• 7-textiles into the cell

    Dressing in a cage in the interior

    This year, all designers have become interested Scottish cells, as this element is called – tartan. This figure is well warmed by heat it’s interior. Tartan is used not only for fashionable clothes, but also for the interior, it can be and textiles and wallpaper…

  • 10-Table of burlap

    Ideas Making your home a sacking

    This material will blend well with other fabrics, it is advisable to choose the colors and bright prints. Is more suitable for rural life, and it looks like the village attribute which usually store products, but this is not the case. To create a masterpiece…

  • 1-elegant-and-stylish-chairs-by-michael-stolworthy

    Elegant and stylish chairs. By Michael Stolworthy

    These cool chairs made designer and artist Michael Stolworthy, this stool is well suited for the stylish bar or restaurant for breakfast resistant even in a stylish and contemporary home. The modern and geometric lines make them alive, as if the lines are constantly moving….

  • 2-beautiful

    Beautiful and stylish, light shelf

    A shelf made in minimal style, design it developed a Spanish designer. All the shelves are held on special threads that have steel rods, the invention can be collected independently in different variations.

  • 8-large room

    The bathrooms in the purple color

    Purple bathroom – this color blends well with other shades, from the coarse black to pale beige and white. This color is good decorate the bathroom. In the purple colored bathroom will look very elegant and romantic. Incidentally, the color purple combines strength and gentleness,…

  • 5-narrow dining table

    The kitchen in the style of Shabby – Chic

    Shabby Chic style is air and interesting feature – ease in the interior. We must choose a beautiful and elegant old furniture, you can give the old days and attrition. Better to give preference to white or beige color, the furniture should be made of…

  • 8-beautiful bed

    Beautiful apartment for single men

    Men’s bedroom – a place where usually no entry, if a man lives alone, his bedroom certainly will not be pink, but rather the opposite color. The furniture should be comfortable, practical. Bach can make the bedroom, he cannot listen to the opinions of others,…

  • 9

    Cupcakes for Halloween

    Pastries and cakes can be a good decoration for the holiday table. You can make a beautiful cake in orange, beautiful cupcakes or pumpkin. In the Halloween children dress up in various costumes and go from house to house begging candy, but it can be…

  • 7

    The interior Skulls for Halloween

    In addition to pumpkins in the interior can use a variety of skulls, for example you can use them as cookies. Some even manage to make one of confectionery products: cakes, cookies, candy and so on. For example, egg shells can be nice to paint…

  • 1

    10 dining tables for Halloween

    As Halloween has always come friends and served a festive and beautiful table, this table should be different from the ordinary everyday life is more scary accessories. Choose bright tablecloths, napkins, cups and cutlery.

  • 8-black Mirror

    10 ideas to decorate a fireplace in Halloween

    In the Halloween do not forget to decorate the fireplace is beautiful and interesting, because it is a place that is going through the evil spirits, and it can and should be protected from them. We have given you 10 ideas that will help you…

  • 7

    25 beautiful and colorful pumpkins

    Pumpkins come in various colors and can be beautifully decorated and more. We made a selection of 25 exciting and unique pumpkins. Perhaps you have an idea what or to his liking, and I want to make a pumpkin yourself.

  • 8

    Halloween for wild and domestic animals

    At Halloween, even animals can celebrate the holiday, they will certainly like pumpkin, not only as decoration but also as a delicacy. Some zoos every goal arrange a real treat animals, which they certainly hit the spot.

  • DSC_1243

    20 trendy and colorful pumpkins for Halloween

    Pumpkin does not have to be the standard – orange color, you can create a personalized and interesting pumpkin, which can be stylish and bright. For inspiration, we give you 20 interesting pumpkins that are decorated in a variety of ways.

  • 9-ready pumpkin

    Paper and beautiful pumpkin for Halloween

    If you do not have to buy a pumpkin, or just pressed for time, you can use the idea to make a beautiful pumpkin with their hands you will need some materials: – Paper several colors – Ribbons – Decorative berries and leaves

  • halloween

    Carve a pumpkin for Halloween

    To carve a pumpkin for Halloween, you will need: – Pumpkin – Knife – Template with a face on it – The scraper or spoon – Thick needle You need to choose the most beautiful pumpkins to do it without damage. The middle of a…

  • 1-bank

    10 popular decorations for Halloween

    The first place to decorate the house for Halloween is pumpkin, pumpkin can be any accessory – a vase, lamp, figurines, or even possible to make a gift. Pumpkin – this is the most traditional items and accessories.

  • 21

    Home decorating ideas on Halloween

    Many are already in anticipation of the holiday – Halloween. The most popular holiday and more of its mass is celebrated in the United States. On this day – October 31 all dress up in funny costumes, candy cook, make the bloody interesting dishes, and…

  • 9

    A cheerful carving a pumpkin on Halloween

    Pumpkin is the most popular accessories for Halloween, he will be a good lamp for night-time. Pumpkin – a symbol of the holiday Halloween, which is celebrated on October 31. This vegetable can be decorated with any interesting patterns or make a face. The most popular…

  • 2

    The diverse and interesting pumpkins from Marilyn Sunderland

    Designer Marilyn Sunderland native of Colombia , at the moment she lives in America, and it inspired Hallowe’en festival makes an interesting and decorative gourds. She is inspired by its nature, when she looks at the mountain, she is inspired by the foliage and nature….

  • 22

    25 ideas delicious and beautiful dishes for Halloween

    On Halloween standard dishes are not suitable for dinner only blood meal, the most terrible and unappetizing. Imagine that on your desk will be bloody body parts, eyes, teeth. This kitchen will be relevant only once a year, and what is worse and more terrible than…

  • 17

    20 ideas for Halloween decorations

    Halloween can be a bright and beautiful, even cozy, above all the right to organize, you can start with the easiest to decorate the holiday table balls in orange, pumpkin punch of color, and orange candy decorate the table.

  • 4-in-your-home

    A beautiful and Living panels in your home

    If you do not particularly like to take care of plants, it is the idea you probably will like. This song does not take up much space, and does not require irrigation. Plants that are provided in the composition does not require special care, as…

  • 1-the-acorns-in-the-interior-and-beautiful-lamps

    The Acorns in the interior, and beautiful lamps

    These beautiful lamps are like beautiful and large acorns. These designers create a beautiful lamp Terho estate from designer Maija Puoskari. Designers completely preserved natural form of an acorn. This lamp is completely environmentally friendly, and reminds us of the reasons for living in the…