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Every happy garden owner knows that perfection has no bounds. And if you finally started looking for landscape design ideas, then you’re on the beam! How to arrange a garden path, so that it might be functional and aesthetically acceptable at the same time? What kind of designer tricks would help in zoning a small garden? How to make a good shot in gardening ideas – from cultivating to storing? What is country garden style and how it works in color gamma, shapes and heights? How to realize flower garden ideas in a particular climate, space and surrounding architecture? What kind of garden decking designs are neater and more affordable? How to arrange a garden patio and create a very special atmosphere in it? If this is your interest – then browse our garden design ideas, improvise and create the best oasis of your own!

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    Garden Swing: Piece of Décor, Fun for Adults and Dream for Kids

    Everyone likes swinging on the swings. Perhaps, with the exception of those unfortunate people, who get sick from just the thought of to-and-fro movements. A garden swing for kids means fun, thrill and fresh wind blowing in their faces. Tired of big city life, adults…

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    30 Garden Décor Ideas – Easy & More Comprehensive

    It’s never too early or too late to beautify your outdoor territory. And it doesn’t really matter whether you already have a full-fledged garden, how tall your vine is and whether your garden gazebo is already constructed. Nothing can keep you from making a few…

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    Garden Path Materials: Review, Comparison and Ideas

    Garden paths are important functional elements of our gardens. At the same time they give plenty of room for creativity and can surely be independent pieces of landscape design. When it comes to planning garden paths, the first thing you should decide on is how…

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    Laying Turf Lawn: All Pros and Cons

    Is a turf lawn a panacea to all challenges and problems facing your yard or caring for it may turn your summer season into a nightmare? We’d like to discuss all the strong and weak points of this covering, since forewarned is forearmed.

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    How to Organize a Summer Kitchen: Tips, Ideas and Photos – Part 2

    We’re continuing to discuss the concept of a summer kitchen. In the previous post we mentioned that an outdoor cooking area may have a few functional zones that make it more attractive and comfortable that a customary indoor kitchen. What are they? Let’s see!

  • 4-cozy-beige-and-turquoise-garden-gazebo-interior-design-summer-kitchen-dining-room-set-bay-windows-mosaic-tiles-retro-lamps-garden-view-vintage-brass-tabelware-decor

    How to Organize a Summer Kitchen: Tips, Ideas and Photos – Part 1

    In summer time, cooking in a hot enclosed kitchen, we usually dream about a wisp of fresh air, singing birds and leaves shaking gently: in a word, all the finer things of the country life. That is why today we decided to speak about how…

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    10 Vegetables That Can Be Grown on the Balcony

    With the coming of spring even the most confirmed townsmen may feel the ancient farmer instinct: an irresistible desire to touch the ground, smell the scent of earliest flowers and eat the first berry. If you are a lucky owner of a balcony or a…

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    Outdoor Lighting: 6 Inspiring Ideas & 60 Amazing Photos

    The season of pleasant journeys to the countryside, happy strolls along the gardens and little family get-togethers in gazebos is about to begin. And we were wondering how to make these happy moments even more powerful and cozier with the help of the right lighting….

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    Garden Paths Planning: Where to Start From?

    Garden walkways play the role of bridges linking different parts of your outdoor territory in a harmonious and convenient way, and hence should receive as much careful consideration as the layout of a house. How should they be designed? What designer tricks can be used…

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    Kochia: Spectacular Ornamental Plant for Your Landscape Design

    When you look at this sweet ornamental plant, you would never guess that the closest “relatives” of it are goosefoots and saltbushes known as extremely obtrusive weeds. Traditionally its tied dried “shrubs” were used for making brooms: the branches played the role of a broom…

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    Amazing Jag Grill 3-in-1: Grill, Firepit & Dining Table

    Spring is in full swing and this is the perfect time for admirers of the great outdoors, especially barbecues. As a general rule, the process of cooking meat is nothing to enjoy and this heavy responsibility is born by one “lucky” person, while the rest…

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    Dealing with Clay Soil and a Waterlogged Lawn

    Does your lawn have a slight depression and always seems to be wet and soggy, with large puddles that take forever to drain away? Perhaps you also have clay soil which doesn’t help the situation. Waterlogging is a problem on compacted and clay soil and…

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    10 Garden Jobs in March

    In the end spring has found its way to reach even cold regions… It would be wrong to say that it was unexpected, but winter months always seem to be so long that sometimes we start thinking they’ll never end. That is why it’s so…

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    Vintage Handmade Fire Pit from a Treadle Sewing Machine

    As we already know from the previous post, Vadim Kuleshov is a skillful craftsman, an experienced gardener, a keen topiary expert and just a diverse self-taught nugget, who can create many beautiful garden things. Among them there is a vintage fire pit composed of spare…

  • 5-2-dog-golden-retriever-head-forgen-metal-garden-sculptures-art-from-horseshoes-by-Tom-Hill-England

    Metal Garden Sculptures by Tom Hill & Vadim Kuleshov

    Say what you like, but men and women see a different vision of the same decor. And metal landscape sculptures are a nice proof of this fact. But despite their brutal nature, we have to acknowledge that men creating them do have a sense of…

  • 0-garden-timber-shed-beautiful-landscape-flowers

    Timber Shed Maintenance: In, Out and All About

    Most of us have a shed or a summer house in the garden for storing all manner of ‘stuff’; some of us use the building as a workshop, or a studio, or a storeroom and keep it looking good. A question many people ask is:…

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    5 Undemanding Indoor Plants That Almost Don’t Need Care

    Most houseplants need something more than just watering. As a rule we need to know how much light, what temperature and humidity they need, how to take care about their leaves and what fertilizers they would prefer. For those of you who are not ready…

  • 0-sound-healthy-young-tomato-in-open-ground-outdoors-watering-from-can

    How to Grow Plants from Seed: Guide on Seedlings (Part 4)

    Finally, we came to the last step of growing sound seedlings. Find some useful tips on watering and disease treatment and finally transplant seedlings into fresh soil following these instructions…

  • 0-healty-sound-seedling-young-plant-shoot-watering-from-hand-soil

    How to Grow Plants from Seed: Guide on Seedlings (Part 3)

    Congratulations! Following the instructions from the previous posts we have sowed the carefully prepared seeds into proper containers and soil mixtures. What we need now is to take proper care about our seedlings, giving them the most favorable conditions for growth – timing, light and…

  • 0-how-to-grow-plants-herbs-from-seed-peat-cups-labeled-sticky-notes-toothpicks

    How to Grow Plants from Seed: Guide on Seedlings (Part 2)

    As soon as you’re done with picking the seeds and carefully prepared them for planting according to the instructions in Part 1 of the article, it’s high time to get the right containers and prepare nice soil for your future seedlings…

  • 0-planting-seedlings-box

    How to Grow Plants from Seed: Guide on Seedlings (Part 1)

    For everyone who dreams about growing organic vegetables on their household plots we’d like to remind: experienced vegetable growers are already getting ready for a new season. The end of February is the best time to start planting seeds. This will not just brighten up…

  • 0-winter-garden-painting-oil-canvas

    Garden Jobs in February

    January is coming to an end and if you’re already done with all the garden jobs to be done in January, let’s prepare for the last winter month. February is a month of frost, when it comes to temperate climates, and the most dangerous period…

  • 1-Japanese-garden-plants-gazebo-pink-blossom-shrub-maple

    How to Arrange a Japanese Garden: Choosing the Right Plants

    What pops in our mind when we hear the word “Japanese garden”? Harmony, contemplation, nature… Many of us strive for these things in our daily lives. In the previous post we have already learned the general rules of a Japanese garden composition and discussed its…

  • 0-beautiful-Japanese-garden-pond-bridge

    How to Arrange a Japanese Garden: Golden Rules

    A Japanese Garden symbolizes rest, silence and peace as opposed to the city noise and bustle. In this post we’ll give you a few tips on how to create a piece of the Land of the Rising Sun in your own backyard.