• 4-plenty of lounge

    Very comfortable lounge chair Space

    Comfortable Chair Space was made by the German design duo Jehs + Laub specifically for Fritz Hansen in 2007. Elegant, stylish, minimalistic, it is done as a very convenient object, which has no equal in the degree of comfort. Very ergonomic chair, as if it…

  • 2-chair in interior

    Convenient triangular chair

    Coconut chair is constructed of chrome-plated steel legs, combined with upholstered seat. The chair can a life made of leather or cashmere of the best quality, as befits a high-end product. This piece of furniture is very comfortable, beautiful and more than that he is…

  • 8

    Beautiful house painter Nina Pohl in Berlin

    This lovely apartment is owned by a beautiful young woman whose name is Nina Pohl she is a German artist. Nina has studied photography, film and media. Nina is a very significant figure in contemporary photography. Nina also often in charge of the Berlin exhibition….

  • 8-beautiful window

    The modern, minimalist style in the bedroom

    Minimalist style looks very succinctly, simple and gorgeous composition is obtained. Minimalism is very functional interior, usually in the interior there is nothing superfluous, and there is always everything that you will need, the style of minimalism can be very comfortable and cozy, such a…

  • 10-sleeper

    Miniature apartment in the Swiss town

    Modern designers Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör successfully redesigning the apartment with a little amount of space, and do it very successfully. This apartment interior was designed in such a way that there is nothing superfluous. This apartment is very cozy and comfortable, it is well…

  • storage space

    How to spruce up your shed

    What with your homely interior, luscious lawn and flowering bushes taking centre-stage when you renovate your house, it’s often easy to forget about your shed – it needs some love too! Whether your pile of garden tools resembles a jumble sale or you just want…

  • 2-factory Area

    Table combined with the carpet

    In the East, taken during a meal or conversation sitting at a low table, on the floor, covered with carpets. For the European tradition of low tables are not typical, but they are gradually gaining popularity, especially when it comes to the design of recreation…

  • candles beige chocolate green

    Making your home smell delicious

    Apart from baking cookies to waft about the house every time you have visitors, there is nothing better than using candles to make your home smell gorgeous. The smell of your home is one of the things that really sticks in someone’s memory, so be…

  • 2-workplace

    Colorful and Quirky Interior of Sydney House

    Eclectic is a design style that is often underrated. Get it wrong and you end up with a room that looks like a ghastly scene from a poorly made Hollywood flick of the 70s. But this fabulous house in Marrickville, Sydney is a wonderful example…

  • 13

    Selection of furniture from cardboard

    A collection of furniture constructed of cardboard consists of many elements: coffee tables, chairs, shelves, desks, and even stands and cases for your phone. The idea of using cardboard for furniture is becoming more popular, because the paper – the most environmentally friendly fabric. Most…

  • Milano Sofa in living room

    Furnishing a conservatory

    With summer officially over, it is time to make the transition from outdoors to indoors. The cool temperatures of September make it the perfect month to start getting some use out of your conservatory, plus you’ll still be able to enjoy the views of your…

  • 1-graft-series-of-disposable-tableware

    “Graft” – Series of Disposable Tableware

    Texture and form in nature autonomously exist with a function that we can borrow to serve the purpose of artificial objects. A celery stem for example, acts as handle for the fork; a petal of artichoke then becomes the bowl of spoon.

  • 1-dogsalon-residence-and-a-small-business-space

    “Dogsalon” Residence and a Small Business Space

    Sitting at just about 700 square feet, this slim and streamlined space functions as both a residence and a small business. Called “Dogsalon” for exactly what it is– grooming, this Japanese structure is simple, clean and straight to the point. Naoko Horibe Architects designed the…

  • 3

    Swiss apartment of decorator ARAH WIDMAN

    Sarah Widman is the designer, who is behind many wonderful modern Swedish interiors of apartments, of which we tell each Sunday. Among its major clients the best real estate companies in Sweden, for which she draws such wonderful living space. Love for a stylish detail…

  • Laminate Flooring

    Laminate vs. Wood Flooring – The Big Debate

    For a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic you can’t beat the look of wood flooring. However to achieve this you don’t actually have to have real wood flooring, as laminate represents an incredibly effective alternative, but which is the best option for you? There’s quite a…

  • 1-pixelated-sculpture-at-bristol-temple-meads-train-station

    Pixelated Sculpture at Bristol Temple Meads Train Station

    Artist Luke Jerram has created a pixelated sculpture of his daughter Maya using an Xbox Kinect, aluminum sheets and more than 5,000 colored stickers. Luke says, “From the age of 3 my daughter Maya could use an iPhone. For her the technology was like a…

  • 5-beautiful carpet

    The most convenient and comfortable chair

    It is the most legendary in the history of furniture chair, gave him Raeem and designer Charles Eames, who created it for the company Herman Miller. This chair it represents comfort, and more convenient the footrest. The chair is made of plywood and a good…

  • 6-modern-interior

    Conan House by Moon Hoon

    South-Korean architect Moon Hoon has designed this ‘toy house’ for a young couple and their son in Bangdong, a famous place for sight seeing and leisure for near by dwellers. The irregular plot of land situated right in front of Bangdong lake boasts a beautiful…

  • 2-hangzhou-stool-by-min-chen

    Hangzhou Stool by Min Chen

    Inspired by the flexible lifestyle of Hangzhou, a touristic city in the middle of the east coast of China, local designer Min Chen has conceived the Hangzhou Stool, a seat composed of 16 layers of bamboo veneer of the thickness of 0.9 mm. Each one…

  • 5-strange clown

    A superb collection of furniture from Studio Job

    The studio Job popular company developed a rich collection of furniture Robber Baron. The photographs provided 5 samples of objects and cast bronze material, also used the old stylized various elements of various famous attractions. A collection of furniture consists of a: a mantel clock,…

  • 2-the-unusual-shape-and-intriguing-furniture-from-joel-escalona

    The unusual shape and intriguing furniture from Joel Escalona

    Interesting collection of furniture made by designer Dzhozhla Escalona. A collection of fine furniture consists of a shelf for a TV, wardrobe, bar, and a coffee table. In the image of the furniture is very similar to each other, but very different in size. The…

  • 3-beautiful shade

    Cozy concrete house in the Czech Republic

    Designers of oaks proved that gray concrete may also be cozy. This House “The Family House Osice” of their work – proof. The house is situated in Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic.

  • 1-reverie-lamp-by-sergio-guijarro

    Reverie Lamp by Sergio Guijarro

    Made up of 25 metal thin rods, this lamp switches on by touching the metal structure, whose form has been taken from a minimalist random geometry, that can be borrowed from any object. A design that makes the most of the voids as well.

  • 25

    Gorgeous Landscaping of Charles Jencks

    The popular architect who became a modern landscape designer, this designer is constantly doing something and doing. He created a brilliant garden space, this project is designed for the most famous and popular with landscape design. Landscape designer started after the death of his beloved…