• 9-niche in the bedroom

    The use Niches in the interior

    Niche – a great furniture and accessory that has been used successfully in the interior niches used inexpensive and cozy homes, museums and churches. In creating niches used plasterboard, and niches are becoming very popular to use the interiors. You can create a niche with…

  • 4-dark bed

    The mirror in the bedroom interior

    Mirror – a compulsory subject, and attribute for any home without it anywhere. With assistance. Beautiful mirrors can decorate the interior. Mirror in the bedroom controversial issue, some of his fear. Some are of the opinion that the mirror in the bedroom should not be…

  • 10-beautiful accessory

    Pure white color in the interior

    White color in the interior has been utilized successfully in small apartments, rooms, it allows you to expand the space, make the room larger and spacious. White fills the room with light color. White objects, and white background look very nice and does not blend…


    The green color in the interior

    Green in the interior – this color palette associated with the forest, grass, and nature in the summer period. Green is a relaxing and refreshing color. Green color blends well with other shades, it can be light and dark shades. The greenish color is one…

  • 1-dark floor in the interior

    The use a wooden floor in the interior

    Wood – the most noble material that is frequently used in the interior. Wood can be different colors, breeds quality textures. Wood used in the production of: doors, windows, floors, furniture and even utensils. Wood gets a terrific texture and notable for its beautiful tone…

  • 6-pink bedroom

    Warm and romantic shades of the interior

    Romantic style refers to the traditional; this style allows and promotes relaxation. To create a romantic atmosphere, you can use the following materials: antique furniture, vintage furniture, textiles velvet, silk, satin, and lace patterns. To create the romantic atmosphere gloss should buy beautiful curtains. The…

  • 9-yellow kitchen

    The use yellow in the interior

    The workplace will look best in a bright yellow color, this color will delight and awaken in the morning, you can tune to work, yellow can be combined with calmer colors – green, to mitigate the situation, as is done on the interior floor –…

  • 6-beautiful lamps

    Bright minimalist Scandinavian style

    This apartment is combined with various styles, interiors can be very diverse and interesting. The main style – Scandinavian, rustic style, and the style of minimalism. The apartment includes a kitchen, sitting room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom.

  • the-rise-of-the-open

    The Rise of the Open Plan Bedroom & Bathroom

    They’re a mainstay of the luxury hotel industry, but a controversial topic amongst residential interior designers. Open plan bedrooms and bathrooms may not be the peak trend of mainstream design, but they’re rapidly catching on amongst a single, urban demographic seeking the ultimate in residential…

  • Outsource

    10 bright and interesting fixtures

    Beautiful Lama reminds the whole planet of the solar system, given that it is possible to discover the beauty of this vicinity. This collection was created by the design studio Lievore Altherr Molina.

  • 7-beautiful carpet

    Cozy apartment in Brooklyn

    This cozy apartment in Brooklyn, made in a loft style, used in interior beautiful brick walls, antique furniture. The mansion is filled with paintings and beautiful paintings, such an apartment owned by artists.

  • 3-bright walls

    Bright apartment large family

    Large and spacious house is designed for a large extended family and where large numbers of children. The class consists of six members of the family. Their name is Laura, Bob, and their children – Bram, Max, Merel and Liv. The house is really nice…

  • 8-spacious kitchen

    Beautiful bright family home

    This house belongs to a small young family, who lives in Germany, Nunberg. Total floor area is about 135 square meters. Owners name Merayke, Mattes and Emil. The family had already dreamed up the purchase of a comfortable house where you could comfortably spend time….

  • 77-curved shelves

    8 fashion beautiful shelves

    Beautiful blue color in the interior will look good in the kitchen but it is not recommended to use because it is not well designed for cooking and eating. But some do accents colors. This beautiful kitchen is blue, with blue elements. Shelf in the…

  • 4-beautiful chandelier

    Purple color in the interior

    How to combine purple color in the interior? How to select a suitable color combinations are beautiful? The purple color is usually obtained by plugging into the cold blue with a combination of red and warm colors . Two strong and interesting colors and interesting…

  • 7-beautiful curtains

    Cream and lilac color in the bedroom

    Cream color in the interior – it’s one of the most gentle and beautiful combinations that are very nice and lovely shades, but this scale is rarely used in interior design. We offer you a small selection of photos, where you can make a combination…

  • 7-blue baby

    Blue color in the interior

    Blue in color in the interior – it’s a beautiful and natural cold color. This color gives you the feeling of genuine freedom, flight, and space. Blue interior style can be attributed to the trend of “Empire”.

  • 10-beautiful terrace

    Italian style in the interior

    Italian style looks beautiful, elegant, and traditional. Italian style has elements of the peasant way of life. Italian style refers to a Mediterranean decor. Despite the active Italian style in the interior is very discreet, and traditional. Noble and popular materials are in Italian interior…

  • 6-lunch place

    Ecostyle in the interior

    Natural and Eco style lately gaining momentum. He appeared in the late twentieth century. Eco style was associated with the appearance and mood natural naturalness. Features a modern design in Eco style combined with a cozy atmosphere, comfort and relaxation. When creating Eco style interior…

  • 4-bright textiles

    Bright and beautiful kitchen

    Bright kitchen has only recently entered the fashion minimalist earlier welcomed, bright color. Also, before all the dishes were a standard shape, figure, with regular patterns. But in 2013 the fashion for bright colors challenges its significance. Moreover brighter shades can be combined with simple,…

  • 4-yellow chair

    Beautiful ottomans in the interior

    Ottomans and stools are an integral part and an unspool piece of furniture in the interior. Some do not consider it necessary to purchase an apartment for ottomans, ottoman but sometimes looks very good in the interior and yet it can be utilized for other…

  • 7-workplace

    Kitchen combined with living room

    A living room with a kitchen can afford those who can eat the possibility of redevelopment of a standard apartment. Living room combined with the flat must be large in size, but can also be done in the area of a small apartment.

  • 5-bright carpet

    Loft-style apartment in Kiev

    Small loft located in the beautiful and interesting city with a beautiful name Kiev. The apartment has a small and modest area of 56 square meters. The interior is very cozy apartment in a beautiful loft style, the colors are very neutral and calm. All…

  • Bright and unpredictable style Kitsch

    Kitsch style translates as – full range, trash. Can often be applied in decorating apartments and interiors. This style is different from all others, it may seem crazy, unpredictable and most tasteless style. This flashy and provocative style has recently become popular among young people…