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This category is all about furniture design, which is, due to its multipurposeness, intended to be not only stylish, but also functional and ergonomic. Knowing this, we have prepared a bunch of professional designer advice to help you tackle any furniture-related issue. Interested in children furniture? Learn how to create a minimalist style for your boy or a quiet nook for your princess! Wonder what kind of outdoor furniture would better suit your backyard? Get inspired by our collection of patio furniture images from around the world! Looking for contemporary hallway furniture ideas? Find out how to create maximum comfort with a minimum hall furniture! Wanna help to save the planet? Enjoy the sets of solid and eco-friendly cardboard furniture! Concerned about bedroom furniture? Don’t hesitate to start choosing the best bedroom suite for your body and soul! Seeking something practical, durable and light? Consider choosing a set of weatherproof aluminum furniture! This and much more for arranging a house of your dreams!

  • 00-hand-blown-blue-glass-flower-vase-candle-holder-chrome-plated-steel-table-lamp-by-IKEA-Sweden-new-collection-Stockholm-2017

    IKEA Launches a New Collection “Stockholm – 2017”: 25 Novelties

    Today’s rhythm of life is pretty fast: we got used to being in a hurry, getting fruits of our jobs on the spot and being engaged in a few activities at a time. But there are things that will not tolerate hustle. That is why…

  • 7-art-deco-style-furniture-in-interior-design-arm-chair-with-ears-gray-brown-bookstand-bookcase-decor-brass-details-suspended-lamp-small-coffee-table-3D-wall-Philipp-Selva

    10 Must-Haves of Stylish Italian Art-Deco Interiors

    The wide choice of interior design pieces we have today is like an embarrassment of riches and makes us want so many things. That’s we tried to narrow the list down to just 10 hottest trends that make interiors fashionable and stylish.

  • 00-Authentic-Living-natural-wood-walnut-furniture-collection-black-leather-by-Lamborghini-Riva-1920-designed-by-Karim-Rashid-sinuous-shape-elegant-Italy

    Lamborghini Is Now Not Just Super Cars, But Super Furniture!

    When big names and renowned brands organize themselves into creative unions, the world gets the best pieces of interior design. We on HomeKlondike have already witnessed absolutely unexpected collaborations, but it still came as a surprise that the famous Italian manufacturer of solid wood furniture…

  • 2-Tuareg-Collection-by-d-Bodhi-designer-reclaimed-wood-mixed-type-tropical-hardwood-furniture-teak-acacia-mahogany-gray-frame-square-wall-open-racks-with-back-panels-cupboard-tw-door

    Tuareg: Reclaimed Wood Furniture Collection Inspired by Desert

    Has it ever occurred to you how many shades of brown color exist in the nature? Of course, only God knows for sure, but there is also an “official” number announced by the world expert on colors – the Pantone Organization. According to them, brown…

  • 3-light-traditional-style-living-billiards-pool-room-table-natural-wood-bed-red-cloth-fireplace-windows-arm-chairs-lamps-neutral-interior-rug

    How to Choose a Billiard Table: Buying Guide

    In our previous post we have discussed all the aspects of a billiards room interior design. However, there are a few questions to ask and a few things to know before you buy the centerpiece of any pool room – the table. How to choose…

  • 1-jag-grill-3-in-1-grill-firepit-outdoor-dining-table-eight-seat-octagonal-wooden-tabletops-removable-grilling-stations-people-grilling-meat-and-vegetables-individual

    Amazing Jag Grill 3-in-1: Grill, Firepit & Dining Table

    Spring is in full swing and this is the perfect time for admirers of the great outdoors, especially barbecues. As a general rule, the process of cooking meat is nothing to enjoy and this heavy responsibility is born by one “lucky” person, while the rest…

  • 00-The-Rising-Chair-by-Robert-van-Embricqs-Dutch-designer-wooden-furniture-bamboo-folding-transforming-in-interior-design-living-room

    The Rising Chair by Robert van Embricqs

    More and more often we hear that the most amazing, fancifully-shaped and sometimes even futuristic designer pieces of furniture have been inspired by the most logical, trivial and natural things. The same is true for the Rising Chair created by a young Dutch designer Robert…

  • 3-Red-and-Blue-lounge-chair-by-Gerrit-Rietveld-neoplasticism-black-stained-beech-wood-frame-multi-plywood-seat-back-Cassina-Italy-in-interior-design

    Iconic Red & Blue Chair by Gerrit Rietveld: 99 Years Ago & Now

    Maybe we will not make a mistake by saying that this iconic chair model is the very starting point from which a great number of contemporary designs are stemming. Nowadays architects and designers spend loads of time and effort searching for a simple and laconic…

  • 3-1-smart-home-bar-gear-wheel-hog-operated-Russian-designer-furniture-handcrafted-Wood-Deed-crafts-workshop-Made-for-Bulleit-whiskey-coctail-mixer-mechanical-drink-oak-beech-aged-wood

    Russian Designers Handcrafted a Gear-Wheel Mechanism for Mixing Drinks

    With modern technologies to get a nice and accurately mixed cocktail there’s no need to go to a bar. A team of young Russian designers have set up a special “smart” mechanism that will help you tackle this task without leaving the house.

  • 0-transparent-ghost-chair-cini-boeri-design-furniture-tempered-monolithic-glass

    World Famous Ghost Chair by Cini Boeri Turns 30!

    It was 30 years ago when Cini Boeri, an Italian designer, first exhibited her new chair that had no equivalents at that time. It came naturally that her invention has since been named the most innovative product of the year. Cini had the courage to…

  • 0-Joynout-Daydream-creative-seat-sitting-furniture-design-2017-Assaf-Israel

    Daydream – New Generation of Seating to Be Launched in Milan

    According to a tradition, this year the beginning of April will be marked by one of the most important events in the world of furniture design – the Milan Design Week. This is one of the world’s most vital platforms for exchanging ideas, generating new…

  • 0-Egg-chair-by-Arne-Emil-Jacobsen-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece

    Cheaper Alternatives to Iconic Furniture Pieces

    Crisis makes us cut our expenditures, but this is not the reason for buying counterfeit. We’d like to prove that you can always find cheaper alternatives to iconic furniture designs that would be as good and high-quality as their famous inspirers.

  • B 34721

    10 Creative Bed Designs

    A bed is a must-have of any interior and it seems like it can’t by anything special about its design. But international designers are full of ideas and do not hesitate to surprise us by most unexpected, fanciful and impressive models…

  • 0-pure-talents-contest-IMM-cololgne-2017-label-sign

    Best Young Designers’ Pieces of IMM Cologne 2017

    Every winter the German city of Cologne hosts the most important furniture show in the world – International Möbel Messe (IMM Cologne). By tradition, this year the exhibition was also held in the middle of January and set the top trends for the new year…

  • 9-convenient-organized-computer-desk-with-wireless-charging-stations-for-smartphone-tablet-tea-cup-heater-built-in-speakers

    Super Organized Computer Desk with No Wires

    How much stuff we keep on our desks! It’s a computer with a keyboard and a mouse, a cup of coffee, a couple of speakers, important (and not just important) papers, a phone, a tablet and a few other essentials. Eventually all this stuff turns…

  • 1-circu-Portugal-dream-fantastic-kids-furniture-design-sea-shell-shaped-bed-Little-Mermaid

    Dream Kids’ Furniture: Little Mermaid, Rocket & Air Balloon

    Circu is the name of a small Portuguese furniture factory that produces hand-crafted and hand-tailored pieces of highest quality. It’s just about two years old, but the photos of its designs have already appeared in all the best of world magazines on interior design and…

  • 2-1-exclusive-creative-designer-table-by-Duffy-London-Abyss-Table-wood-and-glass

    4 Incredible Designer Tables by Duffy London

    Swinging dining chairs, a table with an ocean abyss inside, a piece of thick glass held by balloons … Do you think these are elements of a science-fiction story? Not at all! These are designer pieces of furniture created by a famous English company Duffy…

  • 23-Artelore-Home-lamp-lighting-in-interior-design-at-Maison-and-&-Objet-2017-Exhibition-trade-fair-Paris

    Best of Maison & Objet 2017: Furniture (Part 2)

    In this article we are glad to continue sharing with you the latest news and images of the world’s greatest trade fair for interior design and décor – Maison & Objet 2017, and in particular – about the latest furniture collections.

  • 11-Fancy-furniture-at-Maison-and-&-Objet-2017-Exhibition-trade-fair-Paris-living-room-set-sitting-blue-turquoise-velvet-upholstered-arm-chairs-big-black-and-white-clock-shelves-in-interior-design

    Best of Maison & Objet 2017: Furniture (Part 1)

    Just yesterday finished was one of the greatest and biggest interior design exhibitions of the world - Maison & Objet 2017. From the 20th to the 24th of January this event has traditionally gathered in Paris all the best and coolest, the most original, expensive, new…

  • 4-unusual-furniture-design-inspired-by-wildlife-animals-water-tables-glass-top-coffee-tables-by-Derek-Pearce-dolphins

    Unusual Designer “Water Tables” by Derek Pearce

    American designer and craftsman Derek Pearce is the author of a very original and amazing collection of coffee tables combined under a common table “Water Tables”. Just as many designer masterpieces, they were inspired by the most trivial thing – the wildlife. In particular –…

  • 0-3D-printed-designer-furniture-glacier-stool-nowlab-studio-berlin

    “Glacier” Stool: 3D-Printed, Designer, Biodegradable

     “3D-printing is a chance to produce full-scale furniture models of high quality. By that we are not limited by any geometrical restrictions. This is pure creativity”. Daniel Büning, a designer and co-founder of NOWlab Studio

  • 0-DIY-hand-made-decoupage-chair-refreshment-renovation

    DIY: How to Refresh a Chair Using Decoupage Basics

    A nice way to shake the blues away is to create some hand-made masterpiece. For instance, refresh a common chair. It’s hard to imagine an interior without this trivial item of furniture: it’s present in kitchens, dining, toddler and work rooms. Compact and mobile, it’s…

  • 4-Zerobody-innovative-wellness-technology-SPA-dry-bathtub-bed-zero-gravity-floating-effect-relaxation

    Zero Gravity Effect at Home: Innovative “Dry” Wellness Bathtub

    All of us have long and tiring days from time to time (or even regularly). And so often water procedures are the only thing that can help us relax and reduce the accumulated tension. But what if we even lack powers to go to the…

  • 10-shukhov-shabolovka-tower-inspired-designer-stool-wooden-modular-Russian-furniture-printed-on-3D-printer-item

    Designer Stool Produced by 3D Printer

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if famous architects got down to furniture design? Two Russian designers – Anna Strupinskaya and Aleksei Ivashkevich – tried to get a reply to this question.