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Every happy garden owner knows that perfection has no bounds. And if you finally started looking for landscape design ideas, then you’re on the beam! How to arrange a garden path, so that it might be functional and aesthetically acceptable at the same time? What kind of designer tricks would help in zoning a small garden? How to make a good shot in gardening ideas – from cultivating to storing? What is country garden style and how it works in color gamma, shapes and heights? How to realize flower garden ideas in a particular climate, space and surrounding architecture? What kind of garden decking designs are neater and more affordable? How to arrange a garden patio and create a very special atmosphere in it? If this is your interest – then browse our garden design ideas, improvise and create the best oasis of your own!

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    Garden Jobs in January

    January is a month of rest for plants. And we get rest from our daily gardening jobs as well. In this period of time just checking if your plantings are doing well would be enough. How to do it right and what else must be…

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    Mobile Sensory Garden – What Is It?

    What is a mobile sensory garden? It’s a garden that can be easily moved from area to area to arrange green spaces in parks, squares, urban sites and even at enterprise territories. And of course, it’s an efficient alternative way to eliminate stress and restore…

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    How to Arrange Garden Gazebos: Real Life Example

    In the previous post we have enjoyed a wonderful designer project of a beige-and-turquoise sauna. But it wasn’t just sauna that the master of the house had renovated. She also hired a pro to refresh her three beautiful garden gazebos. Let’s see what they look…

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    7 Indoor Plants That Bloom in Winter

    The joy of first snow is left behind and in Christmas season we still miss warm summer days. Our dreams of bright colors and cheerful greenery may come true when our potted plants start to bloom despite the cold!

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    Inspiring Beautiful Balcony in Moscow

    If you have long dreamed about creating a nook of living nature on your balcony, winter is the right time for developing the plan of action. And to boost your inspiration we have selected a stunning balcony in the heart of Moscow, which looks a…

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    Planted & Forgotten: Innovative Gadgets for Our Outdoor Plants

    Luckily for us, hi-tech devices are designed to take care not just about our indoor plants, but also about the vegetables, greenery and trees growing in our gardens. Let’s find out more about our smart assistants!

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    Planted & Forgotten: Innovative Gadgets for Our Indoor Plants

    It’s widely recognized that the greenery and herbs we buy in stores are “wrong” and would never replace the plants we planted in our home gardens. However, we frequently lack time to love and care about our indoor vegetables, or the plants do not appreciate…

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    5 Common Garden Weeds and How to Banish Them

    The warm weather is coming and that means our gardens are going to start blooming again; hurray! Along with all the beautiful plants and flowers there are some rather unwelcome visitors that we can expect to appear soon. Weeds aren’t just unsightly, they can kill…

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    5 Things To Consider Before Building a Goldfish Pond In Your Backyard

    Fish make wonderful pets if you don’t have a lot of time and space in and around your house for high maintenance animals. If mommy doesn’t let you have a canine or feline buddy in the house, you can always resort to fish pets. Fish…

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    A variety of swing for the garden

    Swing – this is possibly one of the most convenient locations in the nation, at such a comfortable place to enjoy the warm rays of spring, and the birds singing, or you can have breakfast. Swing is a very popular thing for a country house…

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    The magnificent front garden near the house

    The front garden – a small garden near the house has been decorated to the same rules that apply to others and landscapes. The front garden is preferable to plant different plants and bright. The front garden – a minuscule portion of the way home…

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    Gorgeous Landscaping of Charles Jencks

    The popular architect who became a modern landscape designer, this designer is constantly doing something and doing. He created a brilliant garden space, this project is designed for the most famous and popular with landscape design. Landscape designer started after the death of his beloved…

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    Backyard Bird Watching: The Right Furniture Makes all the Difference

    With the arrival of fall comes the departure of just about everything else, except for a yard full of dead, brown leaves that is. However, when spring is in the air your backyard may light up with life. Flowers are blooming, squirrels are delicately hopping…

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    Tips for a Beautiful arrangement of the barn in the yard

    In the courtyard, each has a place where he keeps shoveling, buckets, and other household items everything for the garden, weeding flower beds, and other handy tools. The best place to store those things that some lying around in the garage or house, it is…

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    Tether Stemware Saver

    Most people enjoy a nice glass of wine, but no one likes to hand wash the expensive stemware after they’ve put down one too many. The wine glass Tether allows you to toss your stemware right into the dishwasher, just like any of the other…

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    Glow in the Dark Gravel to Illuminate Any Exterior

    Anything that can absorb light to glow in the dark and conserve energy sounds like a good thing to us. So naturally aside from the gorgeous display of light these pebbles creates– they’re eco-friendly as well. They’ll stay shining for 10 hours with just 2…

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    Variety flowers and pots for flowers and objects

    Update garden can be diluted if the bright colors, but it does not make big changes, it is enough to add some bright colors and objects in the interior. Everything can be changed due to the landing of a variety of items: pots, pockets, tubs…

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    10 beautiful variety of winter gardens

    Winter Garden – a dream of anyone who loves summer, greens, and of course nature. Summer time is associated with a sense of joy, warmth, and comfort, greens on everywhere and lots of sunshine. Before you create a winter garden of the house is well…

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    The green house with a variety of plants in Vietnam

    This amazing house is located in one of the villages of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, which is very thick and densely populated. This town is home to more than seven million Vietnamese. This city is a true metropolis, the house is a lot of…