• 18

    Cats and dogs who love to cozy chairs

    The chairs on which the pets, designers created by Charles and Ray Eames – which are the most interesting designers, such chairs are in many homes, and their love not only the owners but also pets.

  • 7-beautiful sofa

    Good examples of brightly lit rooms

    Ukrainian architect creates interiors with beautiful and soft lighting, her intentions are simply breathtaking and striking in their beauty. This reflects the architect of the most magnificent and interesting idea, using bright interiors. This pizza is made charming and bright interior, natural colors are chosen,…

  • 2-a-beautiful-clock

    A beautiful Clock Tower in New York City

    Beautiful and famous Brooklyn Clock Tower is one of the most expensive in the New York area. With this beautiful tower seen a beautiful panorama of the Brooklyn Bridge and the beautiful New York City. The windows are framed by a large dial, which looks…

  • 15

    Realistic cushion in the shape of cats and dogs

    Young designer Shannon Brenon created a unique and interesting cushions in the shape of cats and dogs, which he loves. If you do not own pets at home, you can purchase a pillow that will forever be with you sit on the couch.

  • 3-deep basket

    A beautiful Picture of wicker baskets for the family

    Wicker baskets for the home are very handy for storing things or dirty clothes. At wicker baskets are also easy to store: documents, papers, furniture, flowers and so on. These beautiful baskets will look good in any environment, especially as they will be good in…

  • 1-heel-chair-by-nendo

    Heel Chair by Nendo

    Heel Chair is a minimalist design created by Japan-based designer Nendo. The unique characteristic of this chair is the rear-leg that does not extend from the seat joint, but instead from higher up the seat back. As a result, the chair looks as though it…

  • 1-silhouette-lamp-by-m-parsons

    Silhouette Lamp by M Parsons

    Silhouette Lamp is a minimalist design created by Australia-based designer M Parsons. The inspiration of the design was taken from the traditional lightbulb, but the rest of the design relies heavily on creating an aesthetic that is as airy and simple as possible. The light…

  • 44-beds

    Apartment + Guesthouse at Atelier for Creative People

    The Host: Bogdan, a fashion designer, a founder of At Atelier Number of rooms: 5 Metric area: 110 m² Ceiling height: 3.1 m Floor number: 5 Bogdan has left St. Petersburg for Moscow comparatively recently, on entering British Higher School of Art and Design. However,…

  • 24-room

    Apartment of Old Housing Stock with a Secret Balcony and Active Use of Brick Masonry and Glass

    The Hostess: Eugenia Chucharina, an architect Number of rooms: 1 Metric area: 44 m² Ceiling height: 3.8 m Floor number: 3 A young architect Eugenia bought an apartment in the core of St. Petersburg 4 years ago and decorated it with the help of her…

  • 11-black-interior

    Luxurious Monochrome Apartment Based on Geometry, Pedantry and Loft Chic

    The Host: Edward, engaged in interior design business, the owner of furniture and home accessories store chain Megapoliscasa.ru Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 69 m² Ceiling height: 3 m Floor number: 29 The luxurious housing estate Airbus was put into service in 2008, but…

  • 1-glamorous-accessory-fashion-house-donna-karan-new-york

    Glamorous accessory fashion house Donna Karan New York

    The famous and stylish fashion house creates not only stylish clothes, but also a beautiful decoration and household accessories. Dishes for candles, linens, dishes, the price of such furniture is not flashy, not expensive, priced from 50 to 500 y.e.

  • 2-tea

    A beautiful and stylish tableware from Japan

    A beautiful and designer cookware sold in one of the Japanese ships. This cookware is constructed of natural materials: wood, ceramics, and looks very nice and deep. These beautiful crackles can be considered permanent, and to be liked.

  • 7-brown plaid

    The harmonious two-floor studio in Paris

    A beautiful studio apartment with small ceilings 4 meters, and the apartment was divided into two sections. On the second floor of the seating area is made: a bedroom and a bathroom with a toilet. Very comfortable to walk in shower in the morning, when…

  • 7

    Luxury apartment in the beautiful city of Kiev

    Beautiful and secular apartment radiates sheer mood and positive. The apartment interior is very mod, the interior is very interesting and beautiful, and it is filled with beautiful small accessories, more guests in this apartment can feel very comfortable.

  • 12

    Colorful apartment – studio designers Cris and Marcelo Rosenbaum from Sao Paulo

    This bright apartment belongs to the talented designers Cris and Marcelo Rosenbaum. Family designers to create each piece thoughtfully and lovingly, no one room they have not forgotten apartment replete with shiny accessories. Marcelo Rosenbaum has worked as an interior designer for over 20 years,…

  • 27-nice-sofa

    Apartment in Light Green with Numerous Vertical Accents and Wood Slat Seiling

    The Host: Vitalis Number of rooms: 2 Metric area: 65 m² Ceiling height: 2.75 m Floor number: 17 Vitalis invested his spare money into a contemporary apartment in a modern housing estate two years ago. Though it was initially meant for renting out, the young…

  • 23-room-interior

    Studio Apartment Furnished with Eclectic Items and Integrated by Wine Red Color Range

    The Hostess: Luba, a student of Parsons School of Design, NYC Number of rooms: 1 Metric area: 40 m² Ceiling height: 3 m Floor number: 3 A young lady Luba moved in an apartment of her own last year, on the 22nd of May, which…

  • 22-studio-apartment

    Studio Apartment with a Raised Platform Bed and Wide Windowsills

    The Hosts: Fyodor, a software specialist Eugenia, a housewife Number of rooms: 1 Metric area: 41 m² Ceiling height: 3.4 m Floor number: 3 In 2009 Fyodor and Eugenia bought an apartment in the heart of St. Petersburg, which was built in 1913 with the…

  • 4-white table

    Interior visualization of an androgynous person

    Modern living room is androgynous feel like it would have been created for men with character, but romantic, sharp lines well with gentle style, fluffy carpet, a couple of cute accessories and the apartment is able to live a loving couple, this is good and…

  • 2-a-dog-for-magazines

    Funny shelf in the form of a dog for magazines

    Famous and popular designer Gavin Coyle love dogs and inspired them decided to create an interesting shelf that looks like a dog, which normally involves a newspaper or magazine to its possessor. The shelves are made from the cheapest material – wire that looks quickly,…

  • 1-dark carpet

    Square visualization apartment

    In this living room as well as around the home using a cubic shape, for example the same shelving for books and other magazines over the sofa is high and flexible floor lamp that is well used to read books in the evening.

  • 4-beautiful curtains

    The tiny apartment in Barcelona

    This tiny apartment belongs to the talented photographer Christian Shallerta . This apartment is located in the technical building on the sixth floor in one of the houses in Barcelona.

  • 2-coffee-tables-with-plants

    Beautiful Coffee tables with plants

    Wonderful Coffee tables Volcane and Lagune were made design studio Bellila. These boards are available in various colors, they are different interesting design, which is well suited for any interior. But the chief characteristic of these tables is a removable pot that consists of enameled…

  • 1-oltu-fresher-by-fabio-molinas

    OLTU Fresher by Fabio Molinas

    OLTU is a minimalist design created by Spain-based designer Fabio Molinas. OLTU is like an organism that takes advantage of the heat produced from the back of a fridge, which in today’s fridges, is wasted energy, and uses it to help to cool the “totem”…