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This category is all about furniture design, which is, due to its multipurposeness, intended to be not only stylish, but also functional and ergonomic. Knowing this, we have prepared a bunch of professional designer advice to help you tackle any furniture-related issue. Interested in children furniture? Learn how to create a minimalist style for your boy or a quiet nook for your princess! Wonder what kind of outdoor furniture would better suit your backyard? Get inspired by our collection of patio furniture images from around the world! Looking for contemporary hallway furniture ideas? Find out how to create maximum comfort with a minimum hall furniture! Wanna help to save the planet? Enjoy the sets of solid and eco-friendly cardboard furniture! Concerned about bedroom furniture? Don’t hesitate to start choosing the best bedroom suite for your body and soul! Seeking something practical, durable and light? Consider choosing a set of weatherproof aluminum furniture! This and much more for arranging a house of your dreams!

  • 1-office-worknest-furniture-for-creative-people

    Office “WORKNEST” Furniture for Creative People

    WORKNEST is an awesome handcrafted and easily adaptable desk which improves the working conditions for the user. The desk was created by Wiktoria Lenart, a product designer from Wroclaw, Poland.

  • 3-modern furniture

    Luxury Furniture by Ken­neth Cobonpue

    The Kenneth Cobonpue Cabaret collection by Ken­neth Cobonpue includes armchairs, lounge chairs, and sofas made of fabric-wrapped foam tubes woven around steel frames. The tubes are laced around the edges of fiberglass coffee and end tables, creating a stitched look that complements the larger pieces….

  • 1-convenient-wall-mounted-cabinet

    Convenient wall-mounted cabinet

    Untidy boxes and crates for the home kit is time to leave behind. It will be a good alternative to a miniature cabinet on the wall of the bathroom, where first aid equipment and medicines will be kept in good order, inaccessible to children’s playful…

  • 4-girl-on-chair

    Dry Martini Chair by Martini Blanco Studio

    Dry Martini is a minimalist design created by England-based designer Martini Blanco Studio. Dry Martini is a conversation, a friend’s meeting, an interview, a soft drink. It is a “sitting system”, designed for connecting situations, for meetings where the product must remain discreet and quiet…

  • 1-office-desk-l-by-aa-cooren

    Office Desk L by A+A Cooren

    Office Desk L is a minimalist design created by France-based designer A+A Cooren. The desk is manufactured entirely of solid aluminum by Walnutsgroove. The desk provides a large surface area and plenty of storage with two full-sized drawers on either side. There are also small…

  • 1-crates-cabinet-by-mark-van-der-gronden

    Crates Cabinet by Mark Van Der Gronden

    The Crates Cabinet uses large second-hand crates for storage and industrial strength frames to hold the crates. You can vary the sizes of crates, choose a variety of colors, and create a unique storage system that looks great and is amazingly efficient. Each cabinet is…

  • 1-in-between-chair-by-sami-kallio

    “In Between” Chair by Sami Kallio

    In Between is a minimalist design created Finland-based designer Sami Kallio for &Tradition. The interplay between positive and negative space is central to In Between. Its back and side panels provide a concrete shape and support, but forms are created equally by the gaps in…

  • 1-audio-desk-by-ymbol-audio

    Audio Desk by Symbol Audio

    Symbol Audio is a New York company that designs and handcrafts modern audio HIFI consoles and vinyl LP storage cabinets. Their products are distinctive and made for the design and quality oriented consumer. Example of their work is the cool Audio Desk, a modern writing…

  • 2-shelving-system-set-by-stephanie-hornig

    Shelving System Set by Stephanie Hornig

    Set is a minimalist design created by England-based designer Stephanie Hornig. Inspired by braided structures Hornig aimed to design objects that could create a two- or three-dimensional pattern that would be stretchable. The resulting shelving system is based on the principle of a scissors grid…

  • 1-antoinette-mini-tables-by-delvigne-eschalier

    Antoinette Mini Tables by Delvigne & Eschalier

    Antoinette is a minimalist design created by France-based designers Guillaume Delvigne & Vincent Eschalier. It is a collection of two side tables made in solid oak and lacquered glass. This collection was presented for the exhibition “Nouvelle Vague 2” during the Milan Furniture Fair 2013….

  • 3-blake-table-by-eleanor-home

    Blake Table by Eleanor Home

    Blake Table is a minimalist design created by Denmark-based designer Eleanor Home. Blake is handmade in Portugal like the rest of the Eleanor Home furniture. The table top has nice round corners and faceted edges. The back-piece and light makes it perfect for hotels or…

  • 5-crazy furniture

    Floating Table by Tim Webber

    Floating Table is a minimalist design created by New Zealand-based designer Tim Webber. The Floating Coffee Table features the same negative detail as the other products in the ‘Floating’ range, creating a slimmer, sleeker edge to the table. The surface of the HPL laminate works…

  • 3-family chair

    Family Furniture by Frederik Roije

    Family Furniture is a minimalist design created by Netherlands-based designer Frederik Roije. The chair is essentially two seats connected to each other, one being shorter than the other to represent a child/parent relationship. The seat is constructed of folded aluminum, and powder coated in white….

  • 1-minimalist design

    Shoe Stool by Koichi Futatsumata

    Shoe Stool is a minimalist design created by Japan-based designer Koichi Futatsumata. The stool design is both compact and ergonomic, functioning specifically for putting on and cleaning shoes. The ledge also provides support for easy cleaning and polishing of shoes. The design is made of…

  • 1-fun-house-units-marco-ripa

    Fun House Units by Marco Ripa

    Fun House is a minimalist design created by Italy-based designer Marco Ripa. The collection is a composition of a table and four seating units. The pieces are produced using rolled sheet metal. The pieces are modular, therefore, a number of unique combinations can be created….

  • 1-the-magnificent-chandelier-for-the-bedroom

    The magnificent chandelier for the bedroom

    A beautiful chandeliers for the bedroom is easy to find if you know where to look and, more importantly, what to look for. Bedroom – very choosy room. To feel comfortable in it, the owners need to find a nice, comfortable and beautiful furniture, determine…

  • 1-petrified-wood-side-tables-by-stephane-michaelis

    Petrified Wood Side Tables by Stephane Michaelis

    Due to the inherent unique shape of each slice of Petrified Wood (fossilised wood from Indonesia that is up to 20 million years old) Stephane Michaelis has designed two contemporary side tables which incorporate this oldest of materials, in a way that the base can…

  • 1-modular-quartz-armchair-by-ctrol-zak-and-david-barsaghi

    Modular Quartz Armchair by Ctrol Zak and David Barsaghi

    Designed as a collaboration project between CTROL ZAK and David Barsaghi, the Quartz Chair is a geometrical masterpiece. Not to mention the fact that it looks like quite comfortable as well.

  • 1-chests-of-drawers-and-cabinets-in-the-interior

    Chests of drawers and cabinets in the interior

    Chest of drawers in French means “easy.” This characteristic is the basis for this piece of furniture. However, to choose a chest of drawers in the interior was good on all sides, about its purpose, size and location of the apartment should be considered in…

  • 1-husk-armchair-by-patricia-urquiola

    Husk Armchair by Patricia Urquiola

    The Husk Chair was designed by Patricia Urquiola for furniture store B&B Italia. It consists of a hardshell in Hirek and a series of soft cushions stitched together. Three styles of cushion are available, standard, large, and very large, you can also opt for a…

  • 1-easy-adjustable-shelving-units

    Easy Adjustable Shelving Units

    ‘Totem’ shelving unit was designed by Broberg and Ridderstråle for Klong, a Swedish manufacturer and it’s part of ’Klong Horizon’, a new collection of flat-packable furniture. Based on a very simple mounting structure reminiscent of a cogwheel, the structure of ‘Totem’ can be easily adjusted…

  • 1-antiqued-iron-bar-from-light-bulb-tester

    Antiqued Iron Bar from Light Bulb Tester

    Antiqued Iron Bar Crafted From A 1920s Light Bulb TesterSo much of what we are inspired by today has come before us in a cyclical fashion. Back when light bulbs were new on the market, Germans had big, bulbous machines for testing light bulb voltage….

  • 1-ofon-minimalist-design-by-nendo

    Ofon Minimalist Design by Nendo

    Ofon is a minimalist design created by Japan-based design firm Nendo for Kokuyo. The main characteristics of this design are its modularity, and its unique joint system that requires no tools. The hinges can be assembled or disassembled using only a coin. Nendo wanted to…

  • oak modern desk

    Creating the Best Place to Work

    Working from home can be difficult if you don’t have the right setup. Setting aside a space that is specifically for work can be massively helpful as it lets you remove all distractions and focus on what needs to be done. It doesn’t matter if…