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Any lounge is unique by its functions, since it’s a room for both family relaxing and receiving guests. That is why living room interior design has to be cozy and tasteful at the same time. To make the process of living room decoration a most enjoyable experience for you, in this category we will hit the high spots. With our comprehensive guide on living room wall designs, you will find out more about modern decorative materials, color gammas and concepts, and use of versatile décor details in different styles – from classic to hi-tech. If your interest is a fresh country living room interior, you will definitely fall in love with our collection of images featuring pastel wallpapers, natural flowers and rocking chairs. Also here you will find tips on decorating retro living rooms, art-style lounges and oriental interiors. The most appropriate decision for small spaces is a modern living room – plain and minimalist. And for those fond of contrasts, useful will be black and white living room ideas. Start browsing our living room design ideas right now, get your inspiration and enjoy the results!

  • 9-A bright room

    10 bright living room in orange

    Using the orange color, you can achieve a good result, as a rule, and most often orange, used as accents to create a cozy and beautiful interior. You can create a bright and beautiful living room. Also, the orange color is used to adjust the…

  • 7-sofas

    10 beautiful modern living rooms

    Living is made in a modern style is all very quickly and beautifully. One of the German companies inspire their digital technology. Furniture Suitable for all cut-outs for devices, special compartments, drawers. This furniture is designed with a bull’s mind

  • 3-white living room

    Moroccan style in the living room

    The Moroccan style is a bold mix of colors and textures of materials. In modern Moroccan interior perfectly get complex patterns of local peoples, nomadic style, bordering on rude and European building materials and furniture. This combination creates a unique flavor and gives the interior…

  • 10-round table

    Chocolate color for the living room

    Chocolate color in the interior can have a variety of its elements: furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, drapes, and accessories. It all depends on what is the concentration of chocolate you need in a particular interior. If the choice fell on the walls and floors, in…

  • 8-beautiful chair

    Beautiful living room turquoise

    Turquoise color in the interior of the living room looks incredibly beautiful, this color has a special power that it became known to the ancient people. This beautiful color is very much appreciated by many cultures, turquoise stone color was a symbol of truth and…

  • 10-beautiful patterns

    New design ideas for living room

    Living room should be the most spacious and comfortable in the house, so you can relax and unwind. The living room should be functionally convenient, it is also an important combination of convenience and beauty of style. During the arrangement of the living room you…

  • 3-bright cushions

    The interior living room in a modern style

    Living room – this room which is to provide special attention should reflect the taste and personality of character home is also considered that this room shows the financial position, and can tell a lot about everyone who lives in the house.