• Table-lamp-XXVI-night-6-handmade-carved-hand-crafted-light-by-Przemek-Krawczyński-Poland -from-natural-materials

    Astonishing Handcrafted Lamps Made from Tropical Pumpkins

    Can you imagine a craftsman, who spends a whole year to create just three lamps? And in doing so he works full time and spends his days mastering his skills and trying to make every new lamp more astonishing than the previous one? Such a…

  • 1-1-Float-Lamp-by-Sklo-Czech-spherical-glass-shade-round-circular-floor-table-desk-hand-blown-incandescent-light-bulb

    Air Bubbles: 6 Trendy Spherical Lamp Designs

    In recent times lamps and home accessories in the shape of a sphere or its distorted air-bubble version are more and more gaining ground in the world of lighting design. We selected a few lamps of different brands going in line with this trend: neutral…

  • 4-1-outdoor-garden-landscape-lighting-ideas-rope-string-holiday-lights-bulbs-fireplace-patio-big-sofa-seating-area-dining-table-chairs-cozy

    Outdoor Lighting: 6 Inspiring Ideas & 60 Amazing Photos

    The season of pleasant journeys to the countryside, happy strolls along the gardens and little family get-togethers in gazebos is about to begin. And we were wondering how to make these happy moments even more powerful and cozier with the help of the right lighting….

  • 3-I-Flauti-hand-blown-Murano-glass-suspended-lamp-LED-bulb-hand-turned-brass-ring-design-by-Giopato-&-Coombes-Italy-multicolored

    I Flauti: Amazing Hand-Blown Murano Glass Lamps

    It must be very joyful to feel involved in reviving good centuries-old traditions of your country and the entire globe, be engaged in preserving the world’s cultural heritage and give new life to unique ancient craftsmanship. Certainly this was what the English-Italian design team Giopato…

  • 00-IKEA-wireless-smart-home-lights-bulbs-remote-control-dimmer-switch-Tradfri

    “Tradfri”: IKEA Launches a Collection of Smart Home Lights

    This April the world famous furniture giant IKEA takes a more active approach on the market of wireless technologies and smart home systems. A little earlier the company presented its series of wireless charging furniture with built-in charging spots and pads. Now, as soon as…

  • 00-Gweilo-Lights-hand-sculpted-floor-standing-lamp-LED-optircal-grade-acrylic-by-Partisans-Toronto-Canada-designer

    Gweilo Light by Partisans: Fairy-Tale Canvas Woven with Light

    The Partisans is a five-year-old architecture & design studio located in Toronto, Canada. The company has recently won a silver prize in the “Floor Lamps” category at European Product Design Awards 2017 for their innovative sculptural standing light dubbed “Gweilo”.

  • ceiling-lamp-large-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass

    Glamour Collection of Lamps by Serip Inspired by Winter Trees

    Have you ever heard anything about the concept of “verticalism”? In fact it’s quite fresh and appeared relatively recently, in the sphere of architecture. As you know, the brand new trend that overwhelmed the world of architecture in the 20th century was the willingness to…

  • 0-creative-lamp-ideas-DIY-hand-made-colander-IKEA-pendant-multicolor

    5 Non-Trivial Decorative Lighting Ideas

    Impressions of any interior depend first and foremost on proper lighting: the right light can emphasize colors and textures, outline different functional zones, and a non-trivial lighting fixture can become a bright interior accent. Today we have selected 5 nice ideas who want their lights…

  • 0-pure-talents-contest-IMM-cololgne-2017-label-sign

    Best Young Designers’ Pieces of IMM Cologne 2017

    Every winter the German city of Cologne hosts the most important furniture show in the world – International Möbel Messe (IMM Cologne). By tradition, this year the exhibition was also held in the middle of January and set the top trends for the new year…

  • 9-Serip-lamp-lighting-in-interior-design-at-Maison-and-&-Objet-2017-Exhibition-trade-fair-Paris

    Best of Maison & Objet 2017: Lamps

    During five winter days, on 20-24 January, 2017, Paris hosted one of the greatest and most significant interior design trade fairs of the world - Maison & Objet 2017. It gathered the most beautiful designs of furnishing, lighting, home décor and textile and invited the most…

  • 0-DIY-old-sweater-remake-ideas-hand-made-textile-lamp

    DIY: How to Make a Lamp from an Old Sweater

    An old sweater that no one will ever wear and no one dares to throw away can be found in almost any wardrobe. Today is its finest hour! You must be wondering how this unsightly piece of clothing can make you a happy owner of…

  • 15-Brand-van-Egmond-designer-handcrafted-unusual-crystal-ceiling-lamp-chandelier-Arthur-stainless-steel-nickel-color

    What Inspires Modern Lamp Designers: Real Life Examples

    The Dutch architect William Brand and sculptor Annet van Egmond created their first chandelier out of plain steel wire back in 1988. And it was destined to become a symbol of modern designer lighting. Then appeared Brand van Egmond Company, which built its success on three…

  • 0-moscow-christmas-lights-festival-2016-2017-new-year-city-illumination-light-installations

    Christmas Lights in Moscow 2017

    Moscow is shining and sparkling in multiple festive lights, which means just one thing – New Year is about to come! It’s hard to resist a gasp of surprise when you first see such a magical beauty. Designers from Russia, France, Italy and other countries…

  • 3-unusual-glass-house-panoramic-windows-forest-view

    Unique Glass House in Moscow Suburbs: Part 2 – Lighting

    Today we will continue the story of a unique entirely glass house situated in a Russian forest. In the previous post we spoke about its architecture and philosophical background, and now we’ll move on to its lighting system. It deserves a separate article and you’ll…

  • 5-diy-hand-made-mason-jar-chandelier-lamp

    DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

    Do you still throw away used mason jars? And tinkerers have already come up with a nice idea to re-use them. Find out how common jars may be turned into unique glass globes for bulbs.

  • 1-fajno-design-belarus-unusual-bird-shaped-lamp

    The “Bird Lamp”: Story of Long-Awaited Designer Lamp

    In 2012 three young designers from the country of Belarus have made a sketch of a desk Bird Lamp. Its design turned out to be so good that images of this lamp have winded up all over big interior design magazines and social networks. Everyone…

  • 8-bedroom-lighting-living-wall-hi-tech-headboard-zone

    Bedroom Lighting: 14 Interior Design Projects

    Modern interior designers have plenty of ideas for bedroom lighting. And this is quite reasonable. Bedroom is the most intimate room of the house – not every guest may get an access to it. It must be cozy at any time of the day, as…

  • 1-light-in-interior-warm-woman-cooking-in-the-kitchen

    New LED Bulbs: How They Influence Hormones, Interiors and Budgets?

    Short winter days call for good and comfortable lighting in our homes. Nowadays light is not just a bulb: it has a great influence on our physiology and emotional well-being, advances our biorhythms, gets us fired up for work in the morning and helps to…

  • 2_cr-worlds-biggest-chandelier-worlds-biggest-chandelier-Jumeirah-Bilgah-Hote-Baku.jpg

    The World’s Biggest Chandelier: Baku vs. Doha

    Have you ever thought about what dimensions the world’s biggest chandelier might have? Can you imagine a 58-meter long chandelier? It does exist. In Jumeirah Bilgah Hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan.  It runs through 18 floors of a 20-storey hotel building and weighs about 12,000 kilos….

  • 1-The lamp in the form of branches

    The lamp in the form of branches

    The lamp was produced in the shape of a small sprig of designer Peter Yong Fa, this lamp he called Kaji, in Korean, “branch”, and he was inspired by nature and made such a beautiful lamp in minimalist fashion. A lamp made from a simple…

  • 7-beautiful sofa

    Good examples of brightly lit rooms

    Ukrainian architect creates interiors with beautiful and soft lighting, her intentions are simply breathtaking and striking in their beauty. This reflects the architect of the most magnificent and interesting idea, using bright interiors. This pizza is made charming and bright interior, natural colors are chosen,…

  • 1-silhouette-lamp-by-m-parsons

    Silhouette Lamp by M Parsons

    Silhouette Lamp is a minimalist design created by Australia-based designer M Parsons. The inspiration of the design was taken from the traditional lightbulb, but the rest of the design relies heavily on creating an aesthetic that is as airy and simple as possible. The light…

  • 1-reverie-lamp-by-sergio-guijarro

    Reverie Lamp by Sergio Guijarro

    Made up of 25 metal thin rods, this lamp switches on by touching the metal structure, whose form has been taken from a minimalist random geometry, that can be borrowed from any object. A design that makes the most of the voids as well.

  • 3-a black space

    Charming light on the company Serralunga

    Charming and great lighting in the shape of a lamp called – Lady Mary and Miss Jane, they were built in a beautiful office Serralunga. These wonderful lamps are made as a miss and lady bulbs have the same shape but a different color, with…