• 0-DIY-handmade-piece-of-wall-art-picture-colored-craft-paper-rolls-metal-net-with-hexagonal-holes-wooden-frame-multicolor-white-walls

    DIY: Piece of Wall Art to Dress Up Your Home for Spring

    Spring is in full swing and while nature is taking all her strength to show up in all its glory, we feel the need to dress up our interiors more than ever. So, today we’d like to show you a quick and easy way to…

  • 7-kitchen-wallpaper-wall-covering-ideas-in-interior-design-bird-motifs-floral-pattern-organic-green-leaves-wall-panelling-wooden-panels-white-dining-table-chairs

    Kitchen Wallpaper: 15 Ideas for Any Interior & Buying Guide

    The way our kitchen/dining room is designed affects our mood and, according to some researchers, even the taste and quality of the food we cook. Today we won’t go into details of layout planning or functional zoning of kitchen spaces, but would better speak about…

  • 2-1-new-show-room-concept-store-in-Milan-Italy-2017-Alcantara-material-collection-in-interior-design-bedroom-pale-yellow-upholstered-bed-multicolor-ruffle-throw-pillows-decorative-green-fuchsia-purple-white

    New Concept Store by Alcantara Opened in Milan

    The world’s most stylish city of Milan has recently celebrated the opening of a new concept show room by Alcantara S.p.A. It is ideally located in a downtown shopping area on the corner of the streets via San Pietro all’Orto and via Verri. It was…

  • 0-Sunflower-Labs-Home-Awareness-System-smart-home-safety-system-smart-garden-lights-motion-detection-sensors-drone-flying-quadcopter-with-camera

    Dreams Come True: Now Quadcopters Can Guard Houses!

    Nowadays quadcopter-camera drones are the hottest trends: courier services use them for products delivery, military men utilize them for military intelligence and border control purposes, bloggers are keen on having fantastic aerial photos. Sunflower Labs Company from Switzerland/USA also decided to apply them, but in…

  • 5-gray-and-white-walls-living-room-kitchen-set-entry-open-concept-space-dark-wood-brown-console-two-piece-artwork-abstract-painting-blue-accents-open-racks-herringbone-parquetry-pattern-bi-color

    Artworks, Pictures & Posters: How to Arrange Them Correctly

    Though artworks haven’t become interior must-haves yet, many people wouldn’t mind hanging beautiful pictures, portraits or laconic posters in their homes. As for qualified decorators, artworks for them are one of the most important job tools. They make interiors more personal, customized, and their immense…

  • 4-1-outdoor-garden-landscape-lighting-ideas-rope-string-holiday-lights-bulbs-fireplace-patio-big-sofa-seating-area-dining-table-chairs-cozy

    Outdoor Lighting: 6 Inspiring Ideas & 60 Amazing Photos

    The season of pleasant journeys to the countryside, happy strolls along the gardens and little family get-togethers in gazebos is about to begin. And we were wondering how to make these happy moments even more powerful and cozier with the help of the right lighting….

  • 9-natural-solid-wood-kitchen-cabinets-set-interior-design-white-island-open-racks-shelves-contemporary-style-big-black-lamp-gray-wall-mixed-type

    20 Amazing Solid Wood Kitchens

    Today solid wood kitchens have been given a completely different purpose as compared to 1990s. Earlier most of the manufacturers were doing their best to hide the wood grain and a huge potential of this natural material under a thick layer of paint or varnish….

  • 5-white-beige-yellow-light-contemporary-style-studio-apartment-interior-lounge-zone-area-sofa-arm-chair-coffee-table-rug-wooden-floor-tiles-kitchen-set-dining-table-chairs-panoramic-windows-curtains-for-rent

    Sunny Studio Apartment with Panoramic Windows in the Heart of Sochi

    Have you ever seen an apartment for rent that was designed with soul and so tastefully that you wished this were your home forever? This studio apartment is a good example of the fact that such places do exist!

  • 3-1-traditional-style-interior-open-concept-white-kitchen-set-IKEA-glass-cabinets-dining-room-beige-gray-walls-arch-transparent-chairs-Christmas-decor-brick-tile

    Light & Functional Self-Designed Apartment with Vintage Accents

    Helen, her husband Stan and their little daughter Eva purchased an apartment with the total area of 74 square meters about 2 years ago. Being a decorator by profession, Helen was determined to take a chance as a first-time interior designer, and hence the entire…

  • 3-1-eclectic-Scandinavian-and-French-style-interior-bedroom-black-white-gray-wooden-bed-geometrical-home-textile-throw-pillows-bed-cover-bedspread-rocking-chair-curtains-floor-lamp-closet

    Home Amore Project: French & Scandinavian Style Mix

    What images does the phrase “Scandinavian style” conjure up in your mind? We can’t say for sure, but whatever interior you imagined, we can tell you at the 99% level that it had a perfectly neutral, apparently white background. And for sure this interior was…

  • 5-1-contemporary-style-interior-design-open-concept-living-dining-room-work-area-study-kitchen-beige-light-wood-strip-partition-black-chairs-white-walls

    Relaxing Contemporary-Style Family Apartment in Beige, Gray & White

    This apartment with the total area of 120 square meters was designed by a team of qualified designers. They managed to turn it into a contemporary space that features all the must-haves for comfortable living: spacious and functional rooms with well-thought-out storage zones and areas…

  • 2-0-bachelor's-pad-interior-design-loft-style-brutal-dining-room-black-kitchen-set-building-bricks-rough-masonry-wall-bulbs-exposed-wires-mismatched-dining-chairs-table-floor-tiles

    Brutal Bachelor’s Pad Designed in Style of a Whiskey Bar

    The owner of this three-room apartment with the total area of 91 sq. m. is a top manager of a big company. And a bachelor, by the way. On purchasing a new apartment he remembered that his old friend Natalie is a qualified architect and…

  • 6-garden-path-design-landscape-walkway-round-circular-tiles-small-house-narrow-territory-front-yard

    Garden Paths Planning: Where to Start From?

    Garden walkways play the role of bridges linking different parts of your outdoor territory in a harmonious and convenient way, and hence should receive as much careful consideration as the layout of a house. How should they be designed? What designer tricks can be used…

  • 3-1-American-style-interior-wooden-panelling-glass-wall-between-kitchen-and-living-room-black-metal-frame-big-home-library-blue-velvet-sofa-bio-fireplace-coffee-table

    Family Apartment in American Style: Brutality & Classics

    When the architects and designers of this apartment first met their clients, they were relieved to hear their wishes. Both parties were staring off in the same direction. A young, yet already big family, wished to turn their downtown Moscow apartment into a classical American…

  • 00-contemporary-style-studio-apartment-interior-design-open-concept-kitchen-entry-living-room-island-bicycle-wall-mounted-racks-light-wood-strips-bar-stools-white-cabinets-yellow

    Small Re-Planned Apartment for a Typical IT Specialist

    This apartment interior design was created by a team of qualified designers for a young IT specialist and his wife. The process started from total re-planning of the layout. The point is that this full-fledged two-room apartment was actually one-room initially, but with a big…

  • 1-neutral-Scandinavian-style-interior-log-timber-house-white-wooden-walls-ceiling-beams-lining-boards-samovar-dining-living-room-cast-iron-stove-table-mismatched-chairs-set-corner-sofa-beige-English-blue-tiles

    Dream Country House Interior in Scandinavian & English Style

    A young family couple with a new-born kid was dreaming about having a cozy nest close to the nature. And the interior was supposed to be inviting for rest and serenity and letting fully feel and enjoy the comfort of living in the countryside. But…

  • 2-1-interior-in-mid-century-modern-style-pop-art-geometrical-motifs-1950s-bright-color-multicolor-kitchen-symmetrical-yellow-cupboards-refrigerator-free-standing-green-sofa-red-dining-chairs-table-rug-suspended-floating

    Bright Multicolor Apartment in Mid-Century Modern Style

    Have you ever heard anything about mid-century modern style in interior design? Even if you don’t, that’s OK. As its names suggests, this style was the height of fashion in 1950s-1960s. And in terms of contents it represented a peculiar mixture of practical American style…

  • 0-underfloor-heating-kitchen-girl-playing-with-a-kitten-on-the-floor-ceramic-tiles

    Underfloor Heating for Your Spanish Home

    If you’ve recently bought a house in Spain or are a long-term resident, you may decide it’s time to upgrade and make a few changes to the interior. When you do make your renovations in the Costa del Sol, think about including underfloor heating. It’s…

  • 3-mixing-patterns-and-prints-in-interior-design-decorating-geometrical-and-floral-motifs-flowers-curtains-furniture-upholstery-home-textile-fabrics

    8 Tips on Mixing Patterns Tastefully in Interior Design

    Are you convinced that only professional decorators are able to mix patterns and prints masterly? Of course, the boldest experiments should be better entrusted to a pro, but in fact any person aware of the list of golden rules for mixing patterns can handle this…

  • 0-how-to-fit-out-a-workshop-neat-tools-storage-organization-ideas

    How to Fit Out Your Workshop Without Robbing a Bank

    Whether you’re a hobby enthusiast or have a small craft business or home improvement company, a fully functioning workshop is a key to being able to do a proper job. If you’re still making do with the kitchen table or a makeshift arrangement in the…

  • 1-builders-with-a-driller-carrying-out-roofing-works

    How to Deal with a Cowboy Builder

    Employing a reliable and trustworthy builder is not always easy. There are a great many cases of cowboy, or rogue, builders operating in the UK. In fact, on average, there are around 100,000 complaints each year about them. Cowboy builders generally have insufficient building expertise,…

  • 7-art-deco-style-furniture-in-interior-design-arm-chair-with-ears-gray-brown-bookstand-bookcase-decor-brass-details-suspended-lamp-small-coffee-table-3D-wall-Philipp-Selva

    10 Must-Haves of Stylish Italian Art-Deco Interiors

    The wide choice of interior design pieces we have today is like an embarrassment of riches and makes us want so many things. That’s we tried to narrow the list down to just 10 hottest trends that make interiors fashionable and stylish.

  • 1-REM-Fit-Company-ZEEQ-smart-pillow-with-built-in-sensors-hardware-speakers-wireless-operated-via-mobile-app-smart-snore-alarm

    ZEEQ Smart Pillow: Streams Music, Stops Snoring & Wakes Up Smartly

    In the previous post we discussed the two winners of European Product Design Award in the category of Bedroom Furniture & Accessories. But there is one more Silver Prize Winner that deserves a special mention: ZEEQ Smart Pillow designed by Warrick Bell, Miguel Marrero and…

  • 2-1-Stack-of-Straw-bed-linen-set-photorealistic-digital-print-Poland-designed-by-Gosia-Dziembaj-Hayka-haystack

    Bedroom Novelties: Private Haystack & Best Eco-Bed Design

    EPDA, or European Product Design Award, was established to recognize the efforts of talented international designers in introducing new forms, functions and technologies into our daily lives. It helps creative people with strategic thinking and loads of imagination share their projects with the world and…