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The contemporary world of interior design ideas with its diversity of styles, concepts, materials and layout options has multiple designer solutions in store for any wants and needs. The question is – how to choose and apply the right one, with a glance at your taste, intentions and means. Sounds familiar? Then the category of home design ideas is for you. It has absorbed a rich collection of décor solutions for every corner of your dwelling – from living room and bedroom to bathroom and garden. For a most rational utilization of your time and space, we paid special attention to gathering the most of storage ideas, closet ideas and hallway ideas. Inspired by our set of colour ideas, you will find out how to play around with colour within this or that interior style, in particular rooms and on different metric areas. And if you strive for uniqueness and individuality, then your categories are handmade ideas and vintage ideas. So browse, dream up and let your ideas come true!

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    How to Arrange a Home Theater: All You Have to Know (P.1)

    So, you have a home theater in mind, and this arouses many questions in your head. How to choose the equipment right? What budget should you have in mind? Do you have to look for the centre of the tone cluster? Is it really necessary…

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    How to Prolong the Life of Iron, Dishwasher & Microwave Oven?

    The first universal and most important rule, no matter how trivial it may seem, is as follows: read the user manual attentively and from beginning to end. It contains all the information you need to know about using and caring about each concrete appliance. This…

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    How to Prolong the Life of Washing Machine, Fridge & Vacuum Cleaner?

    Our homes are packed with appliances that assist us faithfully in our domestic lives. Their help is enormous, and we understand this fact fully only when something breaks down. Of course, the lifetime of electric appliances is limited, but you have the power to prolong…

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    All You Wanted to Know about Furniture for One-Room Apartments

    Feeling comfortable in a small one-room apartment is not so simple, but quite possible. All you have to know is a few designer tricks, which would help arrange furniture in such a way that your tight space would feel visually bigger, more convenient and 100%…

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    How to Distinguish a Good Designer from a Bad One? (P.2)

    We’re continuing our review of typical mistakes made by first-time home buyers searching for a qualified designer. If you’re one of them – don’t miss this post, since a second chance to renovate your home wouldn’t happen so soon!

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    How to Distinguish a Good Designer from a Bad One? (P.1)

    A professional designer would design your home in such a way that you’d love to live in it. A dilettante would create an interior, in which you’d find very little of yourself and pretty much of the author, and such a space would hence feel…

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    Interiors for People with Allergies: 7 Golden Tips to Make Them Better

    Ecological problems, permanent stress and poor nutrition do their job: every year the number of allergy sufferers is rapidly growing. Even a healthy person is not immune to allergies. According to the statistics, every fourth big city dweller is intimately familiar with allergy. That is…

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    How to Design Your Home in Shabby Chic Style

    The phrase “shabby chic” sounds familiar to many people, but not everyone knows how to use designer tricks and décor specific to this style in a competent and tasteful way. For a start one should realize that shabby chic interiors are about teaching us to…

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    Everything You Should Know Before Buying Commercial Property at Auction

    Whether you’re looking to expand your current business or are about to embark on a new venture, buying a commercial property at auction is an exciting experience and a great opportunity to snag a bargain. However, it’s not as straightforward as raising your paddle and…

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    Scientists Say 85% of Upholstered Furniture Has Health Hazards

    As a result of long-term studies the researchers made a shocking announcement. They confirmed that upholstered furniture may have health hazards and multiplies the risk of cancer incidence. During one of the latest researches American scientists focused on studying the harm caused to people by…

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    Sash Windows: A Guide to Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs

    Traditional sash windows are an iconic feature of Georgian and Victorian architecture, lending an understated elegance to any home. Their classic styling made them a design staple for all kinds of buildings; illuminating the rooms of humble countryside cottages and Kensington Palace alike.

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    3 Underestimated Factors to Finding the Best Surveyor for Your New Home

    The process of buying a new home is usually one of the most exciting yet stressful life experiences. There’s so much to consider before you even start looking at potential homes, and once you’ve found that perfect property, the mountains of paperwork and back-and-forth between…

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    Five Tips for First Time Buyers, from First Time Buyers

    “My partner and I started renting our first flat together a couple of years ago. So far,it’s going well (or at least, we haven’t killed each other), and it’s beginning to feel like the next logical step is to buy a house. Our collective parents…

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    Smart Speakers by Amazon, Google, Microsoft & Apple: Comparison (P.2)

    We on HomeKlondike love everything about Smart Home technologies. And every new appliance integrated in this system is of great interest to us. Today we decided to speak about smart speakers – this relatively new market is growing rapidly and we decided to analyze the…

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    Smart Speakers by Amazon, Google, Microsoft & Apple: Comparison (P.1)

    What is the difference between the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Microsoft Invoke and Apple HomePod? Last Monday, during its yearly WWDS conference, the Apple Company announced the launch of its first smart speaker dubbed Apple HomePod. That is why we on HomeKlondike decided to recall…

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    Paper Garlands: Home Décor That Makes You Happier

    Computers are a great invention of the humankind. But sometimes we even forget how our handwriting looks. That’s why this Monday we decided to start the week from sweet memories of our childhood – making paper garlands with our own hands. Remember how it used…

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    The Right Way to Deal with Travellers on Your Property

    If you’re a landowner and an unauthorised group of travellers or gypsies has just arrived on your land, what should you do? Call the police? Go to court? Threaten the travellers? In this article, we look at the right way to go about traveller eviction.

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    How to Escape Darkness in Your Home: 5 Useful Life Hacks

    In most European countries people don’t see much sun, and the fall-winter period sometimes seems to be endless. This becomes even worse when windows of our homes are not that big, sunken deep in the walls or even north-facing. But it’s not the reason to…

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    DIY: How to Make a Designer Sunburst Mirror with Your Own Hands

    Probably, there was some day in your life when you were looking through a fashion magazine, and your eyes were just fascinated with an image of some designer home accessory. However, as soon as your eye caught its price typed below in the fine print,…

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    How to Marry Style and Security in Your Home

    Style and security don’t always go hand in hand. More often than not security products are designed for function over fashion, and it can be hard to make them fit within with the aesthetic that you’re trying to create in your home. Let’s take a…

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    Summer Cottage Living Room Decoration + Amazing DIY Ideas

    In small summer cottages one room can have absolutely versatile purposes depending on the needs of its inhabitants. In our today’s project the biggest room in the summer house plays the role of a dining room and a lounge for the whole family and a…

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    Danish Style in Interior Design: What Is It?

    We on HomeKlondike know so much about Scandinavian interiors. In fact, it sometimes seems like this is the most popular style of interior design projects. However, Scandinavia includes a few countries, and in each of them Scandinavian interior style has some distinguishing features. And the…

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    Outdoor Pools: 5 Reasons to Take the Plunge

    Nothing says luxury, fun and glamour quite as much as your own pool. Not only do they encourage quality family time, but there are great health benefits too. And if you think you can’t afford it, think again because you can now install a pool…

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    5 Quick Ways to Revamp Your Garage

    Whether you want to drastically improve the way you use your garage, or simply want it to boost the market value of your home, here are 5 options, provided by Dakota Murphey, to maximise space and leave you wondering why you didn’t try them sooner…