• 0-knitted-embroidered-ethnical-desk-lamp-lampshade-with-black-and-white-glass-beads-decor

    Eclectic Attic Floor Design with Ethnical Motifs

    This attic floor interior design is gorgeous and all because the owner of the house appeared to be very bold – she kept encouraging interior designer to be more daring in their experiments. This is not a common practice among decorators’ clients, who are traditionally…

  • 0-local-icons-urban-landscapes-west-east-MAXXI-Alcantara-project-exhibition-exhibits-items-in-Rome-February-2017

    Alcantara Material in “Local Icons” Exhibition in Rome

    Balls, mountains, household items and a herd of cows – what can all these objects have in common? It turns out that all of them can be produced from one material, which becomes increasingly popular nowadays. Its name is Alcantara and in the previous post…

  • 0-alcantara-covering-upholstery-fabric-material-imitation-suede

    Alcantara Covering Material: Application and Characteristics

    Alcantara® is a covering material also known as imitation suede due to similarity of their appearance and tactile sensation. The material was invented in early 1970s and patented by an Italian and Japanese joint venture Alcantara S.p.A., which manufacturers it to the present day.

  • 1-white-walls-bright-orange-yellow-accents-windowless-bedroom-room-interior-design-faux-window-upholstered-bed-stripy-curtains-ottoman-chest-of-drawers-paintings

    Bright and Cozy Windowless Bedroom: Before and After

    Bedroom is the place where our day starts and ends, hence it’s so important for this place to be as comfortable and beautiful as possible. This apartment is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and would make a perfectly nice place for living,…

  • 0-minimalist-style-studio-apartment-interior-design-open-concept-white-walls-dining-living-room-clincker-bricks-Philippe-Starck-chairs-copper-black-round-table-tree-branch

    Minimalist Studio Apartment Decorated with Designer Furniture

    Catherine is a young designer. And for her friend this newly-built apartment in Moscow was the first own accommodation. Most of the budget was spent on buying the living space, and decorative component of the interior had to be arranged in an environment of austerity….

  • 0-Rococo-style-common-stair-design-Kyiv-portraits-plaster-moldings-gold-plated-wall-decor

    Common Stair in Rococo Style Made by a Retiree for 15 Years

    Vladimir Tchaika, a retiree from the Ukraine, has spent last 15 years decorating a common stair of his block of apartments in Kiev. During this time the shabby communal place was turned into a true royal palace – neighbors and casual visitors have already stuck…

  • 0-travertine-light-beige-natural-stone-diamon-shaped-tiles-in-bathroom-interior-design-shower-cabin-walls

    Travertine: Characteristics and Benefits of Natural Stone

    Travertine is the second most popular stone used as a building and finishing material after marble. But the second place doesn’t mean that travertine is inferior to marble in either practical or decorative characteristics. All the more so because travertine is actually marble, but young…

  • 4-loft-studio-apartment-with-mezzanine-brown-floor-to-ceiling-home-library-gray-furniture-upholstered-double-bed-TV-zone-sofa-arm-chairs-white-brick-wall-chandeliers-glass-lampshades-bicolor-curtains

    Loft Studio Apartment with Mezzanine & Gorgeous Library

    Times change and layouts change as well. Today it’s hard to find similar apartment plans – contemporary homes must be dynamic, one-of-a-kind and customized. Some people can do without a spacious kitchen, and others don’t need a preparation area at all, some are willing to…

  • 0-DIY-bright-multicolored-handmade-hexagonal-honeycomb-shelving-unit-decorative-shelves-wall-decor-with-mirrored-tiles

    DIY: Decorative Hexagonal Shelving Unit

    Spring is approaching and we’d love to add a splash of bright colors to our interiors. Today we’d like to tell you how to make an original, eye-catchy and trendy wall composition in the shape of honeycombs.

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    Stylish Contemporary Apartment with Gorgeous Art-Deco Accents

    Rooms of this apartment seem to be stringed onto a common a thread and form a single interior path, each millimeter of which is detailed and elaborate. At the same time coherence and harmony of different spaces is not achieved by trivial use of similar…

  • 6-3-bright-yellow-and-white-Engish-style-wallpaper-floral-pattern

    Pure English Wallpaper Styles (Part 2)

    English wallpaper has become a household name in different countries of the world. This phrase conjures up images of definite patterns in our minds – perhaps, floral motifs, scallops, lilies, stripes or Scottish squares. In the previous post we highlighted typical motifs of Georgian and…

  • 0-Osborne-And-Little-Verdanta-Japonerie-floral-pattern-English-British-style-wallpaper-design-blue-and-white-flowers-cherry-blossom

    Pure English Wallpaper Styles (Part 1)

    English-style interiors are loved and welcome internationally, and along with them cherished is their typical feature – English wallpaper. This once innovative type of wall covering is nowadays viewed as ultimate classics.

  • 00-nautical-style-motives-in-living-room-interior-design-deck-floor-gray-and-blue-colors-sisal-rug-paintings-bookstand-work-area-curtains

    Subtle Hints of Nautical Style in Living Room Interior Design

    This living room interior design is named “The Sky. The Sea. The Ships”. You must have guessed that nautical theme was selected for a reason. The thing is that this living room was re-designed for a true romantic, an ex-navy, whose hobby is ship modeling….

  • 0-DIY-handmade-vintage-white-painted-globe

    DIY: Handmade Vintage Globe

    What role does a globe play in interior design? It certainly sets atmosphere of adventure and new discoveries. And a vintage globe also brings a note of stylishness and makes a room image more interesting. Especially if you paint it white and mark your personal…

  • 0-pure-talents-contest-IMM-cololgne-2017-label-sign

    Best Young Designers’ Pieces of IMM Cologne 2017

    Every winter the German city of Cologne hosts the most important furniture show in the world – International Möbel Messe (IMM Cologne). By tradition, this year the exhibition was also held in the middle of January and set the top trends for the new year…

  • 1-minimalist-Scandinavian-style-interior-design-white-walls-gray-blue-funriture-open-concept-kitchen-living-room-marble-bar-table-stools-bicolor-curtains-pendant-lamps-Zuiver-Tripod-floor-lamp

    Functional Scandinavian-Style Apartment in White, Gray & Blue

    An ideal temperature of human body is 36.6 degrees Celsius. And today we’d like to show you an interior design project of a two-room apartment, the area of which is 36.6. square meters. Let’s see how such a relatively small space can be made beautiful,…

  • 2-2-he-and-she-perfect-couple-man-and-woman-chess-pieces-queen-and-king-creative-salt-and-pepper-shakers-set-design

    Salt and Pepper Shakers Designs for Valentine’s Day

    If you’re still thinking about a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, which would be practical, romantic and themed at the same time, this article is just what you need. See how contemporary designers turn plain household items into symbols of masculine and feminine energies.

  • 00-icehotel-sweden-cold-ice-room-interior-design

    Fantastic Hand-Carved Interiors of Icehotel in Sweden

    You surely heard about the first and hence the most famous ice hotel located in Sweden and named simply “Icehotel”. First established back in 1989 in the village of Jukkasjarvi, every year this wonderful hotel is getting re-born again and receives guests from December till…

  • 0-energy-efficient-home-appliances-grades-energy-saving-how-to-reduce-electricity-consumption

    How to Reduce Electricity Consumption (Part 3)

    What label says that you’re dealing with an energy-saving appliance? Can a radiator replacement cut our electricity bill by 15%? And can wall color affect our power consumption? We’re finishing our review of best energy-saving tricks.

  • 0-energy-saving-home-green-planet-how-to-reduce-electricity-consumption

    How to Reduce Electricity Consumption (Part 2)

    In this post we’re continuing our overview of golden energy-saving rules: how can an electric power meter affect our electricity bills and why power boards and double adaptors are not the best option, when it comes to reducing power consumption. Learn more from this post.

  • 0-green-energy-saving-bulb-how-to-reduce-electricity-consumption

    How to Reduce Electricity Consumption (Part 1)

    Energy saving issue is always topical and today we decided to give you a few tips on reducing power consumption and making your home more energy-efficient. Energy-saving measures can be taken without considerable construction work, but the result will never be immediate, since economy of…

  • 2-lincrusta-classical-style-wall-covering-in-interior-design-painting-brush

    Lincrusta Eco Wall Covering in Interior Design (Part 2)

    In the previous post we had a short glance into the history of a marvelous wall covering – lincrusta – and listed its key advantages. Now let’s move on to practical aspects of lincrusta application in interior design.

  • 0-lincrusta-classical-style-wall-covering-in-interior-design-purple_cr

    Lincrusta Eco Wall Covering in Interior Design (Part 1)

    Are you still thinking about what kind of wall finishing must be used? Consider lincrusta, a marvelous finishing material. This article describes lincrusta, its history, key characteristics and practical tips on using it in interior design.

  • 7-interesting-original-wall-decor-ideas-applique-collage-multicolor

    11 Creative Wall Decor Ideas

    You want to fresh up your interior a little bit, but don’t feel like spending much time and effort, do you? Then this article is just for you. Draw inspiration, grab the ideas and go ahead to marvelous interior design changes.