• 4-the-company-atelje-lyktan

    Industrial lamp from the company ateljé Lyktan

    Modern Stockholm studio Form Us with Love has made an interesting industrial lamp for the popular brand ateljé Lyktan. The lamp is called Plug Lamp, it is so named because it has a built-in socket that can be utilized for other household activities, such as…

  • 1-minimalist-twisted-light

    Minimalist Twisted Light

    Those twisted coiled telephone cords we all grew up with are quickly disappearing from our homes and offices as everyone uses cell phones and wireless phones in place of traditional corded phones. Now there is a new use for those twisted cords that is cool…

  • 5-details

    Lampione by Violaine d’Harcourt

    French designer Violaine d’Harcourt will present ‘Lampione‘, a lighting family presenting the association of noble materials shaped by craftmen from all walks of life. The designer’s work allowed to assemble these elements in three precious and poetic lamps.

  • 1-folded-lightning-collection-by-ariel-zuckerman

    “Folded” Lightning Collection by Ariel Zuckerman

    Israeli product designer Ariel Zuckerman recently shared an interesting lighting collection with us, inspired by the Japanese art of Origami. According to the project developer, the “Folded” series deals with the physical tension applied on a two dimensional sheet. Using techniques such as folding, stretching…

  • recycled_pulp_lamp_vaseII_4

    “Calyx of Flower I” Paper Pulp Pendant Lamp

    I make pulp from the newspapers, which flood us with information every day. The content of daily news is slowly digested, and at the end of the day land forgotten in the waste basket. This conglomeration of unwanted, chewed up information has become a base…

  • 1-grandma-by-nico-goebel

    Grandma by Nico Goebel

    It was a running joke in studio that we would lasercut all of our furniture for the post-college life before we were forever locked out by the fab lab’s doors. Lasercutting isn’t at all reserved merely for large builds, but rather, its logic and precision…

  • coral_ball_lamps

    5 Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting

    Here are the top five reasons to choose energy efficient lighting over more traditional forms.

  • 1-pendant-lamps-by-manolito-manolita

    Pendant Lamps by Manolito & Manolita

    In the presence of Colimbo, you can almost taste the salt in the air from the Aegean Sea that borders the islands of Greece. Named after the diver bird, these pendant lamps interface with both sky and sea. Featuring the use of both hard and…

  • 1-bulb-shaped-chandelier-by-kulyev

    Bulb Shaped Chandelier by Kulyev

    Russian designer Kulyev decided to have a little fun with one of his recent lighting designs. He created an indented area in the ceiling of a home and then proceeded to turn it into a fascinating chandelier. Within the indentation he painted the outlines of…

  • 1-demi-lamp-by-mattias-stenberg

    Demi Lamp by Mattias Stenberg

    Demi Lamp is a minimalist design created by Sweden-based designer Mattias Stenberg. Mattias Stenberg has designed a glass sculpture illuminated from the inside, highlighting the brilliance of the mouth-blown glass and creating a warm ambient light. The two glass parts are made by hand using…

  • table_lamp_ash_1_resize

    Wooden Table Lamp Made from Ash

    Lamp for table made entirely from wood – ash. It has no nails. Can be easily assemble and disassemble. You don’t need any tools to do it. Height is adjustable. This design is in 100 % eco-friendly, it requires the use led bulb which is…