• 1-carpet-of-the-nodules-hand-made

    Carpet of the nodules Hand Made

    This mat is like a big band, which is formed of large ribbons and laces. This mat is sure to complement your house and make logging fun.

  • 3-pencil-shavings

    Table in the form of pencil shavings

    This beautiful table set up studio BAAG, they put up a table in the form of a huge pencil shaving. Designers were inspired by an interesting way, by sharpening a pencil. So it turned out interesting coffee table, if it ships from a giant pencil….

  • 2-the whole carpet

    The bright carpet of felt strips

    In autumn you want warmth and comfort, but if you do not desire to make large expenditures can be affectionate and beautiful rug with his hands. A further product is gaining momentum with their own hands and becomes very popular and up-to-date. Moreover this carpet…

  • 19

    25 original ideas “New life of old boxes”

    Old things can be healed by a new, enough to show a little imagination and be creative and a little imagination. For you, we have gathered 25 interesting ideas of how you can apply the old boxes for the interior because they can serve as…

  • 7-veranda in a marine style

    The beach and marine interior style

    In cold weather you want warmth and comfort, and we have prepared this collection in a nautical theme, which will remind you of warmer days. Beach style is associated with the color of the sand and the ocean waves are used in the interior warm…

  • 4-beautiful-lamp

    Beautiful lamp made ​​from recycled coffee filters

    This wonderful lamp has created a designer Vilma Farrell, she loves coffee, and she threw the idea of recycling old coffee filters to make beautiful lamps for the home and beyond. Beautiful lamp is obtained thanks to the gentle and pleasant light. Designer filters washes…

  • 1-comfortable-wooden-chair

    Comfortable wooden chair

    This amazing chair as chair designers have created Rue Monsieur Paris. Designers a presented chair both single and double chairs, they are made of natural wood, materials: coconut and rattan light and black finishes.

  • 5

    LED home decoration for the New Year

    LED garlands can be not just an ornament shop in the New Year’s holiday, but also a good decoration at home, garden. They create the necessary and pleasant atmosphere in the New Year period, felt the approach of the holidays. Lights can decorate not only…

  • 9-table on the balcony

    Beautiful and modern balconies and loggias

    If you desire to be close to nature, but you do not have a garden, it’s easy to put up on the balcony, or establish a cozy corner to put chairs, a table, or make your workplace. From the urban resident’s balcony – these are…

  • 14

    The modern bathrooms are in classic style

    In this post we have put together a few ideas of modern bathrooms in a classic style. This is mainly the bathrooms in a minimalist style, because the bathroom should not be cluttered, it must have to chill out and relax.

  • 15

    Wooden Lamps «Woobie» from ABADOС

    This has created a huge lamp Polish company called ABADOC. Inspired Lamp is a wooden bow that the designer wanted to do to her young son. The whole lamp is built entirely of wood, a material used alder, which was later treated with varnish. This…

  • 13

    Docks Furniture System by Björn Meier and Till Grosch

    This functional furniture designer has created Björn Meier and Till Grosch. This furniture was made for the role, and it’s not simple furnishings. Office furniture is built in a modern style, and it’s very functional, on the one hand furniture designed for business people, but…

  • 23

    Decorating Ideas for Fall

    Autumn – the time when the cold weather comes, and we want warmth and comfort. Interior of a room can be warm and cozy thanks to its natural accessories that you can find absolutely free anywhere in the street. For example, it may be leaves…

  • 16

    French Style Guest Room – Inspirations

    French style includes the following accents: chic and luxurious interior.  To the French style can be attributed styles: Rococo, Empire and Baroque. This style is the artistic ideas of the designers. This style refers to a romantic with a touch of elegance.

  • 6

    15 design ideas bedroom colonial-style

    Colonial style first appeared in medieval England. In the colonial style in the first place is comfortable, it fits well and most massive furniture of mahogany species, and the combination of the beautiful and exotic textures and fabrics. Interior includes the oriental style and European.

  • 1-The lamp in the form of branches

    The lamp in the form of branches

    The lamp was produced in the shape of a small sprig of designer Peter Yong Fa, this lamp he called Kaji, in Korean, “branch”, and he was inspired by nature and made such a beautiful lamp in minimalist fashion. A lamp made from a simple…

  • 1-chairs-of-the-bright-laces-baita

    Chairs of the bright laces Baita

    These chairs are made in the likeness of a grid and each hole had put his opposite ends of shoelaces, a variety of sizes and colors, this chair will certainly want to not only you but also your cats.

  • 5

    A variety of swing for the garden

    Swing – this is possibly one of the most convenient locations in the nation, at such a comfortable place to enjoy the warm rays of spring, and the birds singing, or you can have breakfast. Swing is a very popular thing for a country house…

  • 5

    The interior apartments in polka dots large and small

    Peas in the interior – it’s vintage pattern, many consider it pretentious and simple for the elderly. And not all of it hits the spot. But the peas in the interior will always be fashionable, with a print is not only clothes but also accessories….

  • 6

    The apartment interior in golden color

    The gold color is very stylish and unique color and metallic luster; it is all associated with luxury and expensive. Golden color should be applied with caution, and use it minimally. In the old days in the luxurious palaces of the furniture was covered with…

  • 21

    40 amazing bedrooms in turquoise color

    Turquoise color – it’s very elegant, and the best color for the bedroom, the bedroom this color is very rare. Navy blue calms, and adjusts to peaceful slumber. Turquoise will plunge fully into dreams, this color – air and water. Aquamarine is found in a…

  • 10-beautiful pillows

    The bedroom in the style of Shabby Chic

    The combination of soft colors, beautiful patterns and lovely fabric – this refers to this vintage. A good element can be any lace object in the form of beautiful napkins, which can be broadcast to any table, and the more of them, the better and…

  • 2-beautiful chair

    Design Ideas apartment-style shabby chic

    Shabby chic style combines old things with new technology, furniture, Shabby Chic style is very docile and cute image in bright colors, this trend is usually very airy and soft like a marshmallow. Shabby Chic style is translated as shabby shine.

  • 14-cat

    Minimalist Apartment with Turquoise Walls, Laconic Furniture and Loads of Recesses

    The Hostesses: Mary and Hanna, interior designers Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 37 m² Ceiling height: 2.6 m Floor number: 3 A tiny apartment in old Petersburg belongs to two sisters – Hanna and Mary. The girls bought it two years ago and renovated…