• 6-bedroom

    Luscious Portugal House

    This luxury dwelling in the village of Comporta, Portugal is nestled in the shelter of cork oak and pine trees and gently caressed by the breeze from the sea. This house beats to the rhythm of contemporary pieces, retro, vintage and signature. An eclectic cocktail…

  • 3-modern furniture

    Luxury Furniture by Ken­neth Cobonpue

    The Kenneth Cobonpue Cabaret collection by Ken­neth Cobonpue includes armchairs, lounge chairs, and sofas made of fabric-wrapped foam tubes woven around steel frames. The tubes are laced around the edges of fiberglass coffee and end tables, creating a stitched look that complements the larger pieces….

  • 1-jaws-knife-sharpener

    Jaws Knife Sharpener

    Jaws is a cool mix of simplicity, practicality, usefulness and good humor. The Knife Sharpener is another great product from creative studio Propaganda, simply slide your knife through “Jaws” mouth to sharpen, the bottom is designed with anti-slip material to keep it stabilized while you…

  • 5-details

    Lampione by Violaine d’Harcourt

    French designer Violaine d’Harcourt will present ‘Lampione‘, a lighting family presenting the association of noble materials shaped by craftmen from all walks of life. The designer’s work allowed to assemble these elements in three precious and poetic lamps.

  • 1-convenient-wall-mounted-cabinet

    Convenient wall-mounted cabinet

    Untidy boxes and crates for the home kit is time to leave behind. It will be a good alternative to a miniature cabinet on the wall of the bathroom, where first aid equipment and medicines will be kept in good order, inaccessible to children’s playful…

  • 2-burgundy carpet

    Modern interior of a small two-story apartment

    This small apartment is designed by the famous designer Martha Badioloy who bought a house in the most expensive city in Spain in the town of San Sebastian. The attic was equipped for her work and leisure. The interior has a classic style, looks very…

  • 7-beautiful bedroom

    Bright interiors in African style

    Most exotic African styles which are often used in interior design. For African style using beautiful ornaments and exotic images.

  • 8-beige curtains

    The bathroom in the French style

    In today’s world of choices bathroom is one of the biggest challenges and solutions. In stores now, will find an extensive selection and a wide range of products, different size, color, shape. When choosing a cast iron bath in the French style is worth paying…

  • 11-green-room

    Apartment with Predominance of Green Color, Kitchen Tiles Brought from All Over the World and a “Moo” Bathroom

    The Hosts: Marina, an interior designer Boris and Artyom, her kids Number of rooms: 5 Metric area: 150 m² Ceiling height: 3 m Floor number: 3 Tempted by a brainy habitat of a newly-built neighborhood in the south of Moscow, the family moved in there…

  • 5-the-pool-at-pyne

    The Pool at Pyne by TROP Studio in Bangkok

    Located right in the middle of a busy urban district of Bangkok, just 5 mins walk from the city’s biggest shopping malls, the Pool at Pyne designed by Thai landscape architects TROP, is an oasis of relaxation positioned over the podium of a 42-storey residential…

  • 4-girl-on-chair

    Dry Martini Chair by Martini Blanco Studio

    Dry Martini is a minimalist design created by England-based designer Martini Blanco Studio. Dry Martini is a conversation, a friend’s meeting, an interview, a soft drink. It is a “sitting system”, designed for connecting situations, for meetings where the product must remain discreet and quiet…

  • 1-folded-lightning-collection-by-ariel-zuckerman

    “Folded” Lightning Collection by Ariel Zuckerman

    Israeli product designer Ariel Zuckerman recently shared an interesting lighting collection with us, inspired by the Japanese art of Origami. According to the project developer, the “Folded” series deals with the physical tension applied on a two dimensional sheet. Using techniques such as folding, stretching…

  • 1-light-and-bright-creative-design-studio

    Light and Bright Creative Design Studio

    Creative design studios can vary in their design appearance depending on style and purpose. This particular space in Fitzroy, Australia, happens to focus on the creative sector– so keeping somewhat of a clean slate is an important feature design wise. The conference room becomes the…

  • 1-single-room apartment

    One bedroom apartment in Obolon with the background for photo

    A single-room apartment on Obolonsky prospect with a background for photographing, a hammock in the kitchen, and a collection of vintage cameras. OWNERS Alexandra – and artist, Sergey – a glider pilot METRIC AREA 52 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 1 FLOOR 12 CEILING HEIGHT 3…

  • 22

    A two-room apartment in a classical style with Provence elements

    OWNERS Vadim — a HR-director, Yura — a commercial director METRIC AREA 56 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 CEILING HEIGHT 3.2 m Vadim and Yura purchased the apartment in a house of 1917 on the 3rd Tverskaya-Yamskaya street three years ago: they wanted to live…

  • 8-beautiful chair

    Beautiful living room turquoise

    Turquoise color in the interior of the living room looks incredibly beautiful, this color has a special power that it became known to the ancient people. This beautiful color is very much appreciated by many cultures, turquoise stone color was a symbol of truth and…

  • 4-bright bedroom

    Turquoise color in the interior of a bedroom

    Turquoise represents a something between green and blue, this color is unique in its own way, it is bright, fun, and reminds sea moments.

  • 8-white laundry

    10 Modern home laundry room

    Laundries in public places are often only large companies, but some are not able to wash at home and enjoy the laundry service. In today’s world, technology makes it possible to arrange a private laundry. Thanks to well-furnished facilities you’ll have time to redo a…

  • Style: "bovo8"

    Private Loft by Hangar Design Group

    It’s a loft located in Soho, New York, for private client. It is an apartment on two floors and the spaces are well illuminated by natural light that allows them to appear larger. The use of murble and of the “spatolato” technique on the walls,…

  • 131-Traditional bedside

    Provence and Modernity Under one Roof: Apartment Equipped with Restored Furniture, a Hand-Made Wall-to-Wall Bed and a Kid’s Small House Under the Ceiling

    The Hosts: Helen, an architect Oleg, a creative director Anatolius, their son Number of rooms: 3 Metric area: 56 m² Ceiling height: 2.8 m Floor number: 5 In 2009 Helen and Oleg purchased a three-room apartment in a very bad shape. Funnily enough, this was…

  • 3-luxury-house

    Contemporary Australian House on Sheep Shearer’s Dwelling

    Located in the small Bruny Island in Tasmania, Australia, is this gorgeously contemporary structure that holds such a traditional purpose. A “Shearer’s quarters,” which is quite like a guest house, sits on this huge property and serves its created function– of course it’s shared with…

  • 4-Living in brown

    Brown color in the interior

    Some people do not trust the brown and treat it with a little grain of salt, many think that this color is gloomy depressing and pessimistic, but this is not the case, this color is a symbol of stability, reliability and loyalty. Brown can be…

  • Garden and Green home

    Improving your Home’s Exterior

    There are many ways you could improve your home’s exterior this summer, and not all of them need to incur a great expense. You may be wanting to spruce up the front of your home in order to sell your house, or you might just…

  • Declutter

    How to Make the Most of your Small Kitchen Space

    Many of us would agree that the kitchen is the centerpiece of the home and the focal point of everything that you do as a family. But what happens if your kitchen is no bigger than a cupboard? Okay well maybe a little extreme but…