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The contemporary world of interior design ideas with its diversity of styles, concepts, materials and layout options has multiple designer solutions in store for any wants and needs. The question is – how to choose and apply the right one, with a glance at your taste, intentions and means. Sounds familiar? Then the category of home design ideas is for you. It has absorbed a rich collection of décor solutions for every corner of your dwelling – from living room and bedroom to bathroom and garden. For a most rational utilization of your time and space, we paid special attention to gathering the most of storage ideas, closet ideas and hallway ideas. Inspired by our set of colour ideas, you will find out how to play around with colour within this or that interior style, in particular rooms and on different metric areas. And if you strive for uniqueness and individuality, then your categories are handmade ideas and vintage ideas. So browse, dream up and let your ideas come true!

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    10 Fresh Ideas from Instagram Accounts of Interior Designers

    In this post we decided to bring together 10 inspiring ideas displayed by famous contemporary designers in their Instagram accounts. Here you will see only fresh projects, versatile rooms – kid’s bedrooms, studies, hallways and even staircases – and a bunch of absolutely different styles…

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    How to Choose the Hallway Floor Covering Material: 5 Tips

    For some of us the most important thing about the hallway floor covering is its durability, some people have their hearts set upon aesthetical aspects and others believe that the floor must made be made from exclusively natural materials. There is a floor covering for…

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    Cherry on Top: The Advantages of Using a Cherry Picker

    Whether you’re cleaning the windows on a building with several storeys or you need to reach an awkward part of a roof, a cherry picker can be hugely beneficial. Perfect for a range of different tasks from residential property maintenance to industrial building work, they…

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    Graffiti Removal with DOFF Cleaning

    Graffiti is the scourge of our time, a blight on today’s environment. You’ve seen it in your town – words and shapes, drawn, or painted, on brick and concrete buildings, fences, trains, bridges and many other surfaces. It can be one colour or many, is…

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    How to Turn a Balcony into a Cozy Nook? Real-Life Example

    The mistress of this balcony, Linda, is a professional interior designer. She spends most of her life in the studio and always felt a longing to have a place, where she could take a break from hustle and routine and take time for her personal…

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    DIY: Piece of Wall Art to Dress Up Your Home for Spring

    Spring is in full swing and while nature is taking all her strength to show up in all its glory, we feel the need to dress up our interiors more than ever. So, today we’d like to show you a quick and easy way to…

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    Dreams Come True: Now Quadcopters Can Guard Houses!

    Nowadays quadcopter-camera drones are the hottest trends: courier services use them for products delivery, military men utilize them for military intelligence and border control purposes, bloggers are keen on having fantastic aerial photos. Sunflower Labs Company from Switzerland/USA also decided to apply them, but in…

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    Underfloor Heating for Your Spanish Home

    If you’ve recently bought a house in Spain or are a long-term resident, you may decide it’s time to upgrade and make a few changes to the interior. When you do make your renovations in the Costa del Sol, think about including underfloor heating. It’s…

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    How to Fit Out Your Workshop Without Robbing a Bank

    Whether you’re a hobby enthusiast or have a small craft business or home improvement company, a fully functioning workshop is a key to being able to do a proper job. If you’re still making do with the kitchen table or a makeshift arrangement in the…

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    How to Deal with a Cowboy Builder

    Employing a reliable and trustworthy builder is not always easy. There are a great many cases of cowboy, or rogue, builders operating in the UK. In fact, on average, there are around 100,000 complaints each year about them. Cowboy builders generally have insufficient building expertise,…

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    Thermally Modified Wood: Super Resistance & No Chemicals!

    Can you imagine eco-friendly wood that can be applied in an extremely harsh environment, like a bathroom, a swimming pool deck, house siding or roofing, and last perfectly without any treatment with chemicals? Even today the idea of having an environmentally friendly material with such…

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    3 Ideas for Kid’s Room Interior Design

    How to arrange a private nook for a kid without any global interior changes? How can a toddler room “grow up” along with a kid? How should a mixed gender room be organized? Find the answers to these and other questions in our article!

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    Cordwood Houses: Interesting Facts and Tips

    Have you ever stacked firewood in a woodpile? If your answer is “yes”, this means that you can build …a whole house out of woods. At least, that’s what the fans of the most affordable and eco-friendly construction method say. In America the method is…

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    DIY: Trendy Rug with Zigzag Pattern

    Zigzag is one of the trendiest and most popular patterns in the world of contemporary design. Being simple and laconic on the one hand, its jagged line has some powerful energy and dynamics as well. Zigzag prints not just decorate interiors – they are able…

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    Charred Wood Siding: Inexpensive and Spectacular

    You don’t always need expensive materials to get a non-standard house exterior. After particular treatment even a plain pine board can look absolutely different. For instance, getting more and more trendy in Europe is charred wood siding. This building material is somewhere between fashion and…

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    7 Major Interior Design Trends 2017

    We have repeatedly discussed what colors, textures and materials will be at the top this year: top-10 colors of the year announced by Pantone, innovations and dominating trends of the world’s biggest exhibitions and shows. Now, with almost a quarter of the year left behind,…

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    Tour Around an Araptment with New Smart Home Technologies

    Today’s tour around an interesting apartment interior is not quite ordinary – this time we’d rather focus on “smart” technologies used within the major rooms, than on their decorative details. We’ll use this flat to demonstrate the most important innovations in the sphere of Smart…

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    Billiards Room Interior Design Tips and Ideas

    Billiards, or pool, has many admirers, but having a personal billiard room at home is luxury that not everyone can afford. However, given some experience and knowledge, almost any room within a house or apartment can be designed for playing pool. The key point is…

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    Top Trend 2017: Flame Color

    We are glad to continue our review of Top 10 Colors for the Year 2017 announced by Pantone Organization, a global expert on colors. And today our attention is drawn to the warmest hue from this list – Flame….

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    Home Gym Interior Design Tips

    It goes without saying that sporting activities are essential for a full and healthy life. Exercises are the win-win way to remove tension, but all the fuss of a working week hardly leaves us time for hobbies, not to mention a ride to a fitness…

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    Vintage Handmade Fire Pit from a Treadle Sewing Machine

    As we already know from the previous post, Vadim Kuleshov is a skillful craftsman, an experienced gardener, a keen topiary expert and just a diverse self-taught nugget, who can create many beautiful garden things. Among them there is a vintage fire pit composed of spare…

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    Toxic Materials in Your Home – Find and Eliminate (Part 3)

    Finally, we came to the last portion of tips on finding and eliminating invisible hostiles in our homes – harmful and toxic substances hiding within our own walls.

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    Toxic Materials in Your Home – Find and Eliminate (Part 2)

    A man’s home is his castle, they say. But is this statement always absolutely true? Sometimes far more threats are hiding inside, not outside our homes. How to find and eliminate them? We’re continuing our overview of toxic materials in our homes.

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    Toxic Materials in Your Home – Find and Eliminate (Part 1)

    Terrible headache? A hard day at work is to blame. Sore throat? It must be a winter cold. Rash on the neck? It was a bad idea to eat so many sweets yesterday. We got used to finding reasons for our sicknesses in outside circumstance,…