• 1-shelving in the stairs

    Shelves and tables for storing books and magazines

    Books and magazines constantly strewn throughout the apartment, and sometimes it’s annoying, not all of course it happens at home, and some are laid out on store shelves and books in perfect condition. There are many beautiful and interesting options for storing books and magazines,…

  • 6-circular pattern

    Decorating the apartment with beautiful paintings

    Art is changing every year, and with the direction of the interior is not a minor difference. Earlier in the paintings valued beauty and realism, and now in vogue abstraction. In this beautiful collection has an assortment of interesting and harmonious paintings that look good…

  • 9-beautiful color

    Classic stylish fireplaces in the interior

    Fireplace in the autumn weather warms you with its warmth, and prepare for the winter season, too, would not hurt. If you have, perhaps, to install a fireplace, consider these ideas, they are sure you will be thrilled. Fireplaces come in different styles: American, French,…

  • 6-long kitchen

    Spacious studio apartment student

    This apartment belongs to the student, it is roomy and comfortable, it receives all the necessary furniture, the whole apartment is functional and spacious, the white color in the room makes the room a homely and cozy.

  • 6-Classic dining rooms

    Apartment in black and white classic color

    Black and white color blend well with each other, and treat it to a more modern style. Many producers use a color palette to beautifully highlight the items. Black and white good looks great, in fact it seems very elegant.

  • 2-reading-lamp


    Beautiful lamps were created by the French designer Violaine d’Harcourt. These lamps are constructed of beautiful materials, these lamps are all accounted for the soul. The fabrics are very stately and beautiful, all at once they connect to the lamp.

  • 3-Lots of chairs

    Beautiful pale colored stools

    The furniture is built by Danish brand Howe. Modern chair, oddly enough was established in 1955. A detail of this modern chair was designed for a long time. The chair is made of such material from beech veneer padding can be made of fabric or…

  • 3-beautiful curtains

    Bright studio apartment

    Beautiful living room has placed not only the sofa to rest, but there is a long desk with a nice comfy chair. Near a large sofa cushions have a lot of fun, and is a beautiful coffee table in the style of IKEA. On the…

  • 4-bed on the second floor

    One bedroom apartment with interesting details

    Studio apartment can be a bright and interesting thing come to everything with panache. The living room has high ceilings, due to this, it looks very spacious, the floor in the room is black and looks very beautiful and interesting.

  • 3-large bed

    The little studio apartment

    And a little studio apartment, more like a studio for a temporary stay, to stay, it is very complicated and difficult. The bedroom and living room are combined and positioned in front of the sofa bed has beautiful cabinets, a wall is a low shelf…

  • 2-side chair

    Comfortable wooden chair

    An interesting and beautiful designs in a minimal style of this chair is very striking and surprising. This sofa is made with three legs, in fact it is designed to sit down further and further back can serve as a stand for hands, which is…

  • 2-cozy bath

    Elegant red bathroom

    The bathroom is made in the style of small, well-suited for small people. Inside the bathroom is white, and red on the outside. This bathroom belongs to the organic material, and it has a minimal style, nothing more. This bathroom Italian designers have created, and…

  • 1-small-eco-house-made-​​of-wood

    Small eco-house made ​​of wood

    This tiny house is only 10 square meters, it developed a Swedish designers from the Bureau of Tengbom Architects. This mansion was set up for students who sometimes do not learn in the city. This home is very comfortable and convenient for the stay is…

  • 7-textiles into the cell

    Dressing in a cage in the interior

    This year, all designers have become interested Scottish cells, as this element is called – tartan. This figure is well warmed by heat it’s interior. Tartan is used not only for fashionable clothes, but also for the interior, it can be and textiles and wallpaper…

  • 10-Table of burlap

    Ideas Making your home a sacking

    This material will blend well with other fabrics, it is advisable to choose the colors and bright prints. Is more suitable for rural life, and it looks like the village attribute which usually store products, but this is not the case. To create a masterpiece…

  • 1-elegant-and-stylish-chairs-by-michael-stolworthy

    Elegant and stylish chairs. By Michael Stolworthy

    These cool chairs made designer and artist Michael Stolworthy, this stool is well suited for the stylish bar or restaurant for breakfast resistant even in a stylish and contemporary home. The modern and geometric lines make them alive, as if the lines are constantly moving….

  • 2-beautiful

    Beautiful and stylish, light shelf

    A shelf made in minimal style, design it developed a Spanish designer. All the shelves are held on special threads that have steel rods, the invention can be collected independently in different variations.

  • 8-large room

    The bathrooms in the purple color

    Purple bathroom – this color blends well with other shades, from the coarse black to pale beige and white. This color is good decorate the bathroom. In the purple colored bathroom will look very elegant and romantic. Incidentally, the color purple combines strength and gentleness,…

  • 5-narrow dining table

    The kitchen in the style of Shabby – Chic

    Shabby Chic style is air and interesting feature – ease in the interior. We must choose a beautiful and elegant old furniture, you can give the old days and attrition. Better to give preference to white or beige color, the furniture should be made of…

  • 8-beautiful bed

    Beautiful apartment for single men

    Men’s bedroom – a place where usually no entry, if a man lives alone, his bedroom certainly will not be pink, but rather the opposite color. The furniture should be comfortable, practical. Bach can make the bedroom, he cannot listen to the opinions of others,…

  • 9

    Cupcakes for Halloween

    Pastries and cakes can be a good decoration for the holiday table. You can make a beautiful cake in orange, beautiful cupcakes or pumpkin. In the Halloween children dress up in various costumes and go from house to house begging candy, but it can be…

  • 7

    The interior Skulls for Halloween

    In addition to pumpkins in the interior can use a variety of skulls, for example you can use them as cookies. Some even manage to make one of confectionery products: cakes, cookies, candy and so on. For example, egg shells can be nice to paint…

  • 1

    10 dining tables for Halloween

    As Halloween has always come friends and served a festive and beautiful table, this table should be different from the ordinary everyday life is more scary accessories. Choose bright tablecloths, napkins, cups and cutlery.

  • 8-black Mirror

    10 ideas to decorate a fireplace in Halloween

    In the Halloween do not forget to decorate the fireplace is beautiful and interesting, because it is a place that is going through the evil spirits, and it can and should be protected from them. We have given you 10 ideas that will help you…