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The contemporary world of interior design ideas with its diversity of styles, concepts, materials and layout options has multiple designer solutions in store for any wants and needs. The question is – how to choose and apply the right one, with a glance at your taste, intentions and means. Sounds familiar? Then the category of home design ideas is for you. It has absorbed a rich collection of décor solutions for every corner of your dwelling – from living room and bedroom to bathroom and garden. For a most rational utilization of your time and space, we paid special attention to gathering the most of storage ideas, closet ideas and hallway ideas. Inspired by our set of colour ideas, you will find out how to play around with colour within this or that interior style, in particular rooms and on different metric areas. And if you strive for uniqueness and individuality, then your categories are handmade ideas and vintage ideas. So browse, dream up and let your ideas come true!

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    Modern design wardrobe in the apartment

    Dressing room – this is primarily a vital necessity. Thanks to the dressing room you can save space in the apartment, you can easily get rid of the set of cabinets that sometimes they clutter the room. Accessories, hats, jewelry, shoes and clothing, all of…

  • 12-gray sofa

    Vivid details in the interior of the attic

    The most attractive room can often prove to be the favorite in the house, and as strange as it may not be a room in the attic. It is difficult to determine why she was so attracted to him and has. The room in the…

  • 10-wooden canopy

    The beautiful and spacious terrace in the interior

    Terrace – is one of the finest places to stay in a clean and fresh air. Terrace – a place with a separate area on the same level with the house, or slightly elevated level. Some commonly confused veranda with terrace, veranda – its glass-walled…

  • innovative shower

    Innovative Shower Ideas

    The very first shower experienced by the mankind was … a waterfall. Then came the less exotic rule of tubs and basins which was finally scotched by the invention of plumbing and a prototype of what we now call a shower. And despite the seeming…