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The contemporary world of interior design ideas with its diversity of styles, concepts, materials and layout options has multiple designer solutions in store for any wants and needs. The question is – how to choose and apply the right one, with a glance at your taste, intentions and means. Sounds familiar? Then the category of home design ideas is for you. It has absorbed a rich collection of décor solutions for every corner of your dwelling – from living room and bedroom to bathroom and garden. For a most rational utilization of your time and space, we paid special attention to gathering the most of storage ideas, closet ideas and hallway ideas. Inspired by our set of colour ideas, you will find out how to play around with colour within this or that interior style, in particular rooms and on different metric areas. And if you strive for uniqueness and individuality, then your categories are handmade ideas and vintage ideas. So browse, dream up and let your ideas come true!

  • 1-how-to-maximise-your-living-space-on-a-budget

    How to Maximise Your Living Space on a Budget

    Feeling a little too cosy? There’s no need to add an extension to your home in order to increase your living space. Using a few creative but effective interior design and layout tactics, you can upsize your home without sacrificing your entire budget.   Read…

  • the-rise-of-the-open

    The Rise of the Open Plan Bedroom & Bathroom

    They’re a mainstay of the luxury hotel industry, but a controversial topic amongst residential interior designers. Open plan bedrooms and bathrooms may not be the peak trend of mainstream design, but they’re rapidly catching on amongst a single, urban demographic seeking the ultimate in residential…

  • 7-beautiful curtains

    Cream and lilac color in the bedroom

    Cream color in the interior – it’s one of the most gentle and beautiful combinations that are very nice and lovely shades, but this scale is rarely used in interior design. We offer you a small selection of photos, where you can make a combination…

  • 7-blue baby

    Blue color in the interior

    Blue in color in the interior – it’s a beautiful and natural cold color. This color gives you the feeling of genuine freedom, flight, and space. Blue interior style can be attributed to the trend of “Empire”.

  • 6-beautiful oven

    Beautiful and comfortable sauna

    Each pattern begins with a steam bath, and its interior should be to equip a very comfortable and cozy. The sauna and steam all should be harmonious, in the bath are not welcome flashy and fanciful shapes, and bright colors are not welcome. The sauna…

  • 1-Japanese bathroom

    The interior in the Japanese style

    The interior in the Japanese style room cleanliness, harmony, and serenity. Every room in Japanese style to preserve the balance and hold the peace. In the Japanese style of all objects interact with each other.

  • 8-gingerbread on a Christmas tree

    Decorating ideas for Christmas trees

    A beautiful and merry Christmas tree would be the best and beautiful decoration. Decorating the Christmas tree can be composed not just of simple toys, but it could be other things and even food. For example, you can adorn your Christmas tree even frames with…

  • 9-pink sheep

    Making a child’s room

    Children’s room – it’s a magical place, where it will grow, and develop a child, and the more interesting and brighter it is, the more the child will be able to enjoy a dream and grow a happy baby. In the room where the boy…

  • 4-gray

    Beautiful design hallway

    Then finishing the hallway bathroom is to weigh the amount of spaceperson enters the apartment or house. Moreover once the interior will give a taste of the owners. When finishing the hallway bathroom is to consider the amount of space.

  • 5-fireplace for shoes

    Artificial fireplaces in the interior

    Arrange in a modern apartment real fireplace is very difficult, but man-made easily and there is always a possibility, in fact, you can build yourself. Much like the fireplace for the reason that it is a source of heat and hearth. Instead of real and…

  • 1-bright stripes

    Pros and Cons of Coloured Wood Flooring

    When choosing engineered flooring, you are presented with the option of creating a unique finish by using coloured oils. As we discovered on the possibilities are endless, and when done correctly, can generate a really interesting living space. However, there are of course pros…

  • 3-red and white

    Christmas Design festive table

    New Year – a holiday that brings joy, positivity and good humor. We provide you with exciting and interesting ideas for the holiday table decoration, these estimates can be claimed even every year. Arriving at your holiday table each year may be associated with an…

  • Foto: Martin von Brömssen

    Lace accessories and elements in the interior

    The utilization of the lace products in the interior began in France. Lace is very expensive and exquisite textiles and accessories, as all the work is done by hand. Each accessory is constructed of lace has a certain pattern that will always look elegant and…

  • 1-bright-neon-color-in-the-interior

    Bright neon color in the interior

    Such a smart interior and a beautiful brighten drab daily everyday life, it will bring new emotions, quite a couple of neon items , or some furniture that will be bright and interesting. To achieve a bright neon shade that complements crowbar apartment or house…

  • Voice Control Home Automation

    Voice Control Home Automation | Is it Fit for Your Home?

    It’s amazing how far technology has come in such a short period of time.  In little over a quarter of a century it has completely transformed the world we live in.  As time passes us by, the idea’s and innovation continue to expand beyond our…

  • 9-beautiful color

    Classic stylish fireplaces in the interior

    Fireplace in the autumn weather warms you with its warmth, and prepare for the winter season, too, would not hurt. If you have, perhaps, to install a fireplace, consider these ideas, they are sure you will be thrilled. Fireplaces come in different styles: American, French,…

  • 9

    Cupcakes for Halloween

    Pastries and cakes can be a good decoration for the holiday table. You can make a beautiful cake in orange, beautiful cupcakes or pumpkin. In the Halloween children dress up in various costumes and go from house to house begging candy, but it can be…

  • 7

    The interior Skulls for Halloween

    In addition to pumpkins in the interior can use a variety of skulls, for example you can use them as cookies. Some even manage to make one of confectionery products: cakes, cookies, candy and so on. For example, egg shells can be nice to paint…

  • 1

    10 dining tables for Halloween

    As Halloween has always come friends and served a festive and beautiful table, this table should be different from the ordinary everyday life is more scary accessories. Choose bright tablecloths, napkins, cups and cutlery.

  • 8-black Mirror

    10 ideas to decorate a fireplace in Halloween

    In the Halloween do not forget to decorate the fireplace is beautiful and interesting, because it is a place that is going through the evil spirits, and it can and should be protected from them. We have given you 10 ideas that will help you…

  • 7

    25 beautiful and colorful pumpkins

    Pumpkins come in various colors and can be beautifully decorated and more. We made a selection of 25 exciting and unique pumpkins. Perhaps you have an idea what or to his liking, and I want to make a pumpkin yourself.

  • 8

    Halloween for wild and domestic animals

    At Halloween, even animals can celebrate the holiday, they will certainly like pumpkin, not only as decoration but also as a delicacy. Some zoos every goal arrange a real treat animals, which they certainly hit the spot.

  • DSC_1243

    20 trendy and colorful pumpkins for Halloween

    Pumpkin does not have to be the standard – orange color, you can create a personalized and interesting pumpkin, which can be stylish and bright. For inspiration, we give you 20 interesting pumpkins that are decorated in a variety of ways.

  • 9-ready pumpkin

    Paper and beautiful pumpkin for Halloween

    If you do not have to buy a pumpkin, or just pressed for time, you can use the idea to make a beautiful pumpkin with their hands you will need some materials: – Paper several colors – Ribbons – Decorative berries and leaves