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    Bright Attic Interior Design with Diagonal Furniture Arrangement

    Today we’ll show you a re-made attic interior design. It is definitely memorable in all aspects: color scheme, layout, decoration and functionality. The owners’ only wish regarding their future interior was a bold bright color palette. The designer team decided to develop this idea further and…

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    Refined Chalet Design in the French Ski Resort

    Having a house of one’s own in the French Alps is a golden dream of any downhill skier. And this chalet featuring all the possible elements for full-fledged recreation of families and friends would please anyone. In Megeve, a world famous ski resort, there are…

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    Solo Per Due: Italian Restaurant Just for Two

    Italy is well-known for its splendid nature, wonderful architecture, amazing cuisine and hospitable people. And finding it all rolled into one is possible, if you take a trip to Vacone commune north of Rome.  Here you can find a wonderful restaurant called “Solo Per Due”.

  • 14-Barack-Obama-the-Oval-Office-White-House-interior-design-neo-classical-style

    The Oval Office of the White House and Its Interiors

    After the official inauguration of Donald Trump we, as people interested in interior design, expect the changes of the most important office of the United States of America – the Oval Office of the White House. We are wondering how much it will change with…

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    Eco-Style Office Interior Design Project

    Traditionally the responses are not unanimous as to whether the office interior design must be performed in one style. Some businessmen believe that each room of the office space must be unique and authentic, or it’d be boring and dull. But professional designers traditionally insist…

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    Marvelous Chalet with Scarlet Accents in Meribel, France

    The interior of this marvelous chalet in the French Alps certainly cannot be called boring. The thing is that the designer team decided to diversify traditionally neutral chalet-style interior with some bright accents. And the house did not lose its relaxing spirit and recreational atmosphere….

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    Big Laconic and Minimalist Scandinavian-Style House

    Willing to change their urban lifestyle once and forever, a family of three decided to buy a house in the suburbs. Thereby financial aspect was not the most vital. What was far more important for the family was the architecture and attractive layout.  They didn’t…

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    Minimalist Chalet in Chamonix, France

    Interiors created especially for winter recreation must spacious, comfortable, functional and minimalist – without any extra décor or details. This statement is absolutely relevant to today’s chalet interior design.

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    White Nights: Big Scandinavian Family House in Finland

    One day a family couple with 4 kids decided to improve their living conditions. The city dwelling that would be suitable in several respects – location, layout and total area – appeared to be too expensive, and the parents considered moving to the suburbs. The…

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    Wooden House in Chalet Style with Fairy-Tale Scenes

    Today’s interior is not something we’re used to seeing and at the same very natural and balanced. If you are looking for original ideas of color, texture and shape combinations, or just have warmest sympathy towards wooden houses – you will definitely like this chalet….

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    Organic Boho Chic Summer House in Sweden

    Today we will focus on the interior that can be deemed exemplary for those who tend to rustic interiors, rural lifestyle and rest in the countryside. Summer houses of Swedish artists are something to admire. And though the mistress of the house is not a…

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    New “European-Style” Life of Wooden House Interior

    A typical log house of brownish yellow color in the suburbs was in urgent need of refreshment: it was so dull and standard that the hosts got tired of its “countryside look”. For this reason they hired a couple of architects and interior designers. The…

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    Naturalistic Attic Interior Design

    This attic interior is a unique combination of modern comfort and beauty of living nature, style and coziness. Natural textures coupled with naturalistic color scheme create the sense of soothing silence, blurring the borders between the interior and a pine forest outside the house. Each…

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    “Old Chest” Interior: Attic in Russian Provence Style

    If you are a lucky owner of a house with attic, but still wonder how to arrange it in a stylish and functional way, this post is just for you. Today we will give you a few ideas on how to make your attic room…

  • 21-vintage-style-beige-and-turquoise-turkish-bath-hammam-sauna-interior-bird-theme-decor-pattern-mosaic-wall-picture

    How to Arrange a Full-Fledged Sauna: Real Life Example

    We enjoy telling you stories of houses, offices, gardens and apartment interiors, while supplementary buildings are usually set aside. That’s why today we decided to tell you a story of a fascinating cozy sauna including a rest room, a spa zone and a gorgeous hammam.

  • 0-provence-gustavian-style-work-room-workshop-grayish-blue-walls-white-wooden-ceiling-wall-decor-swedish-stove

    Small Female Paradise: Dream Workshop Design in Gustavian Style

    Probably, almost any national TV-channel has a show, in which professional interior designers create something special for common people. Today you will see what a lovely and inspiring workshop was designed for a Russian woman by one of the central TV-channels. Tanya is an advertiser…

  • 13-swiss-minimalist-modern-architecture-house-with-terrace-concrete-and-wood

    Swiss Simplicity: Modern-Style Family House

    What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “Swiss simplicity”? Probably, something laconic, definitely modern-style and surely concentrated on natural materials, such as wood, stone, glass and steel. The same image was in the minds of a Swiss family couple with 2 kids…

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    Gorgeous Blue & White Hospital Interior

    Do you know a hospital where you would like to get and spend some time? Probably, no. And we do know such a place – the interiors of this modern hospital are so amazing that people would definitely want to come back here again and…

  • 3-unusual-glass-house-panoramic-windows-forest-view

    Unique Glass House in Moscow Suburbs: Part 4 – Interiors

    Gradually we came to the interiors of the glass house with a splendid forest view, unique architecture, lighting system and engineering details. Let’s finally have a look at the rooms!

  • 3-unusual-glass-house-panoramic-windows-forest-view

    Unique Glass House in Moscow Suburbs: Part 3 – Engineering

    Once we have got an insight into the architectural and lighting details of the unique glass house in Moscow suburbs, let’s find out some interesting engineering details of this splendid project.

  • 8-vintage-american-country-style-wooden-house-living-room-with-panoramic-windows-fireplace

    American-Style House in Moscow Suburbs

    Most of the stuff for this house, including furniture and décor, was ordered from the USA, but despite its accordance with canons of American style, this house looks pretty integral with Moscow suburbs.

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    Gorgeous Spa Mansion in the Swiss Alps

    This marvelous mansion in the Swiss mountains can be taken for a French chalet or an old-aged medieval castle. Actually this is a modern spa complex, which would be highly appreciated by a family of spies J

  • 0-world's-smallest-hotel-guinness-book-records-face-of-building

    World’s Smallest Hotel: Its Romantic History and Interiors

    Beach vacation for two and a date on the Eifel Tower is not something new already. If you’re looking for fresh ideas, plan a trip to Germany, to the hotel with an incredible and very romantic history.

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    Singapore House by Hyla Architects

    In a slim plot in urban Singapore, a new contemporary home rises from amidst a concealed garden. The house on Jln Angin Laut by Hyla Architects is one of many architectural marvels comprising a celebrated contemporary movement in Singapore, and this home is certainly a…