…

  • 2-6-lift-bit-Italy-Vitra-Carlo-Ratti-design-modular-smart-seat-sofa-remote-digitally-transformable-controlled-furniture-upholstered-hexagonal-geometric

    Now You May Create and Control Your Sofa from a Smartphone!

    We on HomeKlondike already know much about the notion of the Internet of Things: smart home lights that can create different lighting scenarios (“Tradfri”: IKEA Launches a Collection of Smart Home Lights), kitchen countertop robots that know what’s in your fridge, what can be cooked…

  • 1-dressing-table-mirrored

    How to Arrange a Dressing Table – 15 Ideas

    Perhaps, only a woman can understand the importance of such a piece of furniture as a dressing table. And our today’s post is for you! Which model to choose, where to put, how to organize the stuff – everything is vividly described in photos without…

  • 5-3-metal-console-table-with-doors-decorated-with-natural-stone-cross-section-cut-texture

    Top American Furniture Trends: Review of High Point Market (Part 2)

    We’re continuing our review of American furniture trends and novelties that could be found in April at High Point Market. By the way, this exhibition is not a copy of European trade fairs. Here you wouldn’t find any exhibition pavilions, like in Paris or Milan….

  • 2-3-American-style-furniture-collection-2017-in-interior-design-High-Point-Market-Fair-Spring-2017-beige-sofa-blue-rug-white-geometrical-pattern-blue-arm-chairs-with-wooden-finishes-glass-coffee-table-living-room-set-suite

    Top American Style Trends: Review of High Point Market Fair (Part 1)

    Every spring international designers are attracted to Milan, to the world’s most visited trade fair dedicated to interior design. At the same time every April in the United States of America is marked by an event that is not in the least inferior to European…

  • 1-2-wall-bed-pull-down-fold-down-convertible-folding-Murphy-bed-wardrobe-closet-beige-shelving-unit-bookshelves-in-interior-design-small-tight-space-one-room-apartment-ideas-studio

    Hideaway, Foldable & Convertible Beds: 20 Ideas for Small Spaces

    A folding bed, a convertible bed, a built-in bed – all these pieces of furniture are not just  alternatives, but full-fledged sleeping places with mattresses, pillows and blankets. The only thing that distinguishes them from customary beds is their invisibility and ultimate compactness. More often…

  • 10-1-Baxter-new-collection-of-contemporary-style-furniture-at-Salone-de-Mobile-Exhibition-Milan-2017-light-blue-capitone-sofa

    Best of Furniture at Salone de Mobile 2017 in Milan: Part 4

    According to Sergio Mattarella, the President of Italy, Salone de Mobile is not just an exhibition; it’s the way to demonstrate the culture of entrepreneurship, the symbol of cooperation and a means of working with modern production technologies. And we’re finishing our review of the…

  • 2-2-Medea-Liberty-collection-new-collection-of-contemporary-style-furniture-at-Salone-de-Mobile-Exhibition-Milan-2017-gorgeous-luxurious-bedroom-bed-blue-and-beige-glass-door-sofa-curtains-coffee-table

    Best of Furniture at Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan: Part 3

    This is the third part of our review of Salone del Mobile 2017, an international furniture exhibition that was held in Milan from the 4th till the 9th of April. During those 6 days the event was attended by 343,602 visitors from 165 countries of…

  • 6-5-Missoni-new-collection-of-contemporary-style-furniture-at-Salone-de-Mobile-Exhibition-Milan-2017-big-floral-corner-sofa-padded-stools-couch-pillows-Chinese-style-living-room-panoramic-windows

    Best of Furniture at Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan: Part 2

    In the world of design April is traditionally associated with the most important international exhibition that neither designer nor an architect should miss. Of course, we speak about Salone del Mobile – the world famous exhibition that was held in Milan for the 56th time….

  • 3-2-Porada-new-collection-of-contemporary-style-furniture-at-Salone-de-Mobile-Exhibition-Milan-2017-living-room-interior-design-long-big-corner-sofa-coffee-tables-arm-chairs-total-gray-round-mirror-lamps

    Best of Furniture at Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan: Part 1

    More than 2,000 exhibits, hundreds and thousands of visitors, just the newest and trendiest pieces of design – this is all about Salone del Mobile 2017. This year the exhibition was held in a huge Fiera Milano Rho complex from the 4th till the 9th…