• 1-chairs-of-the-bright-laces-baita

    Chairs of the bright laces Baita

    These chairs are made in the likeness of a grid and each hole had put his opposite ends of shoelaces, a variety of sizes and colors, this chair will certainly want to not only you but also your cats.

  • 5

    A variety of swing for the garden

    Swing – this is possibly one of the most convenient locations in the nation, at such a comfortable place to enjoy the warm rays of spring, and the birds singing, or you can have breakfast. Swing is a very popular thing for a country house…

  • 5

    The interior apartments in polka dots large and small

    Peas in the interior – it’s vintage pattern, many consider it pretentious and simple for the elderly. And not all of it hits the spot. But the peas in the interior will always be fashionable, with a print is not only clothes but also accessories….

  • 6

    The apartment interior in golden color

    The gold color is very stylish and unique color and metallic luster; it is all associated with luxury and expensive. Golden color should be applied with caution, and use it minimally. In the old days in the luxurious palaces of the furniture was covered with…

  • 21

    40 amazing bedrooms in turquoise color

    Turquoise color – it’s very elegant, and the best color for the bedroom, the bedroom this color is very rare. Navy blue calms, and adjusts to peaceful slumber. Turquoise will plunge fully into dreams, this color – air and water. Aquamarine is found in a…

  • 10-beautiful pillows

    The bedroom in the style of Shabby Chic

    The combination of soft colors, beautiful patterns and lovely fabric – this refers to this vintage. A good element can be any lace object in the form of beautiful napkins, which can be broadcast to any table, and the more of them, the better and…

  • 2-beautiful chair

    Design Ideas apartment-style shabby chic

    Shabby chic style combines old things with new technology, furniture, Shabby Chic style is very docile and cute image in bright colors, this trend is usually very airy and soft like a marshmallow. Shabby Chic style is translated as shabby shine.

  • 14-cat

    Minimalist Apartment with Turquoise Walls, Laconic Furniture and Loads of Recesses

    The Hostesses: Mary and Hanna, interior designers Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 37 m² Ceiling height: 2.6 m Floor number: 3 A tiny apartment in old Petersburg belongs to two sisters – Hanna and Mary. The girls bought it two years ago and renovated…

  • 41-bedroom

    Apartment with Minimum Furniture and Alice-from-the-Wonderland Kitchen

    The Hosts: Dmitry & Eugenia Number of rooms: 4 Metric area: 110 m² Ceiling height: 3.5 m Floor number: 4 A big old flat, which now gives shelter to Dmitry and Eugenia, was re-planned back in USSR times in quite an absurd way. Long corridors…

  • 31-furniture

    Apartment Based on Neutral Grey, Contrasting Oak Flooring and Natural Finishing Materials

    The Hosts: Catherine, a founder of Internet blog about healthy lifestyle Constantine, the chief of design agency Nicholas, their son Number of rooms: 3 Metric area: 76 m² Ceiling height: 3 m Floor number: 6 Last year the family exchanged their small apartment in the…

  • 61-wall-decoration

    Open Minimalist Apartment Filled with Antique Furniture & Modern Art

    The Hostess: Kate Taylor, a founder of Kadygrob & Taylor Art Projects, an art-consultant Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 76 m² Ceiling height: 2.5 m Floor number: 14 It was two years ago when Kate bought her newly-built two-room apartment and got down to…

  • 3-shelves-in-the-form-of-a-bee-nest

    Conceptual shelves in the form of a bee nest

    These shelves are easy to handle, and you can make them yourself out of the individual modules. These shelves will bring a modern touch to the interior. All elements in the form of shelves made of hexagons, which makes them widely. All units can be…

  • 9

    20 beautifully decorated living room ideas for the New Year

    New Year – a special time and a feast for anyone, and always want a holiday, it needs to create an atmosphere, a warm, cozy. The main decorative accessories tend to be: Christmas tree, toys, garlands, socks for gifts. New Year filled with the magic…

  • 3-blue wall

    10 Guest rooms in Scandinavian style

    Living room in a Scandinavian style – a combination of functionality and elegance. This interior uses natural and instinctive style and simplicity. In this interior is not used frilly shades and furniture, each item clearly laid out in such an apartment is always comfortable.

  • 3-beautiful vase

    Autumn decoration living room

    In autumn it is possible to collect beautiful leaves of different colors to help create decor. The most common variant of the autumn decor, dried leaves. Collect the most beautiful and colorful leaves, to dry out from between the pages of magazines or books, and…

  • 42-Sophie's room

    Contemporary Apartment with Each Room Designed in Different Interior Style

    The Hosts: Dmitry, engaged in logistics Anastasia, a buyer in Italian fashion industry Yolanda, the head of English Language Department in Linguistic University Sophie, a schoolgirl Number of rooms: 3 Metric area: 74 m² Ceiling height: 2.7 m Floor number: 13 This three-room apartment in…

  • 32-stylish-kitchen

    Open and Functionally Zoned Cockloft with a Balance of History and Modernity

    The Hosts: Bettina, CEO of R. S. V. Р Company Michael, President and founder of Indochine Media Ventures, Singapore Number of rooms: 3 Metric area: 200 m² Ceiling height: 3.9 m Number of levels: 2 A house of 1823, in which Bettina and Michael bought…

  • 25-balcony

    Studio Apartment Inspired by 1960S and Rodney Walker’s Works

    The Hostess: Hanna, an architect Number of rooms: 1 Metric area: 41 m² Ceiling height: 2.7 m Floor number: 9 Last year, having got degree of an architect, Hanna moved in a new house on the embankment. Interior design and décor she took upon herself….

  • 2-many lines

    Chairs by Nendo

    These benches and stools are produced in a minimalist style, these models are made by designers from Japan, the chair is made of a metal frame is composed of pieces of metal pipes, and has a curved curved seat, but the details are done very slowly…

  • 3-small vase

    Beautiful satin chair of the Netherlands

    This unique table is constructed of a polyester resin, which has a hidden shelf, the material used to create the beauty of a table, it looks really nice and unusual tabletop as it looks like clear glass, but in fact it is not transparent, and…

  • 14

    Beautiful fireplace decorated for Christmas

    Fireplace – a great opportunity to make a New Year atmosphere in the interior, we are ready to share with you some of the colorful and interesting ideas. Typically, a fireplace, serves not only as a source of consolation and warmth, but also holds an…

  • 11

    Cozy home in France for Christmas

    In the new year the situation changed dramatically and I want to beautify the house, make it bright and festive. This beautiful interior belongs to the owner of a mansion in France. In the house there are beautiful mirrors and windows in the spirit of…

  • 8-dining table

    Comfortable lodge in the village

    This wonderful house is constructed entirely of wood , it is situated along the East Sussex Lane and this place is in the middle of unspoiled nature. Basic and which surround the house , birds , bees, and forest creatures . The owners , of…

  • 6-many shelves

    Suitcase furniture collection from Emmanuelle Legavre

    This astonishing collection of furniture was built with the designer Emmanuelle Legavre. This furniture is very well suited for those who like to always go. That is precisely what has been done, this collection inspired rides and an assortment of bags, she created this amazing…