• 12-1-MDF-panels-boards-in-interior-design-wall-decoration-decor-dark-graphite-black-with-3D-effect-ottoman-bench

    MDF Panels in Interior Design: Eco-Friendly & Beautiful

    MDF (medium-density fiberboard) panels are becoming more and more popular among interior designers and common consumers. And this is not surprising, bearing in mind numerous advantages this material has. Firstly, it’s absolutely eco-friendly. Secondly, MDF panels are strong and durable, and when treated with special…

  • 3-ceramic-kitchen-countertop-worktop-dark-graphite-black-metal-sink

    How to Treat Stone, Ceramic and Metal Worktops Properly

    When choosing a material for a kitchen worktop you should pay attention not just to its price and appearance, but also consider the care aspect – how much effort this countertop would take to keep it clean. Let’s speak about that.

  • 1-3-mismatched-chairs-in-kitchen-dining-room-interior-design--one-model-in-different-colors-multicolo-painted-chairs

    How to Choose Mismatched Dining Chairs Tastefully: 7 Tips

    The modern furniture market is so rich and versatile that sometimes we find it difficult to choose a win-win option. Still, we have to make the final decision. Very often this challenge refers to dining chairs. There are so many beautiful and comfortable models available…

  • 00-ideas-where-how-to-hide-conceal-disguise-refrigerator-fridge-pop-art-full-size-magnetic-panel-under-the-staircase-recessed

    Where and How to Hide a Refrigerator: 7 Options for Any Interior

    The layout of the kitchen, like it or not, revolves around a refrigerator. But sometimes, the way it looks doesn’t make us happy. Or the kitchen is so tiny that there’s no room for a fridge at all. Or we want to design our kitchen…

  • 3-Italian-villa-exterior-design-by-Osvaldo-Borsani-stone-path-walkway-potted-pink-plant-flowers-Holy-Virgin-Maria-icon-in-the-garden

    Osvaldo Borsani’s Villa of 1940s: Timeless Design & Art-Deco

    Today we’d like to take you on an exclusive trip to the villa of a prominent Italian architect of the 20th century Osvaldo Borsani (1911-1985). You’d be amazed to find how contemporary and up-to-date an interior created back in 1940s may look. This private villa…

  • 6-light-wood-house-interior-in-the-wood-Canada-panoramic-windows-light-airy-white-kitchen-dining-room-minimalist-ascetic-winter-forest-view-fire-wood

    Stunning Contemporary Chalet in the Heart of Canadian Woods

    A house in chalet style is just what one needs for a country covered with forests and hills and being reigned by winter and plenty of snow most of the time. But this fact doesn’t mean that this house should look like a hut in…

  • 2-1-creative-office-interior-ideas-pixel-style-wall-decor-from-sticky-notes-multicolor-super-heroes

    How Employees of Different Countries Brighten Up Their Offices

    Having a nine-to-five job in an office hardly sounds like a dream job. However, millions of people around the globe have such schedule and manage to survive. And if nothing can be done to change a job, at least one can do one’s best to…

  • 2-The-World’s-Longest-Pedestrian-Only-Suspension-Bridge-Opened-in-Switzerland-Europabruecke-in-the-Alps-abyss

    The World’s Longest Pedestrian-Only Suspension Bridge Opened!

    Last Saturday the world was officially complemented with one more record-breaking bridge, and this time it’s not in China: the celebration took place in a small village of Randa in the south of Switzerland. The bridge dubbed Europabrücke (which stands for “The European Bridge”) stretches…

  • 2-2-outdoor-wedding-in-the-garden-decoration-ideas-beautiful-decor-wooden-tables-flowers-birch-trees-candle-holders-lights

    How to Decorate Outdoor Wedding: Original Ideas for Romantic Garden

    Summer wedding is a nice reason to go beyond traditional indoor celebrations. For instance, it would be a good idea to abandon a stuffy restaurant hall in favor of a romantically decorated garden. Plenty of greenery, blooming flowers and beautiful lights create stunning and inspiring…

  • 5-3-Champagne-France-Chair-with-iron-framewrok-cork-seat-shaped-like-champagne-bottle-retainer-in-vintage-style-interior

    Comfortable and Beautiful Outdoor Furniture for Summer 2017

    Outdoor furniture is required to comply with a bunch of requirements: it has to survive in the burning sun and heavy rainfall; it should be lightweight, durable and easy-to-care; finally, it has to be comfortable and beautiful. HomeKlondike decided to collect the most comfy and…

  • 0-leaving-for-holidays-woman-came-to-the-sea-on-vacation-with-a-suitcase-red-shoes-hat-sand-beach-happy

    How to Make Your Home Safer When Going out of Town

    Burglars traditionally come around during the spring/summer period. This statement is confirmed by reports of police departments on a yearly basis and at all times. Starting from May and up to September citizens of big cities as a general rule leave either for summer cottages…

  • 3-inactivite-by-benoit-malta-chair-on-two-legs-light-wood-inconvenient-design-of-office-chair

    Why Would Designers Make Things Inconvenient?

    Some things, even when created by some prominent designers and iconic brands, may look or feel inconvenient. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the author did a bad job. Sometimes stuff is made inconvenient on purpose. Why? HomeKlondike will try to explain!

  • 0-tall-narrow-small-Vertical-house-in-Japan-by-MUJI-prefabricated-wooden-three-floor-house

    Vertical Houses in Japan Are Selling Like Hotcakes

    What should a contemporary affordable residential place be like? Simple, compact, eco-friendly and energy efficient, we guess. A modern city dweller doesn’t need much stuff: gradually overconsumption is being replaced with fashion for moderation, thrift and responsible approach to resource consumption. That is why micro-spaces…

  • 00-beautiful-amazing-stained-glass-in-interior-design-door-entrance-white-mudroom-living-room-bathroom

    Stained Glass in Interior Design: 30 Inspiring Ideas

    Stained glass will live forever. There is no question about that. Modern technologies of this craft allow for creating small masterpieces with the hands of experienced craftsmen, who have practiced their skills for decades, and simpler hand-made pieces that you can create in your kitchen…

  • 1-8-remade-reconstructed-ex-harbor-crane-apartment-in-Copenhagen-exterior-terrace-with-sea-port-view-girl

    Ex-Harbor Crane = Luxurious Flat/ Ex-Grain Elevator = 5-Star Hotel

    Talented architects of the globe keep surprising the audience with their creative approach to versatile exotic objects that were written off due to their significant ages. Thus, instead of converting an old harbor crane in Copenhagen into scrap metal, it was re-constructed into a multi-level…

  • 0-world's-biggest-airport-to-be-in-China-Beijing-international-airport-render-3d-plan

    The World’s Biggest Airport-To-Be Takes Impressive Shape

    The Xinhua News Agency of China has shared a bunch of impressive photographs of the skeletal structure of the new Beijing International Airport, which is being built at the moment to become the biggest aviation hub on the globe. The giant structure comprises 5 segments…

  • 5-3-toddler-baby-bed-white-multifucntional-cot-with-storage-area-drawers-shelves-changing-table-on-wheels

    What Type of a Baby Bed to Choose?

    In the previous post we learned all the requirements set to beds for baby sleep and made a logical conclusion that the key issues are safety, eco-friendliness and convenience. These aspects come first-turn, and only when all three are found in the bed we choose,…

  • 2-dark-wood-baby-bed-cot-adjustable-base-height-pink-mattress-linen-emroidered-blanket-mobile-shelves-pictures-rug

    How to Choose the Right Baby Bed: Must-Haves & Vital Aspects

    New parents are keen on introducing high aesthetics to their precious babies from their first days in this world, desperately trying to choose the most beautiful things on the market for their little ones. But when it comes to choosing the right bed and bedding…

  • 2-beautiful-wallpaper-wall-mural-wall-covering-Aqua-Clad-Underground-collection-by-Mr-Perswall-blue-yellow-abstract-pattern-bright-eye-catchy-accent-wall-mudroom-bench-coat-rack-white-floor-rug-throw-pillows

    How to Pick Out Wallpaper for a Small Room?

    Even in big homes one can surely find rooms and spaces that he or she’d like to expand at least visually. This can be a mudroom, a corridor, a walk-in closet or a pantry. When designed skillfully and competently, even such tiny and through passage…

  • 5-Mojito-Club-Holiday-Residence-apartment-hotel-room-Bulgaria-eco-style-interior-design -with-ethnic-motifs-bedroom-ceramic-tilling-wall-decor-antique-wooden-nightstand-bed-white-walls-open-plan-kitchen-orange-gray-brown

    Close-to-Nature Holiday Residence in Sunny Bulgaria

    An apartment including just a bedroom, a kitchen and a huge bathroom and complemented with an outdoor living room and dining area sounds original per se. And when coupled with the beauty of Bulgarian national motifs, such unhackneyed residence becomes a dream holiday destination.

  • 1-Vassilissa-bathroom-collection-Serdaneli-France-in-Russian-style-accessories-by-Evgenia-Miro-gold-dark-blue-folk-motifs-luxurious-faucet-dome-shaped

    Russian Fairy-Tale Inspired a New Stunning Bathroom Collection

    One of the latest collections launched by a French bathroom brand Serdaneli appeared to be very Russian. And this is not surprising – it was inspired by one of the most famous Russian fairy tales and created by a Russian author, Evgenia Miro. But the…

  • 1-time-to-renew-clock-it's-time-to-extend-lease-extension-contract-prolongation-end-of-contract-term

    Informal Lease Extensions: The Pitfalls and Beartraps

    There has recently been a lot of publicity in the media surrounding leasehold property, and in particular the problems encountered by owners of properties with short leases and leases with onerous terms, such as very high ground rents. The solution in such cases is often…

  • 3-3-concrete-staircase-stairs-whitewashed-floor-white-walls-Scandinavian-style-interior

    Materials for Interior Staircases: Features, Pros & Cons

    Have you had to choose an interior staircase? The choice of shapes and models is so diverse that it’s like an embarrassment of riches. But when you already determined the spot and right configuration of the stairs, you’re faced with the most interesting and challenging…

  • 0-beautiful-inspiring-bedroom-interior-design-in-traditional-style-with-river-lake-view-big-windows-beige-wooden-walls-shelving-rug-arm-chair-curtains-lamps-wicker-chest

    Rugs in Your Home: All Pros and Cons

    Rugs, or carpets are floor coverings that have been popular for centuries and can still be found in many apartments and houses of different styles. And this is not in the least surprising – they bring many positive things into our homes. However, there are…