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  • 5-Bonaco-new-natural-wood-beech-speakers-eco-friendly-transparent-plastic-acrylic-cover-cylinder

    New Hand-Made Beechwood Speakers Announced in Japan

    Readers of HomeKlondike would surely agree that the last year was absolutely dominated by a trend towards eco-friendliness and everything green, literally and figuratively. Fortunately, this trend is still on top and people strive for safety and eco-friendliness in everything, from food and clothes to…

  • 1-oltu-fresher-by-fabio-molinas

    OLTU Fresher by Fabio Molinas

    OLTU is a minimalist design created by Spain-based designer Fabio Molinas. OLTU is like an organism that takes advantage of the heat produced from the back of a fridge, which in today’s fridges, is wasted energy, and uses it to help to cool the “totem”…

  • 1-upper-cup-by-james-mckay

    Upper Cup by James McKay

    UpperCup is a minimalist design created by Austarlia-based designer James McKay. The product is currently looking for seed funding on the crowd-funding site Pozible. UpperCup is the simple, elegant and functional cup inspired by the daily coffee travels and the notion that good design can…

  • 10-colored candle

    Stylish candle in the form of a domino

    Modern company Kayiwa, inspired by the game of dominoes, and decided to create interesting candle holders in the form of dominoes, looks very creative and original.

  • 1-pivot-power-mini-gadget

    Pivot Power Mini Gadget

    This nifty little device can power up to 4 different electronics thanks to two three-pronged electrical outlets alongside two USB ports. As the name suggests, the device actually pivots, opening up like a butterfly to reveal the three-pronged outlets. When folded, the device is small…

  • 2-the-jug-by-simon-kinneir

    The Jug by Simon Kinneir

    The Jug | The Leaven Range is a minimalist design created by UK-based Simon Kinneir, his growing range of everyday kitchen products are tuned to give extra sensory feedback beyond a reliance on sight. He believes that subtle changes in design can improve the practicality…

  • 3-spice-shakers

    “Himalaya” Spice Shakers by Peleg Design

    Peleg Design presented Himalaya , Mountain Spice Shakers. Set of 4 glass spice containers that comes in two sizes (2 big and 2 small) to fit different spices.

  • 1-jaws-knife-sharpener

    Jaws Knife Sharpener

    Jaws is a cool mix of simplicity, practicality, usefulness and good humor. The Knife Sharpener is another great product from creative studio Propaganda, simply slide your knife through “Jaws” mouth to sharpen, the bottom is designed with anti-slip material to keep it stabilized while you…

  • 1-the-porthole-glass-infuser

    “The Porthole” Glass Infuser

    The Porthole is the name of the glass infuser for liquids designed by Crucial Detail design studio in Chicago. It was a very successful project on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Made of iron and glass, the beautiful infusion vessel can be used to make all kinds…