• 2-float-house-sailing-house-houseboat-exterior-design

    A Real Houseboat: How Is It Equipped Inside and Outside?

    Many people dream about living on the shore of a beautiful sea or a picturesque lake. But laws of many countries do not permit to construct houses and saunas directly on the waterfront. Still, there is a good alternative – why not build a house…

  • 10-wheat-heads-in-a-wooden-plant-holder-container-multicolor-felt-wall-covering-eco-style-office-decor-of-agricultural-company

    Cheerful & Cozy Office Interior Inspired by Van Gogh’s Fields

    Fortunately, almost gone are the days when an office was a place, where one was supposed to come to in a suit and tie and everything from the floor to the ceiling was monochrome gray. Today’s employers have finally understood the importance of setting creative…

  • 0-stabilized-natural-living-moss-in-interior-design-home-decor-eco-style-decorative-letters-home

    Living Moss in Interior Design: 25 Ideas and Care Tips

    One of the hottest trends of interior design for today is eco style. Virtually every decorator is committed to adding something related to this theme into a new project. Considering its numerous benefits, living moss has become one of the leading elements of eco-style. It’s…

  • 0-metal-sculptural-Arm-chair-by-Ron-Arad-wooden-Chairs-by-Dodie-Rozenkrans-dark-style-gothic-conceptual-furniture-design

    10 Pieces of Conceptual Furniture Design for Aesthetes

    A Chanel dining table stylized as a guillotine, a biomorphic bench, a bed made from wood that died of natural causes and primitivistic chairs – this is the choice of people who value conceptual design. These pieces of furniture look like art objects per se…

  • 3-1-2-zero-waste-target-production-of-furniture-from-recycled-waste-Kulla-Israel

    Zero Waste Target: 6 Recycled Waste Furniture Brands

    The trend of reflective consumption has not left the sphere of furniture industry untouched – designers use waste to create things that become rapidly popular and cost big money. HomeKlondike has selected 6 furniture brands that draw inspiration from the idea of waste recycling to…

  • 4-cozy-balcony-design-big-sofa-bench-seat-cushions-sea-view-striped-blue-and-white-textile-faux-ratten-coffe-table-wine-candles-magazines

    How to Design a Balcony in Catalan Style from A to Z

    Spain… It has so many beautiful things in store to inspire multiple tourists. And one of them is sweet and cozy balconies of Catalonia. The weekend is approaching and if you have a strong desire for creativity, why not turn your balcony into a cozy…

  • 0-minimalist-style-ascetic-interior-painted-white-walls-brick-masonry-arched-ceiling-American-walnut-floor-open-plan-kitchen-set-by-IKEA-bar-table-stools-black-backsplash

    Ascetic Minimalist Apartment with Arched Ceilings & Masonry

    Shoemaker’s kids frequently have no shoes, but this time we are going to show you an apartment belonging to an architect – he has designed it for his family on his own. The thing that attracted him in this flat was the history – it’s…

  • 3-1-beige-interior-traditional-style-open-plan-kitchen-living-dining-room-white-sofa-terracotta-orange-chairs-throw-couch-pillows-table-lamps-air-conditioner-painting-light-parquet-floor

    Romantic Beige Apartment That Won’t Make Your Bored

    Beige walls make you yawn, don’t they? You just have to have a look at our today’s post to change your mind. This project proves the fact that even such a trivial color as beige can look fresh in skillful hands of a qualified designer,…

  • 5-multifunctional-small-mini-kitchen-set-by-Kitchoo-France-mini-fridge-refrigerator-sink-black-worktop-countertop-wooden-cabinets

    3 All-Inclusive Mini Kitchen Sets for Tiniest Areas

    Small kitchens are not uncommon in the world, and the problem of limited cooking areas has existed for many years. How else to explain the fact that a mini kitchen suite designed by an Italian furniture designer Cesare ”Joe” Colombo back in 1963 is still as popular…

  • 5-1-concrete-canvas-cloth-flexible-concrete-material-in-furniture-design-arm-chair

    Concrete Canvas: Revolutionary Building Technology of the Future

    Concrete canvas is a piece of cloth with waterproof backing soaked in a special dry substance. This revolutionary building technology was invented about 15 years ago in Great Britain.

  • 0-clean-neat-tidy-bathroom-interior-design-gray-and-white-wall-tiles-light-floor-bathtub-WC-light-wood-shelving-unit-mirror-frame-wooden-vanity-unit-rectangular-sink-wash-basin-window

    How to Keep Bathroom Sanitary and Clean: 6 Tips

    A bathroom is a place for recreational and hygienical procedures. But how can it be kept clean, if high temperature and moisture favor multiplication of microbial agents? We’ll give you a few tips, which will help to keep your bathroom sanitary easily.

  • 10-small-kitchen-storage-ideas-design-hacks-rational-space-rails-railings-on-side-of-cabinets-holder-for-utensils

    25 Design Hacks for Rational Storage in Small Kitchens

    Do you believe that your kitchen is so small that keeping all the cooking essentials in it is just impossible? And are you sure that you make the most of the potential of your space?  We’ll give you 25 ideas of creating extra storage areas…

  • 2-Cacti-Towers-project-3D-renders-in-Copenhagen-new-urban-IKEA-mall-hotel-Denmark-modern-architecture-unusual-buildings-hexagonal-balconies

    Cacti Towers + “Urban” IKEA Will Adorn Copenhagen in 2019

    A Dutch architect Bjarke Ingels famous for his creative multi-storey buildings keeps searching high-rise architecture for the absolute limit. And now his plan is to erect a fancifully-shaped multifunctional complex in the very heart of Copenhagen. His bureau – Bjarke Ingels Group – will work…

  • 2-living-room-lounge-with-a-bedroom-sleeping-area-on-a-podium-glass-wall-partition-wall-to-wall-built-in-closet-with-air-vents-TV-set-chest-of-drawers-dining-round-table-sofa-arm-chairs-upholstered

    Ultra-Functional Two-Room Apartment for People with Much Stuff

    The hosts of this newly-built two-room apartment are a young family couple with a 4-year-old kid. Despite a limited residential area of their new flat, they had plenty of wishes regarding their future home nest. Firstly, they wanted a living room and kitchen to be…

  • 8-contemporary-style-bedroom-living-room-interior-design-perforated-screen-room-divider-green-floral-wallpaper-bedspread-bed-cover-sliding-doors-chandelier-round-metal-coffee-table-geometrical-carpet

    No Blind Walls: 20 Creative Room Dividers (P.2)

    If you still didn’t find a suitable variant for zoning your rooms in Part 1 of this post, don’t worry – we have 10 more ideas for you!

  • 6-sleeping-area-in-the-living-room-bed-studio-apartment-glass-sandblasted-wall-partition-room-divider-blue-drapery-curtains-rug-gray-capitone-ottomans-arm-chairs-coffee-table-podium-roman-blinds

    No Blind Walls: 20 Creative Room Dividers (P.1)

    If you need to zone residential space, especially when it comes to small apartments, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to build up extra walls. Mobile room dividers or light-transparent partitions can solve this problem very well. And what is more important, without breaking…

  • 0-open-plan-minimalist-style-living-room-kitchen-dining-area-interior-white-3D-walls-plasterboard-fireplace-surround-firewood-gray-sofa-wooden-table-pendant-lamp-full-length-mirror

    Siberian Apartment Inspired by an Austrian Chalet

    At first sight at her future residential project, its author realized that this newly-built apartment needed a few layout changes, including demolition of several walls. For instance, both bathrooms featured plenty of non-functional nooks, and after the re-planning the hosts got geometrically clear bathroom zones…

  • 2-cylinder-house-by-Cyril-Lancelin-modular-residential-architecture-in-France-Lyon-open-plan-bedroom-forest-view-laconic-interior-gray-bed-floor-lamp-arm-chair

    Glass Cylinder House in France: Awesome Modular Architecture

    A pretty unusual house is to be built on the outskirts of Lyon, France – it will be composed of numerous cylinder-shaped glass modules. According to the author’s idea, this is an all-terrain type of housing, since cylinders can be arranged in any sequence depending…

  • 10-blooming-lawn-blossom-first-spring-flowers-in-the-park-planted-in-the-lawn-blue-snowdrops

    How to Create a Blooming Lawn in Your Garden for Next Spring?

    Many tourists, who were lucky to visit Western Europe in early spring, have named plenty of first spring flowers growing right on the lawns in parks as one of the most amazing things they have seen in their journeys. And it’s not surprising at all…

  • 13-black-walls-black-walled-room-in-interior-design-antique-chest-of-drawers-living-room-light-gray-sofa-yellow-accents-orchid

    Black Walls in Interior Design: Sense of Safety & Cinematography

    You like black color, don’t you? And you dream about having much black in your home interior, but still can’t dare on black walls, since you don’t know if you can live within them? Have a look at our collection of interiors and finally realize…

  • 6-high-rise-pedestrian-walkway-pathway-way-in-China-Fuzhou-city-by-LOOK-architects

    Walking in the Crones of Trees: Unique High-Rise Walkway in China

    A stunning and absolutely non-standard 19-kilometer-long pedestrian pathway has opened in the Chinese city of Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province. Fuzhou is one of the greenest residential areas in China, filled with lush subtropical greenery and located among the hills. It would be a…

  • 1-wooden-timber-log-house-tower-residential-multi-storey-building-in-Toronto-Canada-by-Penda-Architects-vertical-garden-green-eco-friendly-architecture

    Wooden 18-Storey Housing Estate to Be Built in Toronto

    Penda Architects Studio specializing on eco-friendly interiors and architectural projects unite their efforts with the global forest-logging leader Timber to develop a stunning modular wooden tower for the city of Toronto. The anticipated fruit of their future cooperation is an 18-storey residential complex made in…

  • 00-tillandsia-airplant-air-plant-aerophyte-epiphyte-ideas-in-interior-design-growing-in-a-florarium

    Tillandsia, or Airplant: 8 Ideas for Growing Rootless Plant

    If you don’t like trivial indoor plants, HomeKlondike has a win-win option in stock – a tillandsia. Most commonly this plant is named an “airplant”, because it needs neither a pot, nor watering to grow. Tillandsia is an epiphyte, i.e. it grows attached to other…

  • Good quality White Desk For Home Office

    Design Hack: How to Organize an Inspiring Work Area

    It doesn’t really matter whether you work from home or in the office. The way your working area is organized is vital anyway, since you spend a big deal of your life there. So, you would agree that this space should be organized competently, beautifully,…