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    10 Fresh Bedroom Interior Ideas from Designers’ Instagrams

    If you’re about to start your bedroom redecoration, this article is worth reading, as it will surely give you a bunch of ideas and a stream of inspiration. If you’re a designer or a constructor, it’s worth reading for the sake of seeing what your…

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    How to Marry Style and Security in Your Home

    Style and security don’t always go hand in hand. More often than not security products are designed for function over fashion, and it can be hard to make them fit within with the aesthetic that you’re trying to create in your home. Let’s take a…

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    Summer Cottage Living Room Decoration + Amazing DIY Ideas

    In small summer cottages one room can have absolutely versatile purposes depending on the needs of its inhabitants. In our today’s project the biggest room in the summer house plays the role of a dining room and a lounge for the whole family and a…

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    The Countryside Idyll: How to Refresh a Cottage Living Room?

    Sometimes all you need to magically transform a room is just a can of paint and a few meters of sweet fabric. An original color scheme and textile of versatile colors and textures are nice means for refreshing an interior quickly and inexpensively. And this…

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    Port Watch: Gorgeous New England House on the Bank of the River

    The story of this house started like a dream. The future masters, Heather and Greg Burke, spent sweet summer on their boat in the Kennebunkport and admired the view of a secluded cottage on the bank of the river. Its location was perfect from all…

  • 3-Swan-chair-drop-chair-design-by-Arne-Jacobsen-1958-total-gray-interior

    Danish Style in Interior Design: What Is It?

    We on HomeKlondike know so much about Scandinavian interiors. In fact, it sometimes seems like this is the most popular style of interior design projects. However, Scandinavia includes a few countries, and in each of them Scandinavian interior style has some distinguishing features. And the…

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    How Should a Food Market Be Designed to Attract Thousands of People?

    The Danilovsky Food Market in Moscow was built back in the USSR era, over 30 years ago, by two architects – Gavriil Akulov and Felix Novikov. Its building hasn’t seen capital repairs till 2017, when the covered market got into the skillful hands of the…

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    Outdoor Pools: 5 Reasons to Take the Plunge

    Nothing says luxury, fun and glamour quite as much as your own pool. Not only do they encourage quality family time, but there are great health benefits too. And if you think you can’t afford it, think again because you can now install a pool…

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    5 Quick Ways to Revamp Your Garage

    Whether you want to drastically improve the way you use your garage, or simply want it to boost the market value of your home, here are 5 options, provided by Dakota Murphey, to maximise space and leave you wondering why you didn’t try them sooner…

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    10 Fresh Ideas from Instagram Accounts of Interior Designers

    In this post we decided to bring together 10 inspiring ideas displayed by famous contemporary designers in their Instagram accounts. Here you will see only fresh projects, versatile rooms – kid’s bedrooms, studies, hallways and even staircases – and a bunch of absolutely different styles…

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    How to Choose the Hallway Floor Covering Material: 5 Tips

    For some of us the most important thing about the hallway floor covering is its durability, some people have their hearts set upon aesthetical aspects and others believe that the floor must made be made from exclusively natural materials. There is a floor covering for…

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    Best of Furniture at Salone de Mobile 2017 in Milan: Part 4

    According to Sergio Mattarella, the President of Italy, Salone de Mobile is not just an exhibition; it’s the way to demonstrate the culture of entrepreneurship, the symbol of cooperation and a means of working with modern production technologies. And we’re finishing our review of the…

  • 2-2-Medea-Liberty-collection-new-collection-of-contemporary-style-furniture-at-Salone-de-Mobile-Exhibition-Milan-2017-gorgeous-luxurious-bedroom-bed-blue-and-beige-glass-door-sofa-curtains-coffee-table

    Best of Furniture at Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan: Part 3

    This is the third part of our review of Salone del Mobile 2017, an international furniture exhibition that was held in Milan from the 4th till the 9th of April. During those 6 days the event was attended by 343,602 visitors from 165 countries of…

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    Towel Drier: Buying Guide & 20 Ideas

    What’s a bathroom without a towel drier? This is a bathroom must-have and no one doubts this fact. Firstly and most logically, it dries towels. Secondly, in small bathrooms it plays the role of a radiator. And thirdly, with today’s technologies and advanced design, a…

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    Best of Furniture at Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan: Part 2

    In the world of design April is traditionally associated with the most important international exhibition that neither designer nor an architect should miss. Of course, we speak about Salone del Mobile – the world famous exhibition that was held in Milan for the 56th time….

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    Best of Furniture at Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan: Part 1

    More than 2,000 exhibits, hundreds and thousands of visitors, just the newest and trendiest pieces of design – this is all about Salone del Mobile 2017. This year the exhibition was held in a huge Fiera Milano Rho complex from the 4th till the 9th…

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    Super-Relaxing & Elegant Bedroom Interior Design in Beige & Gray

    What is the most important thing about a bedroom interior design? We believe that it’s comfortable furniture, unostentatious color scheme and well-thought-out lighting system. In this project the author complemented this set with a fireplace and created a dream place for rest after a long…

  • 2-Yves-Delorme-Paris-France-new-collection-home-textile-summer-2017-decorative-thrwo-couch-pillows-floral-pattern-blue-green

    New Summer Home Textile Collection by Yves Delorme

    We all are longing for summer – a wonderful and serene season that we would like to spend doing just one thing. Of course, it’s having a good rest! How can hours spent in the bright sun or in the shade of an old oak…

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    Three Contemporary Architecture Projects: Denmark, England, France

    Can a museum look like a building from the future? Can chimneys of a power station be elegant and decorative? Why would a public library be X-shaped? Find the answers to these questions in our today’s post about modern architecture!

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    Sunny Mediterranean-Style Kitchen on a Country House Veranda

    Perhaps you would agree that the kitchen is the most magnetic part of any country house, especially when it’s arranged on a veranda.  Fresh green leaves are knocking on big windows, funny sundogs are playing on a rough wooden table, and a rainbow of a…

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    Craft Beer Bar Interior Design Project Receives an International Award

    The credible international A’ Design Award & Competition is held every spring and represents an important world’s contest in the sphere of interior and industrial design, arts and architecture. Its main goal is to reveal and support the most outstanding and well-thought-out projects and concepts of…

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    Airy and Minimalistic One-Room Apartment with Eco-Style Motifs

    In this tiny flat the designer team had to envisage all possible and impossible details. The clients are young spouses, who wanted their apartment to be minimalistic, light and airy. Besides, the list of their wishes included an isolated sleeping place (not a folding sofa),…

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    Cheerful Dentist’s Office That You Would Like to Visit Again & Again

    Is it possible to turn a dental clinic into a place, where patients would be able to relax completely, trust a pro and come back again to? Yes, sure!

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    Cherry on Top: The Advantages of Using a Cherry Picker

    Whether you’re cleaning the windows on a building with several storeys or you need to reach an awkward part of a roof, a cherry picker can be hugely beneficial. Perfect for a range of different tasks from residential property maintenance to industrial building work, they…