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  • 6-girls-room-interior-design-green-painted-wall-music-area-corner-curtainsed-piano-blue-plywood-tree-corner-wardrobe-transforming-desk-study-area

    Rooms for Twin Girls: So Similar & Different

    We all believe that we know what twins are. They’re similar. Identical hats, identical jackets, identical bags… Only a mother may say who is who. But if you ask this very mother, she is sure to say that actually her kids are absolutely different, both…

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    What Makes a Perfect Room for a Primary School Age Girl?

    When it comes to baby’s room design, it’s 100% predetermined by the taste of parents or a designer they hire. But a room for a primary school age girl is a completely different story. Firstly, such a kid’s room should please and inspire its little…

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    Stylish Mixed-Style Townhouse in Moscow Suburbs

    Scandinavian, English and shabby chic style seem to be totally incompatible within one interior. But the townhouse we’d like to show you today will prove the fact that these styles can and even should be mixed. You just have to do it properly.

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    Big Joy for Bulgari Fans: Another Gorgeous Hotel Opens in China

    The primary idea behind the new Bulgari Hotel, which has recently opened its doors for the first visitors in Beijing, was to create kind of a big-city resort. And this doesn’t seem surprising: the very district conjures up such images. Chaoyang is the green heart…

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    Super-Organized and Neat Teenager’s Room Interior

    This room with the total area of just 14 square meters belongs to a teenage girl. And the problem of this room was typical of almost any other room occupied by a very young person: it was just packed with stuff. Versatile pieces of free-standing…

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    A Real Houseboat: How Is It Equipped Inside and Outside?

    Many people dream about living on the shore of a beautiful sea or a picturesque lake. But laws of many countries do not permit to construct houses and saunas directly on the waterfront. Still, there is a good alternative – why not build a house…

  • 10-wheat-heads-in-a-wooden-plant-holder-container-multicolor-felt-wall-covering-eco-style-office-decor-of-agricultural-company

    Cheerful & Cozy Office Interior Inspired by Van Gogh’s Fields

    Fortunately, almost gone are the days when an office was a place, where one was supposed to come to in a suit and tie and everything from the floor to the ceiling was monochrome gray. Today’s employers have finally understood the importance of setting creative…

  • 3-Italian-villa-exterior-design-by-Osvaldo-Borsani-stone-path-walkway-potted-pink-plant-flowers-Holy-Virgin-Maria-icon-in-the-garden

    Osvaldo Borsani’s Villa of 1940s: Timeless Design & Art-Deco

    Today we’d like to take you on an exclusive trip to the villa of a prominent Italian architect of the 20th century Osvaldo Borsani (1911-1985). You’d be amazed to find how contemporary and up-to-date an interior created back in 1940s may look. This private villa…

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    Stunning Contemporary Chalet in the Heart of Canadian Woods

    A house in chalet style is just what one needs for a country covered with forests and hills and being reigned by winter and plenty of snow most of the time. But this fact doesn’t mean that this house should look like a hut in…

  • 7-1-Giorgio-Armani-Casa-by-Rubelli-luxurious-home-textile-upholstery-fabrics-in-interior-design-grey-beige-greige-color-naturalistic-theme-Japanese-pattern-coffee-table-sofa-couch-throw-pillow

    Giorgio Armani and His Interiors (Part 3)

    To make furniture by Armani, one needs materials by Armani. In particular, fabrics used for upholstering furniture and designing interiors by Armani/Casa are created in cooperation with the Rubelli Company. This brand is in Top-3 of the world’s leading textile manufacturers and also doesn’t limit…

  • 6-3-new-Baa-collection-2017-by-Roca-bathroom-design-by-Giorgio-Armani-luxurious-premium-wash-basins-soap-dispenser-greige-shagreen-texture-matte-gold-mixer-taps-mirrors-elegant-classical-smooth-shapes

    Giorgio Armani and His Interiors (Part 2)

    That is why both furniture and clothes by Armani are recognizable by their minimalistic, brutal, masculine lines, clear geometry and reserved colors. In interiors his favorite clothes color couple – black and white – is complemented by versatile shades of brown (and especially wenge) and…

  • 2-3-Armani-Casa-luxurious-interior-design-beige-sofa-living-room-black-coffee-table-curtains-floor-lamp-couch-pillows

    Giorgio Armani and His Interiors (Part 1)

    The other day the great designer celebrated his 83rd birthday and by this age he has managed to become a benchmark in almost all the spheres connected with the world of design. Of course, our special interest refers to the interior aspect of his job….

  • 1-1-the-most expensive-home-in-USA-beyonce-jay-z-Los-Angeles-bel-air-luxurious-exterior-design-white-4-storey-mansion-palms-swimming-pool-helipad-panoramic-windows-garage

    Beyonce & Jay Z Bought the Most Expensive Home in the USA

    Beyonce, the highest-paid singer of the world for the year 2017, and her husband, a famous American rapper and businessman Jay Z, who became parents of newly-born twins just a month ago and now have 3 kids total, have just bought a gorgeous mansion in…

  • 2-creative-beautiful-school-laboratory-interior-design-for-home-economics-classes-white-kitchen-cooking-area-bright-multi-colored-backsplash-folding-doors-desks-island-multifunctional

    The Coolest School Laboratory Interior We’ve Ever Seen

    Well, someone is so lucky to study in such a creative, bright and non-standard place! Maybe, if our schools looked like this, we would have never missed our classes!

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    Dreams Come True: Girl’s Bedroom Inspired by the “Frozen” Cartoon

    Before getting down to interior design of a kid’s room we should be aware that the best expert in this sphere is…the kid. Every child knows exactly how his or her dream bedroom should look like. Of course, we mean the choice of style and…

  • 3-creative-small-house-in-Melbourne-suburbs-Australia-white-brick-exterior-wall-with-hello-word-narrow-tall-window-panoramic-windows-garage-entrance

    Unconventional Welcoming House Finished & Furnished with Veneer

    If you think that common veneer is good only for rough interior finishes, this Australian house will make you change your mind. And we’ll share with you a secret feature that helps this cheap material look interesting and make life easier!

  • 2-old-country-house-interior-design-vintage-style-aged-floor-fireplace-book-shelves-arm-chair-living-room-reading-nook-floral-pattern

    15 Ideas for Stylish Country Living Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

    When it comes to moving to the countryside, our mind unintentionally conjures up images of a tiny old chumble-down log cabin. Today we decided to challenge this common misconception and tell you a story of a family couple, who moved to a wonderful cottage filled…

  • 5-2-Mattel-office-interior-design-Russia-Moscow-toys-seller-meeting-room-narrow-long-elongated-space-white-faux-brick-walls-Barbie-wall-art-pictures-pink-chairs-exposed-ceiling-wires

    Mattel’s New Office: How Toys Sellers Work, Dine & Relax

    Mattel is the world’s biggest transnational corporation creating Barbie and Monster High dolls, Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, and baby toys by Fisher Price and owning loads of other brands. Its Moscow headquarters has recently moved to a new office with the total area of…

  • 4-new-refreshed-renovated-Microsoft-office-headquarters-in-Moscow-interior-design-ceiling-mounted-floating-suspended-ball-arm-chair-transparent-beige-cushion-lounge-zone

    Sneak Peek at Upgraded Microsoft’s Office Interiors in Moscow

    Over the past five years the Microsoft Company have changed their logo, mission and strategy. Now it’s time for their international office interiors. Following the renovation of headquarters in Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries the Russian office also went through refurbishment. It took…

  • 4-kid's-playroom-toddler-room-interior-design-window-sill-bench-carved-wooden-decor-grass-shaped-wall-tree-fly-agaric-ottomans-fairy-tale-magical-woodland

    Magical Kid’s Playroom Designed in Style of a Forest Fairy-Tale

    Do you want your kid to feel like a fairy-tale hero in a forest glade? Create an exclusive playroom for him or her! It’s possible even in irregular-shaped areas with low and sloped ceilings. Thus, Mollie Openshaw, a designer from Washington, managed to make her…

  • 1-2-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Carla-Fracci-ballet-bar-pure-total-white-bedroom-interior-design

    8 Inspiring Interiors of Famous Italian Women

    Today we’d like to show you in what beautiful and comfortable houses modern women may live. A writer, a wine-shop owner, a bank clerk, a ballet dancer, a fashion designer, a sportswoman… Interested?

  • 3-1-kids-toddler-room-bedroom-playroom-interior-design-idea-girl's-little-mermaid-sea-style-gray-canopy-bed-carved-orange-headboard-console-desk-curved-legs-shelving-unit-blue-bedspread-elegant

    10 Amazing Kids’ Room Interiors with Inspiring Play Zones

    What do kids want? To play, of course! At daytime they do it on playgrounds, during school breaks and in their Grandma’s country houses. But when the evening comes and a hut of branches (i.e. chairs and blankets) is already built, a pillow Everest is…

  • 6-contemporary-style-interior-design-open-concept-dining-living-room-lounge-patio-exit-panoramic-windows-light-port-river-view-beige-chairs-with-rivets-wooden-table-metal-chandelier-lamp-sofa-blue-accents

    Port Watch: Gorgeous New England House on the Bank of the River

    The story of this house started like a dream. The future masters, Heather and Greg Burke, spent sweet summer on their boat in the Kennebunkport and admired the view of a secluded cottage on the bank of the river. Its location was perfect from all…

  • 00-cozy-beautiful-courtyard-style-covered-food-market-interior-design-Danilovsky-market-in-Moscow-foodstuffs-garland-lights

    How Should a Food Market Be Designed to Attract Thousands of People?

    The Danilovsky Food Market in Moscow was built back in the USSR era, over 30 years ago, by two architects – Gavriil Akulov and Felix Novikov. Its building hasn’t seen capital repairs till 2017, when the covered market got into the skillful hands of the…