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This category is all about furniture design, which is, due to its multipurposeness, intended to be not only stylish, but also functional and ergonomic. Knowing this, we have prepared a bunch of professional designer advice to help you tackle any furniture-related issue. Interested in children furniture? Learn how to create a minimalist style for your boy or a quiet nook for your princess! Wonder what kind of outdoor furniture would better suit your backyard? Get inspired by our collection of patio furniture images from around the world! Looking for contemporary hallway furniture ideas? Find out how to create maximum comfort with a minimum hall furniture! Wanna help to save the planet? Enjoy the sets of solid and eco-friendly cardboard furniture! Concerned about bedroom furniture? Don’t hesitate to start choosing the best bedroom suite for your body and soul! Seeking something practical, durable and light? Consider choosing a set of weatherproof aluminum furniture! This and much more for arranging a house of your dreams!

  • minimalist magnificence

    How to give your home a minimal makeover

    Pick up any homes and lifestyle magazine and you’ll know that, no matter the season, the minimalist interior décor style is all the rage right now, and it’s a look that is here to stay. In the day and age where less is more, it’s…

  • 1-fantasising

    WIN a £5,000 home makeover with Wren Living

    In celebration of its brand-new website, Wren Living has launched a competition which will see one lucky entrant win a £5,000 Wrenovation! The company specialises in affordable luxury furniture and homeware, so you can give your kitchen, bedroom, living room or dining room a deluxe…

  • 1-how-to-get-a-good-nights-sleep

    How to get a good night’s sleep

    We all know that having a good night’s sleep sets us up for the day ahead, but with the working day getting longer, and distractions such as the internet, city noise pollution and other external stresses becoming daily occurrences, more and more of us are…

  • 3-lamp with a deer

    Lodge living rooms

    Lodge living rooms With Christmas just around the corner, and the winter weather starting to take hold, we all want to make our homes as cosy as possible. Traditional looks with modern spins are huge this year, with the lodge trend dominating interior design magazines….

  • blue door

    Choosing the right Colour Door for your UK Home

    Choosing the right Colour Door for your UK Home The colour of a front door isn’t something people often think of in UK homes, especially semi-modern and urban ones. They tend to have more creativity within US and rural homes, going for darker or coloured…

  • 1-shelving in the stairs

    Shelves and tables for storing books and magazines

    Books and magazines constantly strewn throughout the apartment, and sometimes it’s annoying, not all of course it happens at home, and some are laid out on store shelves and books in perfect condition. There are many beautiful and interesting options for storing books and magazines,…

  • 2-reading-lamp


    Beautiful lamps were created by the French designer Violaine d’Harcourt. These lamps are constructed of beautiful materials, these lamps are all accounted for the soul. The fabrics are very stately and beautiful, all at once they connect to the lamp.

  • 3-Lots of chairs

    Beautiful pale colored stools

    The furniture is built by Danish brand Howe. Modern chair, oddly enough was established in 1955. A detail of this modern chair was designed for a long time. The chair is made of such material from beech veneer padding can be made of fabric or…

  • 2-side chair

    Comfortable wooden chair

    An interesting and beautiful designs in a minimal style of this chair is very striking and surprising. This sofa is made with three legs, in fact it is designed to sit down further and further back can serve as a stand for hands, which is…

  • 2-cozy bath

    Elegant red bathroom

    The bathroom is made in the style of small, well-suited for small people. Inside the bathroom is white, and red on the outside. This bathroom belongs to the organic material, and it has a minimal style, nothing more. This bathroom Italian designers have created, and…

  • 1-elegant-and-stylish-chairs-by-michael-stolworthy

    Elegant and stylish chairs. By Michael Stolworthy

    These cool chairs made designer and artist Michael Stolworthy, this stool is well suited for the stylish bar or restaurant for breakfast resistant even in a stylish and contemporary home. The modern and geometric lines make them alive, as if the lines are constantly moving….

  • 2-beautiful

    Beautiful and stylish, light shelf

    A shelf made in minimal style, design it developed a Spanish designer. All the shelves are held on special threads that have steel rods, the invention can be collected independently in different variations.

  • 1-the-acorns-in-the-interior-and-beautiful-lamps

    The Acorns in the interior, and beautiful lamps

    These beautiful lamps are like beautiful and large acorns. These designers create a beautiful lamp Terho estate from designer Maija Puoskari. Designers completely preserved natural form of an acorn. This lamp is completely environmentally friendly, and reminds us of the reasons for living in the…

  • 18

    The beautiful and comfortable ottoman for the home

    Stool or ottoman – is a great item and accessories for the home, an ottoman very functional item that can come in handy in any room. Nowadays, a large amount of furniture and the choice is not restricted to choose a variety of options that…

  • 4-beautiful ottoman

    Beautiful and cozy knitted furniture

    Nice knitted furniture created by designers from Poland Monika and Kasia Gwiazdowska, their family has always fascinated her sewing and knitting, and they decided to create beautiful furniture that is linked manually. His works are frequently shown at exhibitions in Paris and in high demand.

  • 10

    Are comfortable folding bright sofas

    Sofa beds are very relevant in our time, they are good and are in demand as well as for small apartments as well as larger. Sliding couches and sofas are very functional and easy to use. In the market provided a number of interesting options…

  • 3-pencil-shavings

    Table in the form of pencil shavings

    This beautiful table set up studio BAAG, they put up a table in the form of a huge pencil shaving. Designers were inspired by an interesting way, by sharpening a pencil. So it turned out interesting coffee table, if it ships from a giant pencil….

  • 4-beautiful-lamp

    Beautiful lamp made ​​from recycled coffee filters

    This wonderful lamp has created a designer Vilma Farrell, she loves coffee, and she threw the idea of recycling old coffee filters to make beautiful lamps for the home and beyond. Beautiful lamp is obtained thanks to the gentle and pleasant light. Designer filters washes…

  • 1-comfortable-wooden-chair

    Comfortable wooden chair

    This amazing chair as chair designers have created Rue Monsieur Paris. Designers a presented chair both single and double chairs, they are made of natural wood, materials: coconut and rattan light and black finishes.

  • 15

    Wooden Lamps «Woobie» from ABADOС

    This has created a huge lamp Polish company called ABADOC. Inspired Lamp is a wooden bow that the designer wanted to do to her young son. The whole lamp is built entirely of wood, a material used alder, which was later treated with varnish. This…

  • 13

    Docks Furniture System by Björn Meier and Till Grosch

    This functional furniture designer has created Björn Meier and Till Grosch. This furniture was made for the role, and it’s not simple furnishings. Office furniture is built in a modern style, and it’s very functional, on the one hand furniture designed for business people, but…

  • 1-chairs-of-the-bright-laces-baita

    Chairs of the bright laces Baita

    These chairs are made in the likeness of a grid and each hole had put his opposite ends of shoelaces, a variety of sizes and colors, this chair will certainly want to not only you but also your cats.

  • 3-shelves-in-the-form-of-a-bee-nest

    Conceptual shelves in the form of a bee nest

    These shelves are easy to handle, and you can make them yourself out of the individual modules. These shelves will bring a modern touch to the interior. All elements in the form of shelves made of hexagons, which makes them widely. All units can be…

  • 2-many lines

    Chairs by Nendo

    These benches and stools are produced in a minimalist style, these models are made by designers from Japan, the chair is made of a metal frame is composed of pieces of metal pipes, and has a curved curved seat, but the details are done very slowly…