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Stylishness, functionality and coziness are inseparable in modern kitchens. This category dwells on how to apply this attitude to all kitchen zones – cooking, dining, storing and dishwashing ones. If your concern is a small kitchen design, you’ll be happy to learn multiple tricks giving the illusion of extra space – everything about lighting, coloring, furnishing and layout on confined space. Inspired by our kitchen storage ideas, find out new ways to utilize previously dead space and organize your cooking requisites in a most convenient way. Also available in this category are numerous ideas for kitchen islands, which are becoming a common feature of contemporary kitchens due to their exceptional functionality.

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    How to Organize a Kitchen Island: Part 1 – General Aspects

    During the last decade kitchen islands have earned well-deserved recognition among professionals of the culinary world and restaurateurs. Gradually this interesting detail of kitchen layout has penetrated into our households. If you’re still puzzling over whether you need or don’t need a kitchen island, this…

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    A Guide to Kitchen Finishes and Why They Matter

    We keep hearing it, but it’s true. The kitchen really is the heart of the home. If you are embarking on a kitchen redesign project, you’ll be thinking about all sorts of design aspects from storage through to lighting and perhaps most importantly of all,…

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    Fresh Kitchen Gadgets That Make Our Lives Easier

    The more complicated the world around us gets, the less time we have left for simplest things – like cooking a breakfast or baking a cake on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately. However, designers and engineers from all over the world keep supplying us with new gadgets…

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    Dutch-Style Kitchen for a Big-Family Mother

    Have you ever watched a tiny kitchen being transformed into a comfortable place for a big family? Today’s post is dedicated to such an interesting interior design project: the initial kitchen zone comprised of just a sink and a stove located in a tiny nook…

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    5 Ideas of Recipe Organization

    Your recipe book is a bunch of sheets of paper with grease stains? This is definitely not encouraging to cook more at home. An orderly system of recipe storage can be a nice motivation and inspiration, and today we’d like to offer you a few…

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    How to Store Pot Lids: 8 Options for Any Kitchen

    You don’t know where to keep your pot and pan lids so that it was convenient, space-saving and silent? We have collected a bunch of ideas for you – life will definitely get easier and happier. We guarantee. There are several options for any kitchen…

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    What Kitchen Color is the Most Favorite in the World?

    You must have heard about the existence of the so-called “national taste” concept, which has a certain influence on interior designs in different countries of the world. A group of designers decided to check whether this concept works in kitchen interior designs. How did the…

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    How to make your kitchen bigger

    The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but what do you do when things get a bit too cramped for comfort? While there are many ways that you can maximise the space in your existing kitchen, there may come a time when extra…

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    10 most beautiful Kitchen

    Small apartment is not a cause to break up a small kitchen. Small kitchen can also be beautiful and smart. Kitchen interior can be lustrous and colorful. Small kitchen can be not only light, but also can be important in darker shades to create the…

  • Purple and lilac kitchen in the interior

    Purple color was considered always very interesting and beautiful magical. When using purple in the interior must be real thrifty. The violet color is rich in several shades, which can be as drab and clear. In the design of purple kitchen are best suited, dark…

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    20 modern kitchens in Scandinavian style

    Scandinavian-style kitchen – is compatible of the Rococo style, the classics. Today we look at 20 beautiful kitchens in Scandinavian style. Scandinavian style is perfect for those who loves simplicity, functionality, and classics, who like shabby furniture. Scandinavian style is perfect for very small and…

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    Bright kitchen in retro style

    Kitchen in retro style emphasizes mood, warmth and comfort room. Retro style may look modern, but it is not. Many people like this style, and many use it in its interior. The interior fabrics are only changed to a more modern, and beautiful. Retro style…

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    15 modern and beautiful kitchen

    This collection there is a lovely 15 kitchens in the darkest black in 2013 became popular, and fun for all to see.

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    Country Style Kitchens

    I used to think that a kitchen was a kitchen. I never realised that there were so many different types of kitchen. I first heard of country style kitchens about twenty five years ago. Again, I have to display my ignorance, I never realised that…

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    Orange kitchen in the interior

    Everyone knows that the orange color is not entirely uplifting, but also appetite! Orange color is perfect for the interiors of those people who live in cold climates, and they need heat. Sunny color adds joy to the interior.

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    10 cuisine options in Scandinavian style

    Scandinavian style is always different from other modes of restraint, and tranquility and its brevity. Scandinavian style is very comfy and cozy. Scandinavian style has become very popular lately. Bright kitchen always looks really beautiful, harmonious, a place where you want to create culinary masterpieces….

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    Bright and beautiful kitchen

    Bright kitchen has only recently entered the fashion minimalist earlier welcomed, bright color. Also, before all the dishes were a standard shape, figure, with regular patterns. But in 2013 the fashion for bright colors challenges its significance. Moreover brighter shades can be combined with simple,…

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    Modern kitchen in classical style

    Classic style cuisine typical of elegant forms, and for the presence of the elegant furniture or accessories. Furnished in a classical setting should be low-key, with bed shades. The spacious kitchen has a possible use of stucco, you can use the gilding, beautiful baseboards, gilding,…

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    White modern kitchen in the interior

    White kitchen interior with a classic, and white kitchens are very popular dishes in this style look very luxurious, this color will give your interior a lot of freshness. White kitchen – this is the best option for kitchen design. All the designers are very…

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    The combination of colors in the kitchen

    The kitchen in chocolate color blends well with lemon hue, two very contrasting colors and beautiful, they are very complementary, and the kitchen in white looks really elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Bar stools metallic colors look very harmonious.

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    Functional and beautiful kitchen

    The kitchen has a rounded shape, refers to the futuristic, the kitchen was created by designers Ferrari. The kitchen itself is made is made of aircraft components, stainless steel.

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    The kitchen in the style of Shabby – Chic

    Shabby Chic style is air and interesting feature – ease in the interior. We must choose a beautiful and elegant old furniture, you can give the old days and attrition. Better to give preference to white or beige color, the furniture should be made of…

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    “Graft” – Series of Disposable Tableware

    Texture and form in nature autonomously exist with a function that we can borrow to serve the purpose of artificial objects. A celery stem for example, acts as handle for the fork; a petal of artichoke then becomes the bowl of spoon.

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    Black & White Kitchen Designs

    Black & white is classic. It goes perfectly well in all premises in the house. Today we’ll focus on black and white kitchens. This color scheme is ideal for both modern and traditional kitchens. You can choose between: White kitchen cabinets with silver handles and…