• 9-convenient-organized-computer-desk-with-wireless-charging-stations-for-smartphone-tablet-tea-cup-heater-built-in-speakers

    Super Organized Computer Desk with No Wires

    How much stuff we keep on our desks! It’s a computer with a keyboard and a mouse, a cup of coffee, a couple of speakers, important (and not just important) papers, a phone, a tablet and a few other essentials. Eventually all this stuff turns…

  • 0-small-tiny-one-bed-bedroom-house-in-London-Islington-England-exterior

    Tiny House in the Heart of London for $ 500.000

    For this money you can feel like a true English lord, but in a mini-version. And cleaning such a house is far easier than in a huge apartment. Is it worth this? Read further and decide it for yourself.

  • 5-2-lapis-blue-color-in-interior-design-table-setting-napkins-tableware-tablecloth

    Top Trend 2017: Lapis Blue Color

    This week we’d like to start from continuing our travel across Top-10 colors for the year 2017 announced by Pantone. We have already reviewed two top shades of green – Greenery and Kale, and two pinkish hues – Pink Yarrow and Pale Dogwood. Now it’s…

  • 0-eclectic-provence-style-interior-design-living-room-crossbars-faux-brick-wall-dining-set-furniture-pink-and-white

    Eclectic Apartment: Shabby Chic & Ethnic & Provence

    Sometimes people are attracted by different interior styles. Unwilling to pick up just one, they tend to mix them in their interior designs. Let’s see what came out of the mixture of shabby chic, ethnical motives, French Provence style and Scandinavian background!

  • 1-circu-Portugal-dream-fantastic-kids-furniture-design-sea-shell-shaped-bed-Little-Mermaid

    Dream Kids’ Furniture: Little Mermaid, Rocket & Air Balloon

    Circu is the name of a small Portuguese furniture factory that produces hand-crafted and hand-tailored pieces of highest quality. It’s just about two years old, but the photos of its designs have already appeared in all the best of world magazines on interior design and…

  • 0-lavender-purple-lilac-color-in-home-textile-curtains-fabric-interior-design

    20 Most Fashionable Curtains Colors for the Year 2017

    Top trends for the year 2017 are already in full swing and are already present in the latest collections of furniture, home décor and textile. And if today you’re looking for the trendiest fabric for curtains, you will surely find the right option in our…

  • 2-Biesbosch-national-park-museum-with-green-living-roof-in-Netherlands

    Spectacular Green Roof Museum in Holland

    Perhaps, the most common first thing coming to our minds on hearing the word “the Netherlands” is plenty of greenery, tulips and fantastically beautiful landscapes.  That is why the museum we are going to tell you about looks so organic in this very country.

  • 0-creative-bike-bicycle-storage-idea-wall-mount-organizer

    8 Creative Bicycle Storage Ideas

    Calendar turned to February and it still keeps snowing from time to time. But we keep believing in anticyclone that will come soon to give us a chance to pedal. Most commonly our previous experience shows that the slower spring is coming, the more active…

  • 0-DIY-handmade-fruit-bowl-mini-dessert-cake-stand-from-old-cups-and-dishes-blue-and-white

    DIY: Beautiful Hand-Made Mini Dessert Stand

    Are you planning to have a party, a holiday or a buffet table? A beautiful table setting is an essential element of creating a good mood. If you don’t have a special fruit bowl, a mini dessert stand or a cake stand to display your…

  • 1-Provence-style-living-room-interior-design-green-mint-and-coral-colors-wooden-walls-sofa-sleeping-place-drapery-sloped-ceiling-floral-wallpaper-shelf-unit

    Cozy Provence Style Living Room in Mint and Coral

    Comfort and warmth of French Provence are no longer something exotic for counties located miles away from the country of romance. Nowadays more and more people living in the countryside all year round or just coming there for weekends bring notes of French villages into…

  • 5-2-how-to-decorate-table-setting-for-Valentine's-Day-creative-ideas-DIY-workshop-centerpiece-composition-flowers-marshmallow-kettle

    Valentine’s Day Table Setting: Decoration Workshop by a Pro

    A beautiful table setting is an essential part of any holiday dinner. But Nadezhda Mitskova, a young decorator from Russia, believes that most commonly sweethearts spend the evening of the 14th of February in a restaurant. Hence a romantic table setting is something to care…

  • 00-how-to-decorate-room-for-Valentine's-Day-decor-ideas-romantic-breakfast-table-setting-colored-paper-hearts-pink-red

    40 Ideas of Home Décor for Valentine’s Day

    Actually creating romantic holiday mood is not that difficult. Here you will need most trivial assistants – candles, flower petals, paper and felt garlands, decorative hearts and pillows, and photo frames. And the easiest way to decorate the interior is valentines – the most understandable…

  • 2-1-exclusive-creative-designer-table-by-Duffy-London-Abyss-Table-wood-and-glass

    4 Incredible Designer Tables by Duffy London

    Swinging dining chairs, a table with an ocean abyss inside, a piece of thick glass held by balloons … Do you think these are elements of a science-fiction story? Not at all! These are designer pieces of furniture created by a famous English company Duffy…

  • 4-vincent-van-gogh-painting-the-bedroom-in-arles-reconstructed-interior-design-copy-in-chicago-blue-walls-19th-century-red-bedspread-yellow-chairs-lilac-door

    Bedroom in Arles – a Chance to Sleep in van Gogh’s Bedroom

    Bedroom in Arles, or simply The Bedroom, is a series of three similar paintings created by Vincent van Gogh at the end of the 19th century. All three versions are “photos” of his own room interior, in which he lived when staying in a French…

  • 2-stretch-ceiling-in-interior-design-traditional-style-dining-living-room-beige-gray-brown-chairs-stripy-wallpaper-victorian-baseboard-big-table

    Pros and Cons of Stretch Ceiling (Part 2)

    Besides obvious advantages of stretch ceilings, which we discussed in the previous post, they certainly have a few drawbacks. In this article we’ll try to give you the most detailed information regarding the flaws of stretch ceilings.

  • 3-stretch-ceiling-in-interior-design-bedroom-beige-classical-style-wallpaper

    Pros and Cons of Stretch Ceiling (Part 1)

    Modern stretch ceilings represent a dropped ceiling system consisting of a PVC film or non-PVC (polyester) fabric, which stretches and clips into a special plastic or aluminum track installed on a primary (structural) ceiling or walls. Today the market of building materials offers dozens of…

  • 0-monochrome-black-walls-and-white-floor-high-ceiling-apartment-interior-design-with-mezzanine-floor-living-room-staircase-big-windows

    Tiny Monochrome Black-Walled Apartment with Mezzanine Floor

    When it comes to small apartments, as a general rule designers follow a standard scheme – pick a few comfy light colors and dilute them with a few bright accents. In today’s apartment the choice was set upon a somewhat unexpected hue for a tiny…

  • 0-creative-hand-made-WC-restroom-toilet-sign-board

    5 Unusual and Creative Restroom Interior Designs

    A restroom is an extremely important component of any home. It must be all-inclusive – comprising comfort, convenience, functionality and nice design, of course. However, in real life we seldom care about the aesthetical aspect of our toilets. That’s why today we decided to show…

  • 0-classical-style-ivory-white-kitchen-interior-design

    Key Measurements of Kitchen Layout Planning: Part 2

    They say that a well-though-out kitchen layout saves about 30% of time you spend on food preparation. Hence this process must be treated with maximum care and attention. In this article we continue to find out the key measurements required for planning a kitchen layout.

  • 00-kitchen-interior-design-gray-upper-cabinets-white-base-cabinets-faux-wood-backsplash-stone-countertop

    Key Measurements of Kitchen Layout Planning: Part 1

    What guides you when you’re planning a kitchen layout? Probably, it’s good taste and common sense. But there are also a few key kitchen layout measurements to be considered if you want this room to be convenient and user-friendly. Learn more about these important figures…

  • 0-Russia-Seneshal-luxurious-hotel-interior-design-timber-house-Provence-classical-style-winter-snow

    Seneshal Hotel in Moscow Suburbs: Luxurious Hut in Provence Style

    Gorgeous resorts are not another name for tropical islands or the Swiss Alps. True “jewels” can also be found not far from Moscow, and today we are going to show you one of the most precious of them.

  • 0-Mandarin-Oriental-Hotel-Taiwan-exterior

    Gorgeous Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taiwan and Its Interiors

    This hotel can rightly be called an “oriental pearl”. Its interior is truly astonishing and breathtaking. Today we’re inviting you to watch beautiful interiors of a luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taipei.

  • 0-detached-garage-type

    Detached Garage: 8 Building Tips

    There are three main types of garage designs: with living quarters, which we already discussed in the previous article, attached, when a car is parked in an attachment to the house side, and detached. Today we’ll discuss the latter type, which is, by the way,…

  • 2-beautiful-romantic-table-setting-for-Valentine's-Day-ideas-candles-red-roses-Eiffel-tower

    15 Beautiful and Romantic Table Settings for Valentine’s Day

    Festive table setting ideas can be simple and exquisite, cheap and luxurious, elegant and rustic. But they certainly will produce an impact on your sweetheart. Today we have collected 15 beautiful ideas of Valentine’s Day table settings for your inspiration! We hope that they’ll motivate…